The Vets at Hope Green: Part Two by Sheila Norton book review


The Vets at Hope Green: Part Two written by Sheila Norton, publisher Ebury Digital is available NOW in ebook format.

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PART TWO of a serialised novel – a heartwarming and inspiring story about living the simple life and the joy of animals.

Working as the receptionist at her local London vets, Sam dreams of escaping to a quieter life in the country. Spending time with her Nana and her lovely but elderly dog Rufus has sparked something within Sam, and all she wants is to start afresh. But her boyfriend Adam is in London, and something tells her that it won’t be an easy conversation.

But then something happens that makes her going-nowhere receptionist job seem much more appealing: she finds a little stray cat called Ebony, in need of love and nurturing back to health. Faced with a dilemma, she must choose between her heart’s desire and the little ball of fluff burrowing her way into Sam’s heart…

Is it possible to have it all?

black kitten

This was another wonderful instalment in the new cosy romance series by Sheila Norton.  My review for part one of this series can be found here

Once again we are welcomed back into Sam’s life. Following her return back to London after a visit to the picturesque Hope Green, Dorset to see her nan, Sam is resuming life back at the city vets. She’s not sure where to go next with her relationship with Adam and she has to discuss some important details with him that will ultimately effect their futures.

Following a heart to heart with Adam, Sam reassesses her life and feels like the best place to ponder over her future is in Hope Green away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sam takes an unexpected guest with her to her nan’s, a stray black kitten that had been taken in at the city vets. Sam has taken a shine with the little cat and has spent a lot of time with her to aid her recovery. Sam is hoping the little stray will bring a smile back to her nan who sadly lost her beloved dog a few weeks back.

We follow Sam on her contemplative journey back to Hope Green with this little bundle of fur. Sam has to make decisions about her future. Hope Green makes Sam feel instantly comfortable and at home and the locals welcome her with open arms apart from the grumpy local vet.

This story is so likeable with it’s idyllic setting and characters that are relatable. There is some hidden depths to the personalities of a few of the characters that leave you wanting to learn more about them. Sheila Norton has managed to wrap this series around my heart. She gives you a cliffhanger at the end of each part leaving you with the anticipated need to grasp the next instalment. A delightful series that I am looking forward to reading each and every part.

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