One Summer in Rome by Samantha Tonge book review

one summer final cover

One Summer in Rome written by Samantha Tonge, publisher HQ Digital, is available NOW in ebook format.

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To Rome…with love?
Mary Smith is turning her very ordinary life upside-down! She’s bought herself a one-way ticket to Rome and is ready for a summer she’ll never forget.
Men might be off the cards for waitress Mary, but within hours of arriving at the utterly charming family-run La Dolce Vita pizzeria, she’s already fallen in love with the bustling capital!
Only Dante Rossi, the mysterious (and drop-dead gorgeous) chef seems displeased with her arrival. And in the heat of the kitchen, it doesn’t take long for long-buried secrets to surface and sparks to fly…

heart shaped pizza

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

This was such a wonderful treat of a read, a read that whisks you away to Rome that wakens up all your senses with it’s sights, sounds, tastes and aromas.  The author, Samantha Tonge, took me to this beautiful sounding city with it’s ancient monuments and piazzas filled with fountains, street artists and authentic Italian restaurants.  I could easily picture the scenes and the characters taking part in their daily lives.

This is the story of Mary Smith who has taken the plunge to leave her broken heart in the UK and move to Italy to work for a small family-run restaurant in the city.  Mary has had a tough upbringing and has longed for the love and support of a strong family unit.  Joining this Italian family was difficult at first as she felt like an outsider but the warmth she felt from her new employers gave her the confidence she needed to accept herself and her history.  Not all members of the family and team at the restaurant were quite so welcoming, Rocco the waiter and Dante the son had some reservations against Mary working at the restaurant.  Slowly barriers were let down and Mary was beginning to understand this close-knit team.  Mary also started letting her own barriers down but feared her heart would be broken again.

The restaurant has in the last few years experience much heartbreak and tragedy and it’s been particularly hard keeping the business going with Mary’s arrival she seems to have brought a certain joy and new ideas to the family.

A storyline that wasn’t all sunshine and amore Samantha Tonge has included a few serious topics in the storyline that were dealt with in a very sensitive manner.  However, to guide us away from the hardships of life we have a dance competition, Italian festival, Italian food, a wonderful feeling of togetherness and Dante who isn’t your average book hero, he’s so much more.

A book that makes you feel as bright, warm and comforting as the Italian sun and it’s cuisine.

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