Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam book review

carrying albert home

Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam, publisher HarperCollins, is out now in ebook format, hardcover and audio download format.

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The Great Depression had turned the American dream into a bitter tragedy. That’s when Elsie and Homer’s epic adventure began . . .

A journey of a thousand miles. With an alligator on the back seat. And John Steinbeck as a passenger.

This is a tale where everything is true,except the bits that are made up.

In 1930s America, the Great Depression made everyone’s horizons smaller, and Elsie Lavender found herself back where she began, in the coalfields of West Virginia.
She had just one memento of her halcyon days – a baby alligator named Albert.

Then one day, her husband’s stoical patience snapped and Elsie had to choose between Homer and Albert.
She decided that there was only one thing to do: they would carry Albert home to Florida.

And so began their odyssey – a journey like no other, where Elsie, Homer and Albert encountered everything from movie stars and revolutionaries to Ernest Hemingway and hurricanes in their struggle to find love, redemption, and a place to call home.

Alligator Clipart

I’d like to thank the publishers for supplying an arc in return for an honest review.

A wonderful unique quirky story based on the real life journey taken by the author’s parents, Homer and Elsie, when they were carrying their pet alligator, Albert, home.  This story had so many eye opening, unforgettable moments.  Towards the end of the story there is a horrific event that is truly awful and I was gripped with the words spilling out on the page.  The journey that Homer, Elsie and Albert, and not forgetting the rooster, endured was an emotional rollercoaster of events.

I loved Elsie, she was a superstar.  You couldn’t make up a character like her if you tried.  At each interval in their journey Elsie made me smile and she astounded me with all the jobs she ‘wanted to do’ and she just got on with it and did it!  Go Elsie!  Homer was a sweet guy that was so in love with Elsie he’d do anything for her.  He was a bit awestruck at first by her but I believe this awesomeness towards the end went Homer’s way.

A wonderful journey of finding yourself and finding true happiness.  It was a little magical as well … or was it kismet?

I also loved looking at the black and white photos at the back of the book.  Such a fabulous life Homer and Elsie had that I’m so pleased their son got the chance to share it with us all.  I thoroughly recommend this book to all, it would appeal to young adult and old, male and female.  5/5* read.

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