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Mr One Night Stand Cover

Mr One-Night Stand written by Rachael Stewart, publisher Mills and Boon Dare, is available NOW in ebook format.

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Book Blurb

One night only.
Just think of the possibilities…
The second she sees Mr Oh-So-Delicious, Jennifer Hayes knows she needs one night of crazy. No names, no strings, no rules. Except that Jennifer’s naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright—her new business partner! Now they’re mixing business with all kinds of pleasure. But when it comes to falling in love her sexy Mr Wright is either Mr Wrong or the best mistake of her life…

DARE Blog Tour Dates

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Rachael Stewart’s latest novel: Mr One-Night Stand.  Mr One-Night Stand is from the Mills and Boon Dare series and they are all stand-alone stories.  From the Mills and Boon website Dare is quoted as “Sensual love stories featuring smart, sassy heroines you’d want as a best friend, and compelling intense heroes who are worthy of them.”

I am delighted to share an excerpt from Mr One-Night Stand:

PATIENCE – HE WASN’T known for it.  Why should he be when he’d worked his entire life to ensure he got everything he wanted, when he wanted it?

Flicking his wrist, he checked the time.  Eight twenty-five.

Where the hell were they?

If being late was a last-ditch attempt at angling for more money, then Tony Andrews was an even bigger fool than Marcus had had him pegged for.

He waved away the approaching waitress who was eyeing his empty glass.  He’d already indulged in a whisky and filled his one-drink-while-on-business quota.  He wasn’t fool enough to indulge in more.  Although the girl’s perfect parting pout made clear that it wasn’t just a drink being offered.

Not tonight.  He smiled back.

He might be considered an arrogant ass by many, but no one could accuse him of lacking in manners.  Even his questionable childhood hadn’t beaten those out of him – much as his father might have tried.

It was hardly her fault he wasn’t up for it.  She had appeal aplenty, if surgically enhanced assets and peroxide hair were your thing.

But tonight was about work.

And work was work.

Sex was sex.

Never should the two be mixed.  Not if you wanted to stay focused and come out on top.

He watched as she weaved her way back through the intimate arrangement of tables, breaking his gaze to scan again the people occupying the circular floor space of the exclusive rooftop venue.  Andrews had chosen it for convenience, it being located only two blocks down from his London HQ.

Very convenient for Andrews – not so sodding convenient for him.  He rolled his shoulders and re-checked his watch.

What the hell was he doing?

He should’ve left ten minutes after the hour, not sat there like some obedient monkey.

But then, he wasn’t there simply to catch up with the man he was in the process of buying out.  He was there to be introduced to Andrews’ business partner – soon-to-be his partner – Jennifer Hayes, before they signed on the dotted line.

About the Author

Rachael Stewart adores conjuring up stories for the readers of Harlequin Mills & Boon and Deep Desires Press, with tales varying from the heartwarmingly romantic to the wildly erotic.

She’s been writing since she could put pen to paper as the stacks of scrawled on A4 sheets in her loft will attest to, and the lovingly bound short stories that her father would run off at work and proudly share out with his colleagues. Thinking it was a pipe dream to be published one day, she pursued a sensible career in business but she was really play-acting, achieving the appropriate degree and spending many years in the corporate world where she never truly belonged. Always happiest when she was sat at her laptop in the quiet hours tapping out a story or two. And so here she is, a published author, her full-time pleasure, a dream come true.

A Welsh lass at heart, she now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, and if she’s not glued to her laptop, she’s wrapped up in them or enjoying the great outdoors seeking out inspiration.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @rach_b52
Facebook: rachaelstewartauthor

Mr One Night Stand book giveaway

The publishers have kindly given me an extra proof copy of the book to giveaway, please enter the rafflecopter link below to enter.


Good Luck!



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