The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia book review

the magic touch

The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia, publisher Accent Press is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Marriage isn’t high on 39-year-old Emma King’s list of priorities; after all, she’s been there and done it once. So there are no big surprises when, yet again, she turns down her long-term partner Harry’s marriage proposal. They’re a solid, secure couple – a piece of paper won’t make any difference. That is until she accidentally stumbles across a flirtatious text message from one of his female colleagues on his phone. Overcome with suspicion and an impending fear of losing Harry, Emma goes on a quest to get to the bottom of his secret affair with the help of her ninety-three-year-old neighbour, Alistair, her best friend Ola, and Harry’s sister-in-law’s psychic app, The Magic Touch.

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I’d like to thank the author, Kelly Florentia, for an arc in return for an honest review.  This is Kelly’s debut full length novel following the success of her novella, To Tell a Tale or Two, a collection of short stories.

This was a lovely story of love and friendships and miscommunications.

Emma and Harry have been happily courting for 5 years.  Harry saved Emma from a traumatic relationship in her past and has been her knight in shining armour ever since.  However, just lately Emma feels like Harry has ‘gone off’ her and when she finds a text on his phone she feels her worries are only just beginning.

Harry’s sister-in-law, Caroline, has become close to Emma and has asked her to trial her latest venture, a phone app called ‘The Magic Touch’ that reveals predictions about your life.  Caroline is a little psychic, she likes to read palms and professes to be good at it.  Emma is quite happy to help but when the app’s predictions start becoming a reality life becomes a little mystified for Emma.

The appearance of a new man in Emma’s life brings far too many complications which soon start unravelling into Emma and Harry’s relationship with almost disastrous results.

Can the couple save their relationship in time or will miscommunications be their fate?

I enjoyed this story by Kelly.  I loved the friendship Emma had with her elderly neighbour and their were some wonderful warm, heartfelt moments she shared with him.  Emma’s character was great, I loved her job of a book cover illustrator however, she had a very vulnerable side to her from her past and when more is revealed about her history you can appreciate why her personality is like so.  Harry sounded adorable and you wanted to believe he was a good man.  The story had a lot of warmth, humour, intrigue and a little magic and mystification.  I look forward to more from Kelly in the future.  4/5*

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