Treasure of the Heart: Polwenna Bay 4 by Ruth Saberton

treasure of the heart

Treasure of the Heart: Polwenna Bay 4 by Ruth Saberton, publisher Notting Hill Press, is available in ebook format and also in the kindleunlimited subscription scheme from Thursday 24th March 2016.

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The heart is a deep ocean of treasure…

For twenty-two years Issie Tremaine’s wild behaviour has driven her family to distraction. Now, with the future she’d dreamed of in tatters, she’s returned home to try and forget the past. When a huge winter storm and the arrival of a handsome stranger cause upheaval in the village there is an even greater tempest in Issie’s heart. Dare she trust again? Or will she only face more betrayal?

As a professional treasure hunter, American Luke Dawson can’t risk any distractions. With his reputation hanging in the balance he’s staking everything on a major find in England and daren’t let anyone get in his way. Not even the passionate and free spirited girl he can’t stop thinking about.

Alice Tremaine’s world has been her family. Since the death of her daughter-in-law she’s single handedly raised her grandchildren, often at the expense of her own happiness. Now they are grown up, Alice is resigned to a quiet life in Polwenna Bay until her past returns to challenge her and awaken a love she’d thought long lost …

With a stormy start to the New Year, secrets and fears are swept away with the crashing tides and long forgotten truths are laid bare. What treasure lies beneath the ocean and in the hidden depths of hearts? And who will be brave enough to claim it?

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I’d like to thank the author for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the fourth instalment of the Polwenna Bay series and I feel very happy to be going back to Cornwall.  Ruth Saberton has created such an idyllic setting for her Polwenna Bay series, the characters are well balanced, relatable and full or Cornish charm.  It feels like going home when joining the Tremaine’s at their kitchen table in Seaspray.

This story focuses on Issie, one half of the twin siblings in the Tremaine household.  Issie is very likeable, she’s fun, vivacious, impulsive, a beautiful young 22 year old with a head full of dreams and a huge heart.  Issie has recently returned home after quitting her degree course at uni.  Her reasons for quitting are very well guarded and Issue refuses to reveal the truth behind her decision and her current state of behaviour which is starting to go out of control.  When Issie uncovers a secret the village has been hiding for decades the future of the village and villagers is put at risk.

Luke Dawson, a young American, who works alongside his father as a professional treasure hunter by chance sees a news report regarding this great find in Cornwall.  At first he is captivated by the beautiful face of Issie on the TV screen but when he sees the word ‘lost treasure’ on the screen his heart starts beating fast with the expectation of a prospective new hunt for the loot that was lost long ago.  Luke on a whim and with the backing of a wealthy bored American housewife flies to England and lands in Cornwall on a damp, grey, cold January day.

When Luke bumps into Issie in the village he can’t help himself and delve Issie with questions about the find and the history of the village.  A mutual interest in the history brings the youngsters together and chemistry between them soon develops.  Can Issie forget her past and move on with the future or will the prospect of wealth hidden within the village be too much of a draw?

I loved this story it held a magical quality to it; of forgotten folklore involving wonderful characters from long ago and smuggling.  Were these well loved stories of times gone by a myth or fact?  The novel also has some wonderful, beautiful, touching moments with Alice, the hardworking, caring grandmother to the Tremaine siblings.  Alice is the head of the house and has worked hard all her life looking after the family.  It was wonderful to hear more about her and her past.  There is one particular scene that was so beautiful I could feel tingles of emotion comforting me.

Another wonderful story of love and family and believing in your heart and soul.  5/5*

This book can be read as a stand alone novel but to appreciate all the characters I would highly recommend reading all of the Polwenna Bay series:

Runaway Summer: Polwenna Bay 1 (you can find my review here

A Time for Living: Polwenna Bay 2 (you can find my review here

Winter Wishes: Polwenna Bay 3 (you can find my review here

To find out more about Ruth Saberton and her books please visit the following links:

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