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The Book Lovers Series

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting Victoria Connelly’s The Book Lovers series.  This series is a set of four standalone stories centred around the Nightingale family in a small town in the English countryside.  The family adore books and have dedicated their personal and working life around them.  Each book can be read as a standalone story as they focus on one of the Nightingale family members however, the characters lives do develop from each story and crop up in future stories.  I would highly recommend reading the books in order to gain a complete reading experience of this gorgeous set of stories.  The books in the series in order are:

Book 1: The Book Lovers
Book 2: Rules For a Successful Book Club you can read my audio book review here
Book 3: Natural Born Readers
Book 4: Scenes from a Country Bookshop

I have the pleasure of sharing a review of Book 4: Scenes from a Country Bookshop.

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Scenes from a Country Bookshop written by Victoria Connelly, publisher Notting Hill Press, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.Scenes from a Country Bookshop - Victoria Connelly

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Book Blurb

Love can sometimes be really complicated…

Josh Nightingale has always been married to his books. Happy to run his bookshop in the small town of Castle Clare, he’s never really had time for romance and truly believes that he’s never going to fall in love. But, when April Channing opens a new shop opposite his, everything changes.

Sweet and attentive one moment, abrupt and aloof the next, Josh really can’t understand April at all. What exactly is going on? Josh is pretty sure that the answer can’t be found in a book.

Join the Nightingale family once again for this deliciously heartwarming novel, the forth in The Book Lovers series, by the bestselling author of The Rose Girls and A Weekend with Mr Darcy.


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I really enjoyed returning back to The Book Lovers series and reading Scenes from a Country Bookshop, I intend to read the other two books I haven’t yet read in the series before the summer is out.

There were moments of idyllic delight whilst reading Scenes from a Country Bookshop that had you all wistful for a life surrounded by books and art but then the author changes the scene and your emotions become heightened with the unfairness of life.  A truly beautiful story that I devoured.

Josh Nightingale loves his job running the bookshop in Castle Clane he’s happily committed to his bookshop and relationships have never been in his game plan.  However, when the vacant shop across the road is opened the new owner catches his eye.  Josh is endearingly shy and his gentleman ways are so refreshing to read about.

April Channing has just moved to the area and is so excited about her new venture opening up her shop.  April has an air of bohemia about her and her style of dress is unique but reminiscent to the artists of The Bloomsbury Group.  When she meets Josh she is delighted to find a mutual interest in the love of arts and literature and a friendship soon blossoms.  However, April is holding back a few secrets in her life that she is fearful of revealing and having her heart broken.

Scenes from a Country Bookshop is such a lovely read.  I enjoyed the interactions within the family group and with the older members of the community.  Josh has a wonderful friendship with an elderly customer and I enjoyed this partnership as much as the other character interactions.  Victoria Connelly has cleverly woven a story within a story and I found myself captivated and touched by both.

Delightful, poignant and beautifully romantic.

About the Author

scenes book lovers Victoria Connelly Author PhotoVictoria Connelly is the bestselling author of The Rose Girls and The Book Lovers series.

With over one million sales, her books have been translated into a dozen languages. The first, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in Germany. Victoria flew to Berlin to see it being made and even played a cameo role in it.

A Weekend with Mr Darcy, the first in her popular Austen Addicts series about fans of Jane Austen has sold over 100,000 copies. She is also the author of several romantic comedies including The Runaway Actress which was nominated for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Best Romantic Comedy of the Year.

Victoria was brought up in Norfolk, England before moving to Yorkshire where she got married in a medieval castle. After 11 years in London, she moved to rural Suffolk where she lives in a Georgian cottage with her artist husband, a Springer spaniel and her ex-battery hens.

She’s written about her experience of country life in three volumes of autobiography: Escape to Mulberry Cottage, A Year at Mulberry Cottage and Summer at Mulberry Cottage.

You can get a heart-warming novella, A Dog Called Hope, when you sign up for her newsletter at:

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Family for Beginners by Sarah Morgan @SarahMorgan_ @HQStories #bookreview #FamilyforBeginners #feelgoodfiction

family for beginners

Family for Beginners written by Sarah Morgan, publisher HQ, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook and paperback format.


