Sowing Secrets by Trisha Ashley book review

sowing secrets

Sowing Secrets by Trisha Ashley, publisher Avon, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover and paperback format.

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Fran March’s life in the idyllic village of St Ceridwen’s Well is coming up roses. Almost.

If only daughter Rosie – the result of an uncharacteristic one-night stand years ago – wasn’t so curious about her real father, and if only husband Mal spent less time on his hobbies, everything would be bliss.

But then a face from the past turns Fran’s world upside down. The handsome face of TV gardener Gabriel Weston, currently restoring the village’s decrepit stately home. And when Fran’s ex-boyfriend Tom appears on her doorstep, it seems that all the ghosts of Fran’s romantic past are back to haunt her.

Can Fran keep Rosie’s paternity under wraps? Why is Mal acting so oddly? And will Fran ever learn that every rose has its thorns…?

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I’ve been a fan of Trisha Ashley’s work for a long time.  I’m taking part in a Reading Challenge for 2016 and when I noticed one of the challenges was to read a book set in Wales it coincided with the re-print of Sowing Secrets (originally published as The Generous Gardener) so I had to buy myself a copy.

The story is set in a the fictional village of St Ceridwen’s Well, North Wales.  The village sounds very idyllic and ‘olde worlde’ and treasures the myths and legends associated with the area.

Fran has been living happily with her daughter, Rosie, and husband, Mal, in the village for a good while.  She has her own art studio designing her own stationery and prints and also has a garden full of her beloved roses.  Her past is suddenly catching up with her.  The one night stand she had over 18 years ago, that could possibly have resulted in the paternity of her daughter turns out to be the TV gardener Gabe Weston, who so happens to be visiting the village soon with a view to restoring the garden at Plas Gwyn. Also Tom Collinge her ex-boyfriend from uni out of the blue contacts her.  Now Rosie is 18 she is asking questions about the origins of her father.  As Fran isn’t 100% sure there isn’t a lot she can say to her daughter.  After 18 years of not seeing her one night stand and her ex-boyfriend can Fran keep her daughter’s identity secret from the men in her life?

Fran’s husband Mal is acting very strange and is also starting to get a little jealous of her past.  Mal decides to accept a contract of work which will take him overseas for 6 months.  Hopefully this time apart will save their marriage.

The villagers are getting excited for the new Restoration Gardener programme with Plas Gwyn in the running for the next project.  A lot of action is happening at Plas Gwyn which is bringing the villagers together.

This was such a lovely, fun read.  I loved Fran’s character and how every now and then she would burst into song that reflected of her current mood.  Her job as an artist drawing pictures of roses, hens and now strong female comic characters sounded brilliant.  She was also a keen rose grower.  Fran’s mother was another great character, very eccentric and colourful.  I hope to hear more from some of the main and sub characters we’ve discovered in North Wales.

A delightful story full of warm, fun characters and of blossoming romance.  4.5/5*

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