Audible Book review – The Secret of You by Victoria Connelly


I’ve read many books by Victoria Connelly and love her style of writing. When Victoria was asking for help with reviews on Audible for the audio version of her latest book, The Secret of You, I was happy to help out as I was intrigued to try audio books.

So here I am listening to my first audio book. I’ve learn’t that you can multi-task while listening to an audio book, how cool is that? While doing mundane cleaning around the house my mind is taken to the delights of Fox Hill Manor and the stories it holds within its walls.

Product Details from Audible –
Journalist Anna McCall has never understood people who collect things. So, when she’s asked to interview local collector and eccentric, William Kitson, she isn’t exactly looking forward to the experience.

But she soon falls under the charm of Fox Hill Manor as well as its owner, even though she thinks there’s something very strange about the collection there. What exactly is William hiding in the unused wing of the manor house? And is it a story Anna could sell?

Set in the beautiful Cotswolds, The Secret of You is a novel about love, trust and antiques from the best-selling author of A Weekend with Mr Darcy and Wish You Were Here.

This was a lovely story filled with warmth and humour. It had a sort of magical, ethereal quality to it. I loved hearing about all the antiques and collectables. It was also interesting finding out about Meg’s background. Meg is now one of my favourite characters from Victoria’s books. It was a wonderful story with moments of joy and sadness, fun times and inspiring words. Victoria’s description of the location was perfect, I felt like I was transported to the idyllic countryside of the Cotswolds and I could picture the culture and history of the streets of London. A great 5/5* story.

This first step into audio books was very enlightening. I thought it would be difficult to pick the story up but the narrator did a good job and I found myself dipping into the story during lots of quiet times in a day. It was nice to transport my mind to a different world and was quite relaxing at times. I will definitely listen to another audio book and would use Audible again. I must admit I was a little confused when first downloading my audio book onto my iPod nano but I soon worked out how to do it with a little help from Audible online chat. Within 30 minutes I had the book downloaded ready to listen to.

The Secret of You by Victoria Connelly is available to listen to free on a 30 day trial of Audible. To apply for this offer click on the link below, and then click on ‘free on 30 day trial’ box.

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