Guest Post with Author Jenny O’Brien

I am so pleased to welcome Jenny O’Brien, the author of 4 self-published ebooks to my blog.

Welcome to my blog Jenny …

Jenny O'Brien

Thanks for inviting me on to your blog.

When did you start writing? Or have you always done so?

I’ve been writing for seven years now. While I always wanted to write a book I never really thought any more about it, that is until I came up with the name Dai Monday, the main character in my children’s book Boy Brainy. It took me a year to get the courage to put pen to paper and another six to have the courage to release my words to the unsuspecting public.

Have you written other novels/works that have not been published?

I’ve published 4 books and have about another four running around in my head. I’ve also dipped my toes into non fiction and have had articles published in medical journals.

What inspired you to write Ideal Girl and Boy Brainy?

Boy Brainy was inspired by my own experience of school bullying. Ideal Girl from something I heard on Chris Evan’s Radio Two show about how the Ideal Girl was meant to be a dark haired Irish nurse.

Do you appear in any of your stories?

Certainly not! I’m far too boring to be in a book. My life is the same as millions of others out there, the only difference being my hobby is writing about the random characters that seem to live in my head – perhaps I need to see a doctor!

Does the bullying issue in Boy Brainy reflect an experience close to heart for you?

Yes. I think all adults can equate to being bullied at some time in their life. I’m not an expert, but I have seen the damage it can cause at first hand.

You write about hospital romances in your Irish Girl Trilogy, is this a true reflection of hospital life?

Well no, I write fiction. The media portrayal of hard working healthcare professionals with little ‘off time’ is the true one. Patient care is far too important to warrant the batting of eyelashes! There simply isn’t the time! My writing is more a satirical view of what happens, not the reality.

You set your stories in unusual settings?

I like to write about places I love and, as I was born in Dublin it does crop up frequently. I also used to live in Wales and we go camping in France so these are easy places for me to include. I won’t be able to write about Australia or even the USA, unless I set a story in Miami airport, but Tom Hanks has already played that part.

What is the overall impression you hope readers will take from your books?

That they’re funny, but not comedic. That they’re dark but not oppressive and finally for my medical romances – that they’re clean, or innocent if you like. There’s lots of innuendo and hinting but barely a kiss.

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Thank you so much for joining my blog today.  I’d like to congratulate you on the release of your 4th novel, Unhappy Ever After Girl.  You can find my review of this beautiful, emotional story here.

To celebrate the release of Unhappy Ever After Girl and to thank her loyal readers Jenny has reduced the price of the first two books in the Irish Medical Romances:

Ideal Girl

Ideal Girl is FREE to download for 5 days.

Girl Descending

Girl Descending is at the special price of 99p.

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To find out more about Jenny O’Brien and her books please visit the following links:


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