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by virtue falls

By Virtue Fall written by Carrie Elks, publisher Piatkus, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Love blooms when you least expect it . . .
Juliet Shakespeare is done with love. With a growing floristry business and an adorable daughter to raise, life after separating from her husband is complicated enough.
But when handsome single father, Ryan Sutherland, arrives in town, everything changes. As much as she tries to distract herself, Juliet can’t help but be drawn to the easy-going Romeo next door and the way he makes her feel.
Photographer Ryan is only back in his hometown for a few months so there’s no point falling for someone he’ll just have to say goodbye to. But he didn’t account for Juliet – the intriguing and beautiful, red-haired woman next door. And in her, he might just have found everything he ever wanted . . .



I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

By Virtue Fall is the fourth and final instalment in the Shakespeare Sisters series.  Each story can be read as a standalone but I wholeheartedly recommend reading all the books in the series in order as characters from each novel do crop up in future stories and to be honest it’s an adorable, addictive series.  Each Shakespeare sister; Lucy, Juliet, Cesca and Kitty have their own personality traits and also have their own story to tell.  After reading each one I say to myself that I loved so and so’s story the most, or I thought that the author Carrie Elks couldn’t have written a better story than the first but then along comes another sister’s story and you fall in love all over again with each individual sister and their respective tale.

The books in the series in order are:

  • Summer’s Lease REVIEW
  • A Winter’s Tale REVIEW
  • Absent in the Spring REVIEW
  • By Virtue Fall

Each book takes you to a gorgeous location and with Juliet, we travel to the states to Maryland.  Juliet is in the middle of a messy divorce from her husband Thomas.  The best thing to come out of their marriage is their six year old daughter Poppy.  Now coping as a single mother Juliet is working hard with her floristry business.  Juliet’s other love in her life is flowers and she especially loves the meaning surrounding flowers and matching them to certain situations.

When Juliet first encounters Ryan Sutherland it’s under rather strained circumstances but a mutual appreciation of the highs and lows of parenthood breaks the ice and a friendship soon blossoms.

Ryan Sutherland is also a single parent and originated from the area but left under a dark cloud.  However, he decides to make a temporary home back in Maryland with his son Charlie till his new job starts in New York.  There is a lot of tension still bubbling between Ryan and his father and it soon becomes evident that the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ has not worked.  Ryan holds a strong, charismatic bravado but there is a vulnerability behind his eyes.  With Ryan just in the area on a short term basis he doesn’t expect to meet with a kindred spirit in Juliet.  A beautiful young woman whose life is currently in turmoil and at times she appears a little fragile.

Is the timing wrong for romance to blossom between Juliet and Ryan?  Will her ex Thomas, who precariously holds a string controlling Juliet’s life, put a thorn in any future happiness for Juliet?

With complications in life and love comes a beautiful blossoming romance that is intoxicating and gorgeous.

I’ve completely loved the Shakespeare Sisters series by Carrie Elks; I’ve felt like I’ve known Lucy, Juliet, Cesca and Kitty; I’ve cried with them, laughed with them and have cheered them all on.  A set of beautiful, sexy and adorable stories.

About the Author

Carrie Elks writes contemporary romance with a sizzling edge. Her first book, Fix You, has been translated into eight languages and made a surprise appearance on Big Brother in Brazil. Luckily for her, it wasn’t voted out. Carrie lives with her husband, two lovely children and a larger-than-life black pug called Plato. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found baking, drinking an occasional (!) glass of wine, or chatting on social media.




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