Girl Descending (Irish Hospital Romance Book Two) by Jenny O’Brien book review

Girl Descending

Girl Descending (Irish Hospital Romance Book Two) by Jenny O’Brien is available NOW in ebook format.

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She thought she’d left hurt behind.
She’d lost her gran, her fiancé and nearly her life. Could moving from Cork to Dublin herald a new beginning or would it be just more of the same?

Dr Ruari is Proud; not My Darcy proud but there was no way he was going to ask someone out unless she was at least half decent – unlike new nurse Grainne McGuire.
Grainne is prejudiced; not against Ruari, more against all men in general – So would you be if you found your fiancé in bed with your best friend!

Can they work it out or will Pride and Prejudice come between them?

Book Two in an Irish trilogy of stand alone medical romances all set in the fictious St Justin’s. This one will take you from Crumlin and Cork, finally ending up in delightful World’s End (Kinsale).

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I’d like to thank the author, Jenny O’Brien, for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the second book I’ve read by Jenny, I previously read book one in the Irish Hospital Romance, see my review for Ideal Girl here.  The Irish Hospital Romance books can be read as stand alone novels however, you will find some of the characters from previous stories cropping up.  Book one was just so beautiful, it would be a shame to miss out on reading all the books in the series and I can highly recommend them as beautifully, refreshing love stories with an old fashioned courtship set in a modern world.

Girl Descending was a beautiful, touching love story that is refreshingly more about the friendship and understanding than lust.  I was totally swept away with the feelings and emotions expressed within the pages.

This story focuses on Grainne and Ruari.  Grainne has recently moved to Dublin working as an agency nurse for one of the big hospitals in the area.  Grainne is still grieving for her beloved Gran who passed away recently and she is desperately sad and heart broken following the break up of her engagement and from a traumatic event.  Grainne’s sadness and heart ache has led her to move out of her late Gran’s gorgeous, idyllic cottage on the coast in Cork to the city.  She is trying to forget about the past and move on.  Grainne considers herself as quite a plain girl and feels she has nothing outstanding about herself however her extraordinary kindness and aptitude with the patients doesn’t go unnoticed by one of the consultants, Dr Ruari Kelly.

Ruari is nicknamed Dr Roar by all the nurses in the hospital due to his good looks and charm and even Grainne can’t deny his beauty.  After a ‘rocky’ start Grainne and Ruari start spending time together, only as friends, as Grainne point blank refuses to get into any relationship with any man to avoid being hurt again.  Grainne isn’t Ruari’s usual type, although just lately he can’t remember what his usual type is.  He is tired and fed up with casual relationships.  He sees something in Grainne that captures him, he sees a sadness, a hurt that he wishes to heal.

We follow Grainne and Ruari’s story in how love becomes more that just a physical attraction.  We discover Grainne’s heart breaking and traumatic past.  A truly beautiful journey that was refreshingly honest, with old fashioned values and very emotive.  5/5* read.

I’d like to share one of my favourite quotes from the book:

“They eased apart, still touching with their eyes, their hands, their souls”.

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