The Vintage Springtime Club by Beatrice Meier blogtour book review

the vintage springtime club

The Vintage Springtime Club by Beatrice Meier, publisher Little, Brown Book Group, is available NOW in ebook and audio download format.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

Newly retired Philip returns home to Cologne and is thrown into emotional turmoil upon bumping into his long-lost sweetheart. In the midst of a domestic crisis, Ricarda confides in Philip that she is looking for somewhere to live. And there and then, Philip suggests that she move in with him – he is setting up a flatshare. Will she join him with his mischievous dachshund named Ralf?

To his surprise, Ricarda agrees, leaving Philip to scramble together a crew of retires in time for spring, for the most unlikely of social experiments. There’s grumpy cigarette-smoking grandfather Harry; quiet and discreet Eckart, curiously carting around his late wife’s headstone; Uschi, brimming with life, harbouring a passion for leotards and aerobics, along with sausages and outrageous knitting patterns; and then, ever-practical and warm-hearted Ricarda, towards whom Phillip is developing real feelings.

Despite their differences, the flatmates thrive and embark on a series of new adventures. But when Uschi falls unwell, familiar cracks begin to show and this uniquely spirited club of friends must work together in order to survive – and truly blossom.

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I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour promoting Beatrice Meier’s debut novel.

This was such a wonderful, uplifting story.  When I finished I felt a warm frisson of emotion enveloping me.  It’s difficult to believe this is Beatrice’s first novel.  I am looking forward to more from this talented author.

Newly retired Philip returns to his home town in Cologne, Germany.  His emotions are still quite raw following the death of his mother.  He bumps into his old friend Ricarda who he hasn’t seen in a very long time.  Ricarda is quite stressed at the moment, she is having to move out of her current home due to urgently required major home improvements.  Philip, on a whim, invites Ricarda to move in with him, in the inherited apartment he has been given from his late mother’s estate.  He decides to turn the apartment into a flat share.  After Ricarda’s acceptance of the invite he goes about seeking other more mature tenants for the remaining 3 flats.

A few months later the flats are ready to be lived in.  Philip, the owner and retired doctor; his old friend and widower Ricarda; Harry, another old mutual friend from school and uni; Uschi, a lady in her late 50’s who is a delicatessen and helped care for Philip’s mother; and Eckart, a retired Bank Clerk makes up the final tenant.  Oh and not forgetting Ralf, the chubby daschund who came with the inheritance.  The odd bunch soon settle into their new home but living with each other’s personalities and possessions isn’t as easy as agreeing where to put the furniture.

After a memorable time at the lake were wonderful moments were shared and personalities were growing on them the health of one of the flatmates took an unexpected turn for the worse.  This unfortunate event was to change the lives of all five of the flatmates and their furry friend Ralf.

We follow the quirky fivesome on their journey discovering a new lifestyle for them all and learning how to cope with new surroundings, new friends, new loves and new worries.

This story had warmth, humour, compassion, romance, it was very emotive and enlightening.  An uplifting tale of friendship.  5/5*

About the Author (as per amazon page)

Beatrice Meier was born in Germany and studied literary translation at Düsseldorf University. She then went on to complete a scriptwriting programme at Munich Film School in 2002-03, and attended the Cologne International Film School in 2006. She won the Best Screenplay Award at the German Film Festival in Ludwigshafen in 2013 for the feature film Offside Trap, which was screened at festivals, the European Parliament and at trade union events. The Vintage Springtime Club is her first novel. A German television adaptation was broadcast in spring 2015. Beatrice Meier lives and works in Strasbourg.

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