Reign of Iron by Angus Watson book review

reign of iron

Reign of Iron by Angus Watson, publisher Orbit an imprint of Little, Brown book group, is available NOW in ebook, paperback and audio download format.

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‘Unflinchingly bloodthirsty and outrageously entertaining’ Christopher Brookmyre

‘It simply grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go’ Bibliosanctum

‘Gore soaked and profanity laden – full of visceral combat and earthy humor’ Publishers Weekly

‘Would I read the next one? Yes, absolutely. Bring me my hammer, bring my beer, bring it on!’ SF Crowsnest

‘Fun and addictive’ Fantasy Faction

Invaders have massacred and pillaged their way through neighbouring kingdoms and loom on the far side of the sea, ready to descend upon the fortress of Maidun – with them are an unstoppable legion of men twisted by dark magic. Somehow Queen Lowa’s army must repel the invasion, although their best general is dead and their young druid powerless. She faces impossible odds, but when the alternative is death or slavery, a warrior queen will do whatever it takes to save her people.


I’d like to thank the publishers for an arc of this novel in return for an honest review.  Once again Mr Kraftireader has helped me with this review.

An epic tale of lost love, hatred, revenge and retribution.  All the favourite characters are back in the final book of the trilogy.  Lowe the Warrior Queen of Maidun hoped to live a quiet existence after the loss of Dug, but finds that this is impossible with the Roman Army and Caesar wanting to conquer Britain. Spring is devastated at the loss of Dug and blames everyone, pushing people that love her away.  Within a few short chapters Lowe has her hands full and must send her closest friends into danger to help with gaining information to defeat Caesar. Will this be a successful plan that pays off or a disaster, costing her friends lives?

The first two books in the trilogy were a great read and this one follows on in the same way.  I loved the characters Lowe and Spring and how their story continues, from the first meeting to several years later.  Lowe is my favourite character; the Queen is intelligent, brave and can fire a bow better than Robin Hood! Even though she has suffered the loss of the man she loved, she needs to focus on the job in hand.

The druid Felix is back and up to no good, he is my second favourite character.  The power he holds over others, his ruthless nature and his use of magic is spellbinding. Felix has a great power and is determined to use it for his own agenda. You can’t help but despise him because of his lack of honour and the lack of feelings for others.

I loved reading Reign of Iron, part three of the trilogy; it had me hooked yet again, from the first battle to the heartrending conclusion!  I was shocked with the turn of events and what an ending, more twists and turns, heartache and joy than Eastenders!

If you have enjoyed reading Simon Scarrow’s legion series you will appreciate and devour this new trilogy that Angus Watson has brought us.  Highly recommended 5/5* read.

To find out more about Angus Watson please visit the following links:

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