Danger, Sweetheart by MaryJanice Davidson book review

danger sweetheart

Danger, Sweetheart by MaryJanice Davidson, publisher Piatkus, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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This city boy’s about to get a taste of country life . . .

Blake Tarbell has a town to save. Rich, carefree, and used to the Vegas party lifestyle, Blake is thrown for a curve when his former cocktail-waitress mother pleads he go back to her roots to save the town she grew up in. Blake’s used to using money to solve his problems, but when he arrives in Sweetheart, North Dakota, this city boy has to trade in his high-priced shoes for a pair of cowboy boots – and he’s about to get a little help from the loveliest lady in town . . .

Natalie Lane’s got no time for newbies. The prettiest gal to ever put on a pair of work gloves, there’s nothing she can’t do to keep a farm up and running. But when a handsome city-slicker rolls into town with nothing but bad farmer’s instincts and good intentions, Natalie’s heartstrings are pulled. She’s about to teach him a thing or two about how to survive in Sweetheart. And he’s about to teach her a thing or two about love.

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I’m so pleased to be involved in the blogtour promoting MaryJanice Davidson’s new novel, Danger, Sweetheart.  I’d like to thank the publishers for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the first in a fun and quirky new contemporary series by New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson. Danger, Sweetheart is my first introduction to the works of MaryJanice Davidson and I was surprised by how refreshing her style of writing was.  MaryJanice wrote in such a quirky way we got to hear the subconscious thoughts of the characters and it proved to be quite a fun read hearing about the subconscious brain from our main characters Blake Tarbell and Natalie Lane.

It did take me a little while to appreciate this new style of writing from MaryJanice but once I got my head inside Blake and Natalie’s brain I really enjoyed this approach to story telling.  I loved how at one point the characters are battling with their own sub conscious, saying one thing but thinking another … a sort of betrayal with themselves. The storyline was quirky, original, heartwarming, sexy and romantic … my heart was almost melting in places.

A once affluent farming community in a small town called Sweetheart in North Dakota is struggling to survive following the structure of a new highway that has driven the trade and tourists out of the area.  Blake’s mother originated from Sweetheart and has returned to help bring the town back to life with the help of her son.  The last remaining farm, Heartbreak Farm, once belonged to Blake’s distant family.  Blake has been set the task of working on the farm in the fields and helping a grumpy pony become respectable.

Blake is a rich, city boy enjoying the carefree batchelor lifestyle in Vegas.  He’s totally thrown off balance when he is turned into a farmhand with the insistence of his mother, who has a hold on his inheritance.  The plus side to all this manual labour Blake is enduring is the lovely Natalie Lane who is one of the farm’s foremen.  However, Natalie has a secret agenda working at the farm she wishes to keep hidden from Blake.

Blake is soon almost mesmerised by Natalie, he’s not used to these feelings for a woman, he’s normally into casual flings.  However, the emotions he’s feeling around Natalie are quite alien to him.  Natalie doesn’t like outsiders, especially confident city types.  But as soon as she saw Blake Tarbell she also found herself battling with her feelings for him.

We follow Blake and Natalie’s journey on trying to save the small town with the help of a very cute piglet, a grumpy pony and the ‘nuclear option’!

A truly, unique, quirky, romantic read 4.5/5*

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