Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham book review

50 shades of roxie brown

Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is out now in ebook.

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Roxie Brown loves erotica and her friend, Sylvie, loves crime … novels of course. On a girls’ night out they meet The Great Zehilda, the tea leaf reader, and suddenly Roxie’s Fifty Shades fantasies about her millionaire boss, Ark Morgan, look about to become a reality. But then she looks through the telescope and her life is turned upside down. Roxie and Sylvie, with help from Sylvie’s flatmate, Felix, set out to crack the case. Can Ark Morgan save her or is he the man she should be running from? Then enter Sam Lockwood and her heart is shot with another arrow. Come with Roxie Brown on her hilarious crime-busting romantic adventure and discover if the love of her life is the man of her dreams or if the man she loves is her worst nightmare.


I’d like to thank the author, Lynda Renham, for an arc in return for an honest review.

Firstly, when you see the covers of any of Lynda’s romantic comedy novels they instantly make you smile as they are quirky, bright, fun covers.  This is exactly what you get in Lynda’s stories.  I was so excited to hear from Lynda that she had a new novel due out, the title of the book amused me and the synopsis sounded like such fun.

Roxie Brown is a chambermaid for a big hotel chain owned by Ark Morgan.  Roxie has a bit of a fatuation with a certain erotica book and also her boss, Ark.  Her daydreams sometimes get confused with fantasy and reality with very funny consequences.  Roxie is unlucky in love and one day by chance she witnesses a murder.  She panics and decides that the best thing to do is tell her best friends; Sylvie a crime novelist fan and Felix who can’t resist a bit of drama.  The calamitous trio decide to investigate the murder with some very wonderful, amusing, mad cap moments.

During all the detective shenanigans Roxie catches the eye from two sexy men, what timing!  The man of her dreams, Ark Morgan, and a rather, handsome, cheeky stranger Sam Lockwood who so happens to be a business rival of Arks.

I adored Roxie’s character, she was fun, ditsy, optimistic, a dreamer.  I so wanted the Cinderella moment for her, but you’ll have to read the novel to find out who or if she had a knight in shining armour.  Sylvie and Felix made a fantastic duo, brilliant character creating with these two.

This was such a fun filled novel.  It was a little crazy and far fetched but I loved it like this, it was true escapism.  I love how Lynda took us on a journey which we could laugh out loud with Roxie and her friends.  The journey had many bumps and emergency stops, it was full of catastrophes and drama.  It was full of fabulous humour with some truly great one liners.  Had delightful and gorgeous characters and also some despicable ones.  A laugh out loud 5/5* romantic comedy that will leave you recalling funny lines in days/weeks to come.

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