You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell book review

you me and always

You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell, publisher Headline Review, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover and audio download format.

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On the morning of Lily’s twenty-fifth birthday, it’s time to open the very last letter written to her by her beloved mother, who died when she was eight.

Learning more about the first and only real love of her mum’s life is a revelation. On the same day, Lily also meets Eddie Tessler, a man fleeing fame who just might have the ability to change her world in unimaginable ways. But her childhood friend Dan has his own reasons for not wanting Lily to get too carried away by Eddie’s attentions.

Before long, secrets begin to emerge and Lily’s friends and family become involved. In the beautiful Cotswold village of Stanton Langley, nothing will ever be the same again…

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I’d like to thank the publishers and netgalley for an arc in return for an honest review.

I’ve been a big fan of Jill’s books in a long time.  With Jill you can always guarantee a lovely read, this her 27th novel has the same qualities as all her previous stories.

Lily is due to celebrate her 25th birthday soon and she’s looking forward to a special note from her late mother the most.  Since Lily’s mum died when she was a young girl Lily has received a letter from her mum on each of her subsequent birthdays.  Her 25th birthday will be the last letter.  When Lily opens this last letter her mother gives her a gift also, she tells Lily about the gift and who gave it to her; her first and only love.  Lily becomes fascinated by this snippet of history her mum has shared with her and wishes to know more about this guy.

Her 25th birthday also sees her meeting Eddie Tessler, an up and coming actor fleeing the paparazzi.  A friendship soon starts to develop between them.  However, Lily’s childhood friend Dan has reservations about this budding friendship.  But does Dan have an ulterior motive for not wanting this friendship for Lily?

I adored this story by Jill.  Within the first few chapters I had been reduced to tears, then I was charmed by the characters and laughing with them and I had completely fallen for Dan.  A brilliant start to a book that I couldn’t get through the pages quick enough.

Jill has set a wonderful location for the story, a charming village in the Cotswolds.  All the characters were well written and instantly likeable.  I could picture the scenes and wanted to step inside this fictional village.

The story follows Lily’s journey on discovering the history of her mum and her first love.  We share the highs and lows with her and her friends.  Jill had created some brilliant sub characters and I loved Patsy with her quest to find love.

This story was heart warming, funny, charming and poignant. 5/5*

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