Book Blurb

Who says you can’t choose your family?
When Flora falls in love with Jack, suddenly she’s not only handling a very cranky teenager, but she’s also living in the shadow of Jack’s perfect, immortalised wife, Becca. Every summer, Becca and Jack would holiday with Becca’s oldest friends and Jack wants to continue the tradition, so now Flora must face a summer trying to live up to Becca’s memory, with not only Jack’s daughter looking on, but with Becca’s best friends judging her every move…
The more Flora tries to impress everyone, the more things go horribly wrong…but as the summer unfolds, Flora begins pushing her own boundaries, and finding herself in a way that she never thought she needed to.
And she soon learns that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I always look forward to a new Sarah Morgan novel as I can guarantee I’ll be entertained, captivated and charmed with a whole set of new characters.  This is the case for Family for Beginners, a new standalone novel set in New York and the Lake District.  The story centres around the structure of a family that’s been suddenly broken, those that are remaining don’t quite know what their role is now and are struggling with a whole heap of conflicting emotions.  However, when an outsider steps into their fractured circle tempers become fraught and it takes the views of a newcomer to see that all is not as well as appears in the Parker household.

Flora has always felt like an outsider since losing her mum at a young age, she’s known she was a hinderance to her aunt and all through her life from thereon she has tried to please her aunt to keep life amenable.  This trait of Flora’s with her aunt has spilled into her core personality and as an adult she’s still finding ways to keep the peace and please people.

When Flora meets Jack she notices the sadness within him but she also sees a warmth that slowly creeps back when he is around her.  A friendship soon develops and if timing was different the relationship would have developed further.

Jack Parker is still grieving for his wife and the family structure he had with his two daughters.  It’s been nearly a year since the tragic death of his wife, he’s been so pleased how well his eldest daughter Izzy has coped stepping up and helping out at home and with her younger sister.  However, all is not as it seems with Izzy and she is inwardly struggling immensely with confusing and conflicting thoughts.

As Jack’s relationship with Flora develops we go through the motions of a newcomer joining a family that’s still coming to terms with the heartbreak of losing a loved one.  Sarah Morgan understands people and relationships and weaves a wonderful story of love, loss, friendships and new beginnings.

About the Author

Sarah Morgan is a Sunday Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She has sold more than 18 million copies of her books and her trademark warmth and humour have gained her fans across the globe. Sarah lives near London with her family and when she isn’t writing or reading, she likes to spend time outdoors walking or riding her mountain bike.

Join Sarah’s mailing list at for all book news. For more insight into her writing life follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook/AuthorSarahMorgan and on Instagram at @sarahmorganwrites Contact Sarah at


That Night in Paris by Sandy Barker @sandybarker @rararesources @OneMoreChapter #blogtour #bookreview #romcom #feelgoodfiction

That Night in Paris Cover

That Night in Paris written by Sandy Barker, publisher 0ne More Chapter, is available NOW in ebook format.

Book Blurb

Note to self: don’t sleep with your flatmate after a curry and three bottles of wine… especially if he’s secretly in love with you and wants you to meet his mum.
Cat Parsons is on the run. She doesn’t do relationships. After ten years of singlehood even the hint of the ‘L’ word is enough to get Cat packing her bags and booking herself onto a two-week holiday.
A European bus tour feels like a stroke of genius to dodge awkward conversations at home. But little does Cat realise that the first stop will be Paris, the city of love itself.
Joined by new friends, Cat has got two weeks, eight countries and a hell of a lot of wine ahead of her. As they discover hidden treasures and the camaraderie of life on the road, will Cat find a new way of looking at love?

That Night In Paris Full Tour Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Sandy Barker’s latest romcom: That Night in Paris.  This is my first introduction to the work of Sandy Barker and it won’t be my last, I loved this fun-filled sexy romcom.  That Night in Paris is book two in The Holiday Romance series, with each story easily read as a standalone but if you wish, like me, to catch up with the whole series please do check out One Summer in Santorini.

I’m drawn to stories set in Paris and That Night in Paris is more than just a gorgeous romcom, it’s also your free ticket to travel around Europe courtesy of the characters in this novel.  The quote “Reading gives you some place to go when we have to stay where we are” is perfect for this novel and for the uncertain times we are facing now.  Author, Sandy Barker, has give us the perfect opportunity to tag along with the characters on a whirlwind trip around Europe with the added bonus, for some, of a holiday romance and journeys of self-discovery for many.

