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All Together Now written by Gill Hornby, publisher Little, Brown Book Group is available NOW in ebook, paperback, hardcover and audio download format.

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The Bridgeford Community Choir is in crisis. Numbers are down. The choir leader is in hospital. The tea urn is behaving in an ominous fashion. Something must be done.

New joiners Tracey Leckford and Bennett Parker might just be able to save the day. But Tracey is hiding a huge secret about her past. And Bennett – while equipped with a beautiful singing voice – is entirely baffled by the world and everything in it. Can they really fit in with dependable old regulars like Annie?

As the choir suffers through fights, feuds and the perils of the school fair, it becomes clear that their struggles are not just about music, but the future of their community. In order to save their singing group and their town, the Bridgeford Singers will have to find a way to work together – in harmony.

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I’m so pleased to be involved in the blogtour promoting the publication of All Together Now.  I’d like to thank the publishers for an arc in return for an honest review.

This was the first book I’ve read by Gill Hornby and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  From the first sights of the charming cover to the glimpse of the synopsis I could tell I was in for a treat.

The story is set in the fictional village of Bridgeford just off the M4.  Bridgeford is a tired little village feeling a little worn out and past it’s best and with the prospect of a new out of centre supermarket the High Street is in even more jeopardy of being lost forever.  The one thing Bridgeford does have is it’s own community choir however, same as the high street the choir is experiencing it’s own crisis; the choir competition is due soon, the choir leader is sadly indisposed and the choir are desperately in need of more members.

Tracey Leckford and her son have been living in Bridgeford for years, they’ve kept themselves to themselves, which is just how Tracey likes it.  However, when Tracey hears of the choirs plight a part of her life she had long forgotten glimmers with recognition and she considers joining the choir to bring this spark of recognition back to life.  She is slightly fearful of what the choir may do to her past she has kept carefully wrapped.

Another new recruit to the choir is newly singly and newly unemployed Bennett Parker.  Bennett is classically trained with a church choir heritage however, he has a secret love of a certain style of music which is far from his background.  Bennett’s character is quite shy, awkward and socially inept especially since his separation from his wife.

The choir is full of misfit characters who are trying to find their way in life. In an ordinary situation these characters wouldn’t fit but when they open their mouths to sing and let their hearts feel the love of music they all blend so magically and beautifully together.  I loved Annie who was the stalwart in the choir, forever helping people, doing all the chores, she saw no wrong in anyone but was facing many battles herself privately.  Jazzy was another favourite character and I wished she had the courage for more.  The choir sessions almost felt like a healing process for them all.

When some ‘interlopers’ join the choir trying to take over the choir was once again in danger of collapsing.  Can the choir gain strength within themselves to learn what is best for their future?

This was such a wonderful, uplifting, joyous read.  I felt sort of energised with this bond they all shared.  I loved Gill’s wit and humour and was laughing out loud many a time.  A truly lovely read.  5/5*

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