Unhappy Ever After Girl by Jenny O’Brien book review

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Unhappy Ever After Girl (Irish Medical Romance Book 3) written by and self-published by Jenny O’Brien is due to be published on the 3rd June 2016.

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Mabel Frederick (Freddie for short) has it all, or at least she thinks she has.
She’s about to marry Henry, the most amazing man. A man who’s all set to follow in her father’s footsteps as deacon of St Eilidh’s. She also has a job she loves, working on the eye unit of St Justin’s as well as the best friends a girl could ask for.

What she doesn’t have is Henry’s love, something she only finds out after the wedding.
Her friends come to the rescue by arranging a private nursing job for her across the Irish Sea in Betws-y-Coed.

Professor Derry Yeats doesn’t have it all.
He’s never thought of his life in measurements of happiness as he’s always been too busy as one of Ireland’s top heart surgeons. If he were to measure his happiness before Mabel he’d have rated it as less than zero. What use was a blind surgeon being treated in Betws-y-Coed to anyone?

Can Derry and Mabel turn their Unhappy Ever After into Happy Ever After or will fate intervene?

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I’d like to thank the author, Jenny O’Brien for an arc in return for an honest review.  This the 3rd book in the Irish Medical Romance series.  It’s not even a year yet since I was introduced to Jenny’s books, I was soon engrossed with the beautiful, heartfelt stories of friendship and love.

Unhappy Ever After Girl is about Mabel (aka Freddie) and Derry’s story.

We begin the story with Mabel preparing for her wedding to Henry, a trainee deacon.  Henry and Mabel’s relationship had been quite a whirlwind affair, a courtship of purity.  With Mabel’s father being a longstanding clergyman for the area, who adored his late wife and worshipped his daughter, she desperately wanted a relationship with her future husband to be as happy and wholesome as her parents was.  However, Mabel was having doubts about Henry, he was already starting to manipulate her and she wasn’t sure whether he did love her at all.  But wanting to keep her father happy she decided to go ahead with the wedding but hours later she was to uncover this was a dreadful mistake.  Fleeing the wedding with just her honeymoon suitcase she arrived in the small village of Betws-y-Coed in Wales to take on a small nursing job caring for a professor who had recently received surgery on his eyes to repair rapidly failing eyesight due to a cataracts condition.

Professor Derry Yeats somehow had managed to get to his late Uncle’s cottage in Betws-y-Coed to recover from his op and was living off baked beans and whiskey.  He was slowly drinking himself to death and was very melancholic with his situation when Mabel turned up on his doorstep.  He couldn’t see this young woman that had soon turned his daily care into an almost military fashion.  He sensed her warmth and professionalism with the care she gave him however, as he had lost his sight his other senses were on high alert and he could feel sadness within Mabel.

During these first few days in Wales Mabel was adjusting to what she had just done and couldn’t help wondering what her next steps would be for her future.  Could she go back to Dublin to her husband Henry?

Mabel and Derry were becoming close and when the weather took a turn for the worse they were reliant on each other even more for companionship.

We follow Mabel’s journey fleeing Dublin and crossing the Irish Sea to the little village in Wales.  Her journey is an emotional struggle for her coming to terms with the events at the wedding.  When she meets Derry she becomes confused with her growing feelings for him.

Jenny O’Brien has developed such a wonderful start to this story and I had completely fallen in love with both Mabel and Derry’s characters.  They were both intelligent people with a lot of vulnerability hidden behind their bravado.  My heart was warming to their blossoming friendship and then BOOM! a dreadful event shakes their relationship and my emotions are tumbled into a freefall.  I felt my heart breaking at this point, it was just so touching and beautiful with alot of unspoken words.

The story continues 5 years on from this point and Mabel’s life is very different.  The light and warmth that were emerging back in Wales are now a distant memory with the dark days she is facing now.  She hasn’t seen Derry in 5 years but when her father takes ill and needs an urgent operation his new consultant happens to be Professor Derry Yeats.

Mabel and Derry are surprised and shocked to see each other again.  Derry hasn’t forgotten how he found love during his dark days and seeing Mabel again only reiterates how much he has missed Mabel.

Can the pair turn their unhappy ever afters into a future filled with love?

Another beautiful, heartfelt book from Jenny taking my emotions on a rollercoaster of a ride.  I feel very honoured to be acknowledged at the beginning of this book.  Jenny’s stories have touched my heart and she has been a wonderful find for my love of reading.  5/5*

Irish Girl Trilogy is a series of books following the lives of three nurses living and working in St Justin’s Hospital, Dublin.

Book 1 follows Liddy and Mitch – Ideal Girl
Book 2 follows Grainne and Ruari – Girl Descending
Book 3 follows Mabel and Derry – Unhappy Ever After Girl

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