Cat Parsons has woken up feeling she’s made an error of judgement, so in order to rectify the situation, albeit temporarily, she books herself on a two week bus tour of Europe visiting many cities and towns across France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  Cat soon makes friends with 3 other solo female travellers and a bond is formed.  However, it’s not all glamorous and some of the accommodation stopovers are a little basic but the girls make do.  There’s an unexpected benefit to the trip when the girls bump into someone from Cat’s past, totally taking her by surprise and bringing up all sorts of confusing emotions.

Since the break-up of her last serious relationship Cat has vowed never to let love in again to avoid having her heart broken.  She is so adamant not to go down the love route but when she struggles to understand her feelings in the past and the present she has to accept that love isn’t something to be afraid of.

A girls-on-tour romcom full of fun, laughter, love and plenty of wonderful sights, sounds and cultural delights that will have you drooling for more than the food!

About the Author

That Night In - Author Photo Sandy BarkerSandy Barker is an Australian writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list and a cheeky sense of humour.

Many of Sandy’s travel adventures have found homes in her writing, including her debut novel, a contemporary romance set in Greece, which was inspired by her true-life love story.


Twitter:  @sandybarker




Dear … Anybody? by Rosa Temple book extract @RosaT_Author #indieauthor #extract #contemporaryromance

Dear Anybody - Cover_2019

Dear … Anybody? written and self-published by Rosa Temple is available NOW in ebook and kindleunlimited format.

Book Blurb
Local newspaper journalist, Sydney, is like many women. Bored at work, bad hair days, karaoke nights, loving boyfriend and a fabulous best friend. But a huge discovery sends her whole world spiralling downwards and things will never be the same again. She’s lost her job, her boyfriend and, well, everything.
Unlike most women, Sydney’s answer is to resort to binge eating, binge drinking and never leaving her bedroom.
An unexpected job offer comes her way and Sydney leaves London for the tiny village of Bridley to become editor of a countryside magazine, not realising that part of the job means becoming the magazine’s Agony Aunt.
Resolving to make her mark as an editor and to set the problematic lives of Bridley villagers to rights, Sydney uncovers hidden truths, secret loves and the possibility of romance lies in wait behind the counter of her favourite coffee shop.
Is it that easy to turn your life around? Well, maybe not for Sydney …

Amazon Buy Link:

Happy Publication Day to Rosa Temple, I am so pleased to help with the release day celebrations by sharing an extract:

