The Family Divided:Volume 4 (The Guernsey Novels) by Anne Allen book review

the family divided

The Family Divided book 4 in The Guernsey Novels written and self-published by Anne Allen is available NOW in ebook and paperback format and is also in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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One family, divided by death – and money Andy Batiste, at loggerheads with his degenerate cousin, seeks to discover the truth of his family history. Why was his pregnant grandmother forced to flee to France? What really happened to her husband during the German Occupation, sixty years ago? Who accused Edmund, the elder son and Batiste heir, of being an informer? Was he really a traitor – and who murdered him? With Edmund’s brother Harold now head of the family, enjoying the wealth which ought to have come to Andy’s father, the family is forever divided. Andy yearns to clear Edmund’s name and restore his father to his rightful inheritance. Into the conflict comes Charlotte Townsend, newly divorced, lonely and struggling with writer’s block and the consuming threat of impending loss. She returns for healing at Guernsey’s natural health centre, La Folie, and becomes involved in Andy’s family affairs. Together they embark on a hunt for the truth.


I’d like to thank the author, Anne Allen, for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the first book by Anne Allen that I’ve had the pleasure to read.  The Family Divided is book 4 in The Guernsey Novels.  A series of contemporary romance mystery novels set on the beautiful island of Guernsey.  Each book is a standalone but characters do appear from one book to another.

As this was my first encounter reading The Guernsey Novels I read The Family Divided with fresh eyes and treated it as a standalone.  It did take me a little while to understand all the characters, I felt like I’d missed out on some of their history, however it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book as the characterisation was well written along with the storyline and I was soon hooked!  It did help that I was swept away by the location.  I’ve never been to Guernsey and it’s not crossed my mind to visit but with Anne’s description of this beautiful, idyllic island with it’s rugged coastline, beautiful countryside and almost cosmopolitan towns I now want to visit this area.

This story was wrapped around a 70 year old mystery surrounding the sudden death of Edmund, Andy Batiste’s late grandfather.  This fatality was shrouded in mystery and secrets, rumours of a WWII espionage upset the family which later resulted in a division with the family and it’s inheritance.  Andy is desperate to find the truth and when publisher and aspiring author, Charlotte Townsend, visits the island to see friends and for a well deserved respite at the natural healing centre the chance of helping Andy with his research into his family’s history is too good an offer to refuse.

Charlotte is suffering with writer’s block so the research for Andy is giving her a much needed distraction.  Charlotte also has worries regarding her mother’s health and her relationship with her mother has been difficult at times.  The closer Andy and Charlotte work together the more they start to appreciate each other.  They both have been hurt in the past with broken relationships so are reluctant to pursue a new relationship but romance soon blossoms.  However, obstacles for the fledgling couple cause a few headaches along the way.

I enjoyed this story of romance, mystery, intrigue, history of a time not to be forgotten.  When it ended I was hoping for an epilogue as I wanted to know what happened next but book 5 in the series, Echoes of Time, will hopefully see some of the characters I’ve learned to love pop up.  A romantic, mystery with secrets spanning over 70 years set on the beautiful, idyllic island of Guernsey.  4/5*

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3 thoughts on “The Family Divided:Volume 4 (The Guernsey Novels) by Anne Allen book review

  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing The Family Divided, Adele. Guernsey is a beautiful island and part of me will always remain there. Definitely one for anyone’s bucket list!


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