Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca Raisin book review

secrets at maple syrup farm

Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca Raisin is available in ebook format from TOMORROW Friday 17th July 2015.

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Lucy would do anything for her mom…but she never expected to end up promising to leave her. After her mom got sick, Lucy dropped everything to take care of her, working all hours in a greasy diner just to make ends meet and spending every spare moments she had by her mom’s hospital bedside.

Now, Lucy is faced with a whole year of living by her own rules, starting by taking the first bus out of town to anywhere…

Except she didn’t expect to find her next big adventure just around the corner! Especially when on her first day in town she bumps into grumpy, but oh-so-delicious Clay amidst the maple trees. Surrounded by the magic of Ashford, Lucy has the chance to change her life forever and finally discover a life she wants to live!

Fall in love with Ashford, Connecticut in this dazzling and beautiful romance from bestselling author Rebecca Raisin.

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I’d like to thank the author Rebecca Raisin, Carina UK and netgalley for an arc in return for an honest review.

Lucy has been run ragged working double shifts in the diner so she can pay the rent and also the hospital fees for her seriously ill mother.  She doesn’t find this routine a chore, it’s just what is needed at this moment in time.  However, her passion is art, especially painting, and her dream would be to further her learning at The Van Gogh Art Institute in Paris.  Her mom asks her for one favour and that is to take a year off from the daily routine of working and looking after her and to travel and apply to the Art Institute in Paris to pursue her dream.  Lucy reluctantly agrees and promises her mom she will have an adventure for a year.  She packs her bags, catches the first bus and ends up in the sleepy town of Ashford, Connecticut.  The town is very warm and welcoming to Lucy and she soon makes friends.  However, she needs to find a job asap to help save for her Art course and also to send money back home for her mom.

On the outskirts of the town is a rundown farm, Maple Syrup farm.  Lucy finds out that the new owner of the farm is looking for a farm hand.  Lucy has never worked on a farm, but wonders how hard can it be?  She sets off to introduce herself to the new owner and is immediately met with a moody, hunk of a man named Clay.  Sparks fly immediately between them but they agree on a trial for Lucy to work on the farm.

What follows is a wonderful tale of friendship, new beginnings.  A tale of a mysterious history of the farm and it’s previous and present owner.  A tale of community spirit.

I loved all the characters from the story.  Ceecee and Lil sounded so warm and friendly and Rebecca first introduced us to them in her Gingerbread Café series.

Clay, the moody ‘love god’ sounded gorgeous even with his moodiness.  I’d love to hear more from Rebecca with a follow up to Lucy and Clay’s growing friendship.

At the end of the novel we are given a glimpse into Rebecca’s next book; The Little Bookshop on the Seine.  This follows the story of Sarah the bookshop owner from the town of Ashford.

I really can’t recommend this book enough and I need to catch up with Rebecca Raisin’s back catalogue with the wonderful characters from Ashford, Connecticut.  A gorgeous, warm hearted, romantic 5/5* read.

I’d like to share a little snippet from the book.  This particular paragraph is really beautiful and I could picture the scene in front of me.

quote secrets at maple syrup farm

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