Chapter 1
Today of all days it has to rain. I had my hair all planned. Bone straight like the woman in the perfume advert, the perfume Helena said Leon bought her for her birthday and that she didn’t like. The perfume may not have been up to much but I couldn’t help hoping my unruly hair would be up for the job today. I needed perfection. The perfect look. It only had to last long enough for me to deliver my speech and then my hair could do whatever the hell it liked, the way it usually did.
Helena had told me to relax, things have a way of working themselves out and that I’d look fabulous whatever. Easy for her to say. Not that I’m not knocking Helena, she’s a wonderful best friend and an equally wonderful person but her beauty is as natural as it is perfect. It isn’t jealousy that has me ogling her splendour when she isn’t looking but I’m just so amazed at how effortless it is for her to look stunning. Helena’s hair has the ability to just sit there looking luscious, thick and curly and full of life, even though hair is supposed to be dead. My hair knows it’s dead and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.
I’d seen Helena a lot in the run up to her month long holiday to Brazil because I knew I would miss her like hell. The trip to Brazil was another birthday present from her ever loving, ever rich, fiancé, Leon.
Helena has been a supportive friend since I met her at university, but despite what she said, I knew more than anyone I needed to get up early for the big day and sort my look out.
I blink upwards to the skylight at the cloudy sky, the first in ages since the London heatwave. It’s September, it’s been hot and humid, tempers are short and London has been like the inside of a hot air balloon waiting to explode. They’ve talked about a rainstorm hitting us on the Six O’Clock News all week but so far the rain has kept us guessing. Until last night, that is, when the heavens opened. It had been thundery through the night. Rob slept through it, snoring a symphony of snorts and puffs, as if the storm outside wasn’t enough to keep me awake.
It’s no wonder I’m anxious. I haven’t slept a wink. The rain is drumming a timely rhythm on the glass and I curse the weatherman for his sealing the doom of my hair.
‘You getting up already?’ Rob’s head is under the pillow. As is usual for the summer months Rob isn’t under the sheets. His naked body is in the recovery position, one arm is hanging off the bed, his buttocks facing me.
‘It’s the big one,’ I say to his glutes. ‘I’ve got to start getting ready.’
Rob grunts as I get out of bed. The poor thing must be sick and tired of me going on about the promotion at work. Geoff, the sub-editor gave in his notice and as the most senior of the writers on the newspaper I was sure I’d be promoted into the corner office. Not only that, when I was leaving to go home yesterday, Danielle, my editor, grabbed my arm and told me she needed to talk to me at some stage the next day. It’s Geoff’s leaving do tonight so she obviously has to make the announcement today.
The staff at the local paper total eight and only two people have their own office. Danielle’s office is a proper one with walls, a window and a door. Geoff, whose room is a partitioned section of the main, open plan office is constructed with hardwood and glass but it has it’s own door, so it is a real office to me.
I’ve been at the Kilburn Times, a weekly newspaper, for six years. I progressed from selling ad space for commission to a salaried position writing features. I’m not sure how much longer I can last without going completely mad. I don’t hate my job, I just thought the journalism course I took at night school would have paid off by now and I would have gotten further in my career. My degree in Media Production hadn’t paid off. After university I managed to get a job as a runner in a production company and worked my way up to general dogsbody in the script editor department. I was enjoying it a lot until, as luck would have it, the company closed down. I was out of work for a year. I saw the advert to sell advertising space for the Kilburn Times and applied in desperation. Later came the journalism course, and later still came the need to find a better job in journalism. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve pitched articles, features and column ideas to the nationals. I was turned down every time.
Years ago I’d told Rob that if I couldn’t make it onto a national paper by the time I was thirty, I’d leave journalism and become a best selling author instead. Now I’m thirty-one, still at the local paper and I’ve not come up with one single idea for a best-selling novel. So, if the best I can ever do is become a sub-editor for a weekly, suburban rag then that will have to do.
As I’m carefully de-tangling my hair in the shower, Rob stumbles into the bathroom for a wee. Holding his penis with one hand, propping himself up with the other on the wall above the loo, he takes the longest of slashes and I’m annoyed because the sound of urine is messing with my Chi. I’d convinced myself that if I thought calm thoughts the rain would stop and my hair would behave. All I’d need to do was wave the hair straighteners at it, giving my hair fair warning that I needed results. No odd waves here and there among the smooth bits. Rob washes his hands and yawns. Through the steamy glass door I see him raise a thumb at me which is morning talk for ‘I’m making coffee, are you in?’
