Reasons to Leave and Reasons to Stay by Lisa J Hobman

Reasons to Leave (Reasons 1) and Reasons to Stay (Reasons 2) by Lisa J Hobman are available now to download.

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Reasons 1 –


Product details (as seen on amazon page)
The daughter of a single mother, and abandoned by her father, Stevie thought she had finally found a man she could trust.

Aged eighteen she thought she would be with Jason forever.
Everything between them was perfect until the night of the leaver’s ball when he disappeared without trace.

Ten years on, can Stevie ever learn to trust again enough to give her heart?
Or are the ghosts of her past determined to stop her from ever finding true love?

Reasons 2 –


Product details (as seen on amazon page)
Just when she has learned to trust again Stevie’s life is once more thrust into uncertainty. Left with only the memories of her deeply passionate relationship she tries to piece together what is left of her heart.

Shocking news leaves her reeling once again as she tries to help her first love Jason’s brother, Dillon, to rebuild his life.

Will Stevie’s heart ever be mended? And if so who will be the man worthy of her trust? And will she ever get her happy ever after?

I would like to thank the publishers for a beta copy of these two ebooks in return for an honest review.

I loved how this mini series was split into two novels separating an important part in Stevie and Jason’s journey. Book 1 – Reasons to Stay saw you introduced to Stevie and Jason who were childhood sweethearts and had their whole lives planned out together. However, Stevie’s heart was shattered when Jason suddenly disappeared out of her and his family’s lives. Life carried on for Stevie but her heart remained cracked after this. 10 years later and an unexpected trip to Scotland with her job sees her bumping into Jason. What follows are heart wrenching moments from the pair as flames are ignited amongst feelings of anger and despair. Why did Jason leave? Can they carry on from were they left? Lisa J Hobman definitely takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with this first novel and leaves you gasping for more.

Book 2 carries on with the emotional journey for Stevie and Jason. We learn more about Jason’s reason for leaving and further discoveries from the past are revealed which will alter and question the feelings they have for all concerned.

After completing book 1 and book 2 in the series I can honestly say my emotions have been in turmoil. I felt every high and every low with Stevie and Jason. The author, Lisa J Hobman, knows how to engage her audience. The characters involved in the storyline are written with warmth, humour, compassion, there is angst, turmoil and tragedy. There were heated times of lust and longing and wonderful romantic times of love to melt anyone’s heart. As always Lisa takes you on a journey and shares her love for her beloved Scotland. My heart can now return to a steady beat after this overwhelming, emotional read. A heartwrenching, beautiful 5/5* read for both ebooks in the Reasons mini series.

Whilst I was reading these ebooks a certain phrase Lisa used really touched me which I’d like to share with you:

‘But I think it’s what we do once we realise we’ve made mistakes that counts.’

To find out more from Lisa J Hobman visit:

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