Quick Reads: Paris for One by Jojo Moyes book review

paris for oneI love the idea of the Quick Reads novels.  Quick Reads was established back in 2006 to help promote reading for all abilities.  The Quick Reads novels are shorter stories and are in a nice big print.  Alot of bestselling authors have got involved with the Quick Reads novels and the likes of Jojo Moyes, Roddy Doyle, Sophie Hannah, Adele Geras, Fanny Blake, James, Bowen, Veronica Henry, Lynda LaPlante, Simon Kernick (plus many more) have written a short story for the scheme.  I’m all for encouraging everyone, including those who are less confident with their reading ability, to pick up a book and to lose themselves in the characters and storyline.

I’ve had a selection of this years and last years Quick Reads in my tbr pile a while.  When I saw a #paperbacksummer challenge on Twitter I thought what an apt opportunity it would be to fit these Quick Reads in.

I won Paris for One in a fellow bloggers giveaway, I chose this one as Jojo is one of my favourite authors and I also love a story set in Paris.

I loved this story, it showed that no matter how many lists you make, now and again its good to deviate from them.  Nell is in her mid twenties and is in a relationship that her friends aren’t too happy about, her friends think Pete is not ‘the one’ for her.  Nell is determined to prove her friends wrong and arranges a weekend away in Paris with her boyfriend.  Nell is not known for her spontaneity, she’s a quiet, reserved person that likes to reassure herself with lists.  When Pete fails to turn up for their special weekend away Nell is left alone in a strange city, which is renowned to be the city of love.  Nell decides to continue alone in Paris and meets some wonderful new people who help her create a new adventure, her own adventure in Paris.

An enjoyable short story, 5/5*.

To find out more about the Quick Reads novels please click on the following link:


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