‘Yep!’ I shout in case he can’t hear while still in his morning coma. There used to be a time when Rob was all systems go in the morning and we’d end up in the shower together. But just a short time ago, while we were making love in the shower, I slipped on some Herbal Essence shampoo and banged my head on the taps while Rob grazed his back on the shower gel holder. Since then we stopped being sexually active in the morning. In the shower anyway. These days, if we do make love in the mornings it is at weekends only, in our bed. Things are a little routine between us, I must admit, but we’ve been going out for five years, living together for three of those. I’m not complaining about our routines, in fact I find them charming. I love how we read each other like a book. For example Rob knows it’s going to take me the bast part of half an hour to go at my hair with the straighteners so he leaves my coffee on my bedside table as he gets ready for work.
‘Don’t be late,’ he reminds me when I’m almost ready and he is already about to leave. He’s looking immaculate in his suit and tie ready for another day at the solicitor’s office in St Paul’s.
‘I’m there,’ I say. But I’m not there. I still have to find my amber earrings and decide on shoes.
‘What time you home tonight, again?’ he asks from the bedroom door.
‘Late. You know what that lot are like when there’s booze around. I expect Geoff to become extremely loud and rowdy and Rani will probably suggest a nightclub after the bar.’
‘Well, enjoy it and good luck for today.’ Rob scoots back over to the wardrobe mirror where I’m trying to meditate my saddle bags away using body scanning methods so that my trousers fall better. No one in history has ever reduced saddle bags in this way but I’m convinced that it’s working in my mirror. Rob goes to kiss my cheek and I turn my head and offer him the corner next to my ear so he doesn’t ruin my foundation.
‘Thanks darling,’ I say. ‘Don’t wait up. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning.’
It’s not my imagination, my inner Chi has stopped the rain and my hair looks fabulous. I can now leave. Shit. Ten minutes late. But Danielle has to drop her son at nursery every morning anyway and doesn’t turn up until at least nine-fifteen. I should make it in time before her if I walk like I’m in the Olympics to the bus stop.
Sub-editor here I come, I think, as I skip my way down from our top floor flat, out of the main door and down the front steps of the house. I’m on my way. In less than a split second a large white van comes screeching up my road. I turn as I hear its wheels on the slicked tarmac and think nothing of it as I hurry myself along to the corner of the road. In no time the white van is about to be parallel to me. I turn to see the driver, a woman with frizzy hair and a scowl. She speeds past me, screeching and lurching. In super fast motion I look from her frizzy hair and scowl to the logo on the van door and then at the huge puddle I’m right alongside. An enormous wave of oily rain and sludge sprays in my direction and I can’t escape it. My raincoat is ruined by black splodges. My shoes are a write off and the tips of my hair are soggy and already starting to revert to blandness. I wave a fist at the driver. Then I close my eyes and take in a long deep breath. I need to find my Chi. Quick. Before I start jumping up and down, crying. There is no time to go back and fix this. Today of all days I must be at my desk working before Danielle gets in.
Rani is the first one to comment on the straggly tips of my hair. She asks if I was going for a new look but I shake my head at her, take off my raincoat and hang it on the coat rack by the door. Mine is the only one there, I notice because somehow the heatwave is back on and the world has gone back to normal. I am the only one in the office who looks like a drowned rat.
‘It doesn’t look bad,’ Rani says. ‘It’s just a bit flat on top and a bit … are you okay?’
I still don’t answer, I’m taking deep breaths and connecting to my Chi for all I’m worth. If I open my mouth to curse the driver of the van I might upset Karma and the promotion won’t come.
‘I’m fine,’ I say on a loud and lengthy exhale.
‘Okay, good. I was just doing coffees and teas for the meeting.’
‘Meeting?’ I ask, baffled. ‘No one mentioned a meeting.’
‘Yes they did. Don’t suppose you would you have heard, anyway. Danielle announced it yesterday morning. More about the changes I should imagine.’
I nod as if I understand. But Rani is right, I do have the tendency to phase out at work. Usually I’m looking for other jobs or surfing the web and taking quizzes. My work has become a walk in the park. Literally. The last feature I wrote was called Fantastic Walks In Our Neighbourhood and I had to walk around several parks and take scenic trails in order to write it. During my research I nearly trod in dog poo and when I sat on a bench for a rest a homeless woman kept pulling her bag away from me. There must be more to life than this, I’d thought at the time. I need a challenge, I’m stagnating. Roll on the promotion.
