Netgalley achievement badge

80% feedback netgalley

This is just a little post to share my delight at achieving a new badge from netgalley.

I’ve finally achieved the 80% feedback award, to achieve this award members have to provide feedback for 80% (or more) of their approved titles. I’ve currently read 53 of the 66 books I’ve been approved/invited to read and review.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed book reviewing and blogging, although at times it’s not always easy fitting it into my lifestyle, we book bloggers give up a lot of our free time to share the love of reading and we are rewarded by lots of words that stir our emotions from brilliant authors. All I keep saying is let the authors keep writing and I’ll keep reading.


10 thoughts on “Netgalley achievement badge

  1. Well done, i have all my NetGalley ones now, the 80% one though I kept getting and it kept getting taken off me as I would have requested to many so now to make sure I keep it I try to have my ratio at over 90% which at the moment I actually have only 1 book on my shelf which I can not believe lol x

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  2. Dumb question, but how many total books do you have to have before you get the badge? I’m only at ~20 books total and, while I plan to keep my 80% ratio, I’m anxious to know when it typically shows up.

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  3. It’s difficult to say as the percentage goes against what you’ve been approved to what you’ve read, I had read 53 of 66 approved. However, I am resisting adding anymore books till I’m 90% so I have more of a chance keeping the badge. I’ve heard from a fellow reader that you can lose your badge if you go below the 80%. Good luck.

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