One Summer in France by Bev Spicer book review

one summer in france

One Summer in France written and self-published by Bev Spicer is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.  It is also available in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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The summer of 1979 was the best summer ever! Pretty, blonde and dangerously impetuous, Bev and Carol head for the sun, lucky beneficiaries of a generous university grant.

They are full of enthusiasm and the dazzling spirit of adventure that only seems possible when we are young. Essential swimwear is selected and Lipton’s vegetable oil is perfumed with patchouli for the perfect tan.

They end up in Argelès-sur-mer, on a campsite close to the coast and not far from the border with Spain. Every day brings new challenges: how to hold a meaningful conversation on a naturist beach, what to do about a precocious teenage stalker, how to transport a gallon of port on a moped… all of which they meet head-on, with dubious philosophy and irrepressible optimism.

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I’d like to thank the author, Bev Spicer, for an arc in return for an honest review.

One Summer in France is the first adventure in the Bev and Carol series.  The books are based on the adventures the author took whilst at university.  All three books in the Bev and Carol series can be read as a stand alone but once you’ve read the first you are going to want to carry on enjoying the girl’s fun and frolics.  The books in the series in order are:

  1. One Summer in France
  2. Bunny on a Bike
  3. Stranded in the Seychelles

One Summer in France and Bunny on a Bike are currently at the special price of 99p for kindle download 🙂

I was initially drawn to this book by the title as I love stories set in France, I love the whole experience of discovering a new culture and country.  The synopsis of two girls setting off on their own adventure with just a tent sounded like fun, although I’m not sure I’d do it myself!

Even though the story was based on Bev’s own experiences it was written as a fictional novel and I soon got carried away with the girl’s enthusiasm with their trip abroad.  The book was set out with lots of small chapters and the text flowed well and from the end of each chapter you couldn’t help turning over to enjoy the next.  Bev and Carol were great mates at university and when the opportunity to go to France emerged (officially to expand the girl’s knowledge of the country) the girls couldn’t be more eager to go.  With packed rucksacks, a tent, currency and the much needed bikini the girls set off on their adventure.

It’s 1979 and we step back in time and follow this funny, heart warming, crazy travelogue of Bev and Carol’s experiences in France.  We meet some wonderful characters along the way to which Bev and Carol at the time wished they’d hadn’t!  The girls got themselves into a great daily routine and found some unorthodox ways to make the most out of camping life.  Loved their hair drying method, brilliant!  I soon found myself wishing I was travelling myself and when I got to the end of the novel I wanted to find out what happens next for the girls … so I’m off to download Bunny on a Bike: Playboy croupiers in 80s London!

A fabulous, fun read perfect for your own summer adventure 4/5*

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My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan blogtour and book review

my husband's wives

My Husband’s Wives written by Faith Hogan, publisher Aria, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format and is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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One man, three wives, too many secrets. A heart-warming story of love, loss, family and friendship. A compelling debut that fans of Freya North will love.

Paul Starr, Ireland’s leading cardiologist dies in a car crash with a pregnant young women by his side.

United in their grief and the love of one man, four women are thrown together in an attempt to come to terms with life after Paul. They soon realise they never really knew him at all.

The love they shared for Paul in his life and which incensed a feeling of mistrust and dislike for each other, in his death turns into the very thing that bonds them and their children to each other, forever.

As they begin to form unlikely friendships, Paul’s death proves to be the catalyst that enables them to become the people they always wanted to be.

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I’d like to thank the author, Faith Hogan, for an arc in return for an honest review.  I am so pleased to join the blogtour promoting this gorgeous story about love, loss and friendships.  This is Faith’s debut novel and after reading My Husband’s Wives I have high hopes for her literary career.

The story begins with Grace, a young, beautiful woman full of creative flair at an exhibition of her artwork.  Her work is generating a lot of interest but one visitor at the exhibition stands out to Grace and catches her eye.  Paul Starr was confident, charismatic, good looking and one of the top surgeons in Ireland, he was also believed to be married.  An instant mutual attraction was felt between Grace and Paul and it wasn’t long before this attraction grew and a relationship was born.

Paul had mentioned to Grace that he was married but his marriage was not a conventional one and he assured Grace that Evie, his first wife, was happy with his new friendship with Grace.  Their relationship took a serious turn when Grace fell pregnant and Paul and Grace soon became a committed couple, or so Grace thought.  When Grace started pointing out to Paul that she’d like to go back to work Paul’s character, I felt, took a darker note.  He wasn’t impressed and wanted Grace to stay at home with their daughter.  The relationship came to a crashing stop when Paul admitted he’d found someone else, someone a lot younger than himself and that she, Annalise, was pregnant.  Grace was devastated and wished that she was the one that Paul now wanted.  I’d like to share a quote that I particularly enjoyed from around the first part of the story:

‘I really don’t want to hear this.’  The words fell as dried autumn leaves from her mouth.

Several years later Grace received an unexpected visitor to her house, she knew instantly that something was wrong when the visitor announced she was Evie Considine, Paul’s first wife.  Evie came to inform Grace that Paul had died in a car accident.  Even more shocking than Paul’s death, Evie revealed that she was still married to Paul.

What follows is a story told by all three of Paul’s wives.  We learn of how they met him and how their lives were turned around by this charismatic man that was very clever in the way he manipulated his ladies.  A further young woman is introduced to the three wives and their history and future is thrown off balance even more by this new acquaintance of Pauls.  Faith Hogan’s writing style was very easy and enjoyable to read, the characters were recognisable and likeable.  Faith dealt very sensitively to loss, betrayal, guilt, love and desire.  I did feel a sort of darkness hidden within the pages and was intrigued to where the story would go next.  A brilliant debut novel 5/5*

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