My hair style of half straight and half crinkly hair is an object of fascination for most people at the meeting and I try to play it cool. I’m staring into Danielle’s mouth as she leads the meeting just waiting for her to make the announcement about the sub-editor post. All I can hear is a lot of blah, blah, blah about the changing climate, cutting back and new ways of keeping up to date. Although I’m only listening for my name it never gets mentioned and suddenly everyone is getting up to leave her office. I screw up my brow and wonder why she didn’t talk about the promotion. Just before we leave Danielle checks that everyone will be at Geoff’s leaving do later. I’m guessing she’ll make the announcement at the restaurant instead. Fair enough. At least I’ll have time to compose myself for the acceptance speech. I’m still feeling a bit flat after being splashed by a puddle.
Back at my desk I call Helena just in case she can make it along to the leaving do.
‘I know it’s a bit of a long shot but I could do with backup,’ I tell her.
‘Sorry, babes. You know, off to Brazil in the morning and there are a ton of things to do. Full body wax. Last minute shopping. Don’t talk to me about packing. And can you believe Leon is taking the company to dinner this evening? Because they have to cope for one month without him it’s a thank you gesture and his way of getting the staff to bond with his stand-in. Guaranteed he’ll be on the phone or Skyping with them for half the holiday.’ She laughs, wishes me luck and blows a kiss down the phone before hanging up. If I know Helena she’ll be taking her laptop to Brazil and working for most of the holiday herself.
Danielle gives nothing away about the promotion all day, not even a hint. There are only three days before Geoff leaves, what is she waiting for? Every time I see her I give an eager smile but it’s as if she’s forgotten about wanting to talk to me and seems to run in the opposite direction when she sees me.
In the tiny kitchen at the back of the open plan office I catch the whiff of damp. It’s coming from me. I hadn’t been able to dry off properly since the van incident. It’s no wonder Danielle keeps avoiding me. I decide to go up to the Kilburn High Road at lunch time. Have a complete wardrobe revamp and spray on a gallon of Daisy Eau de Cologne from the samples in the pharmacy. There are only two boutiques for women on the High Road and a Clarks Outlet Store but I’ll take my chances.
By the time I get back to work I’m in a new pair of power trousers, a white blouse and stilettos. I look every part the sub-editor and I smell like a perfume factory. I pull my hair into a tight pony tail before we make our way to the restaurant and bar for Geoff’s farewell drink. As the evening wears on my lipstick has rubbed away, my pony tail has given me a headache, my feet were killing me and I can’t see Danielle anywhere.
Up at the bar later Rani is Googling night cubs and I’m reapplying my lipstick. Out of nowhere Danielle sidles up to me and smiles.
‘Sydney, how are you?’ she slurs.
‘Good. All good. How are you Danielle? It’s a shame we’re losing Geoff, don’t you think? And can you believe this weather today? Summer is my favourite season. What’s yours?’
Danielle looks flummoxed because who talks about the weather at a time like this and why didn’t I stick to just one question at a time? But it’s almost eleven and if I have to spend one more second trying to sip wine so that my lipstick won’t wear off I’ll go mad.
‘Sydney,’ she says after an interminable pause.
‘Yes, Danielle?’ I grin, happily.
‘The label on your trousers is still attached. £35.99. That’s not bad.’
I look down and try tucking it into the waistband.
‘Thanks, Danielle but didn’t you have something you wanted to tell me?’
‘Oh yes. I was a bit busy today so I didn’t get round to giving you a heads up. As you’re one of the old guard I wanted to let you now about Rebecca.’
‘Yes, I just told Rebecca the sub-editor job is hers if she wants it and she’s letting me know tomorrow. Night-night.’
‘Night-night,’ I say in a voice two tones higher than my usual register. I turn to look at Rebecca who is deep in conversation with Geoff.
‘You coming to the club?’ Rani asks.
‘Wait, what? Look, I just got the news about Rebecca.’
‘Good isn’t it?’
‘Well not really Rani, I was hoping it would be me.’ Rani looks at me as if I have two heads. ‘What?’
‘No offence, Syd but I never for one moment thought you were interested. You’ve got your head in the clouds most of the time and the rest of the time you’re looking for a new job. Danielle’s not stupid. She has noticed.’
‘But …’
It is true. I am always dreaming of something more, something better. I just didn’t realise it showed on the outside that I was unhappy at work. Everyone around me is doing so well. Helena is worth a million plus her fiancé has money growing from a tree somewhere. Rob makes a tidy sum and he was promoted to junior partner in a career he’d known he wanted for the longest of times. Of course I wanted more. At least the sub-editor job would have been a start.
‘So you coming clubbing or what?’ Rani goes on.
‘No. No, thanks, Rani. I think I’ll give it a miss.’
I leave shortly after going to the toilet and rubbing off my lipstick in disgust. Stuff them all, I think on the way out. I’ll go home and write that best-selling novel I always wanted to write.

About the Author

Rosa Temple is the pseudonym of published author, Fran Clark.
To date, Fran has penned and self published four publications as Rosa Temple; Sleeping With Your Best Friend, Natalie’s Getting Married, Single by Christmas and Sleeping With Your Best Friend.
HQ Digital (Harper Collins) has published three books in Fran’s pseudonym, Rosa Temple. The first was Playing by the Rules in February 2017 followed by Playing Her Cards Right on 28th August 2017 and Playing for Keeps on 12th February 2018.
A mother of two, Fran is married to a musician and recently moved from London to Herefordshire. She spends her days creating characters and story lines while drinking herbal tea and eating chocolate biscuits.




Would you like to win an ebook copy of Dear…Anybody? ?

It’s easy and free to enter. The giveaway ends on Monday 20th April. The draw will take place straight after but only winners will be notified.

Please click on the link below which directs you to the author’s website and link for the giveaway.  Good Luck!

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May @nicolamay1 @rararesources @EyeAndLightning #TGOCB #bookreview

the gift of cockleberry bay

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay written by Nicola May, publisher Lightning Books, is available NOW in ebook, kindleunlimited and paperback format.

Book Blurb

From the author of the #1 BESTSELLING The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay

All of our favourite characters from Cockleberry Bay are back in this final, heart warming story in the series. Including Hot, Rosa Smith’s adorable dachshund and his new-born puppies.

Now successfully running the Cockleberry Café and wishing to start a family herself, Rosa feels the time is right to let her inherited Corner Shop go. However, her benefactor left one important legal proviso: that the shop cannot be sold, only passed on to somebody who really deserves it.

Rosa is torn. How can she make such a huge decision? And will it be the right one? Once the news gets out and goes public, untrustworthy newcomers appear in the Bay . . . their motives uncertain. With the revelation of more secrets from Rosa’s family heritage, a new journey of unpredictable and life-changing events begins to unfold.

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay concludes this phenomenally successful series in typically brisk and bolshy style and will delight the many thousands of Rosa’s fans

Purchase Links

The Gift Of Cockleberry Bay Full Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Nicola May’s latest novel: The Gift of Cockleberry Bay.

It feels kind of sad that we’ve come to the final part in The Cockleberry Bay trilogy but I do feel like this finale has come at the right time during these days of uncertainty as Rosa is such a joyous character.  Nicola May has written such a fun, cheeky, magical, realistic series that I’ve fallen in love with.  I do highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order as the characters lives do continue on from each story.  The books in the series in order are:

  • The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay
  • Meet Me in Cockleberry Bay
  • The Gift of Cockleberry Bay

Rosa has been happily married now for a few months, she’s the owner of the pet shop at Cockleberry Bay and is now joint owners of Rosa’s Café on the seafront.  Rosa inherited the little shop from her late grandfather and there is a proviso in his will stating that Rosa couldn’t sell the shop but could pass it onto someone worthy of it.  Rosa now feels it’s time to think about passing the shop on and she devises a brilliant competition with the winner being announced on Christmas Eve.

With old and new faces reappearing in Rosa’s life causing all sorts of mayhem and emotional heartache can this gift of Cockleberry Bay bring someone’s dream come true?

As always with such a fun loving character in Rosa life doesn’t go to plan but it’s to be expected now that we experience lots of bumps in the road for this delightful woman.  A brilliant, joyous read that will have you animated with glee!

I do hope the author, Nicola May, will treat her readers to a return to Cockleberry Bay in the future.

Author Bio –

Nicola May lives in the UK, five miles from the Queen’s castle in Windsor, with her black-and-white rescue cat, Stan. Her hobbies include watching films that involve a lot of swooning, crabbing in South Devon and devouring cream teas.

Her bestselling The Corner Shop in Cockleberry, the 1st book in the Cockleberry Bay series, went to #1 on Amazon and stayed there for an unprecedented 6 weeks.

She classes her novels as ‘chicklit with a kick,’ writing about love, life and friendships in a real, not fluffy kind of way. She likes burgers, mince pies, clocks, birds, bubble baths and facials – but is not so keen on aubergines.
Follow Nicola May

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram – 

Giveaway to Win a signed copy of The Gift of Cockleberry Bay (Open INT)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.



Aria’s Travelling Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin @jaxandwillsmum @HQstories @HQDigitalUK #AriasTravellingBookshop #blogtour #bookreview #feelgoodfiction

aria travelling book shop

Aria’s Travelling Bookshop written by Rebecca Raisin, publisher HQ Digital, is available NOW in ebook format.

Book Blurb
With her merry band of Van Lifers, Aria heads to France in her travelling bookshop, best friend Rosie by her side for a summer they’ll never forget!

Hopeless romantic Aria vowed never to love again after losing her husband, TJ, but fate has other ideas and keeps throwing the bespectacled, booklover Jonathan in her path. When a memento from TJ turns up it brings Aria’s past back to the fore.
Nomadic by nature, Aria can’t see how love could work anyway when home is always at the end of a new patch of road…
A long, hot summer travelling off the beaten track, surrounded by newly loved up couples reminds Aria of what she’s missing.
Will she bookmark her love life at the point her husband left, or she will begin a new chapter under the sizzling sun of the Cote d’azure…?

Book Links:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Aust
Google Play
Barnes and Noble

arias travelling bookshop book tour dates (1) sharable

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Rebecca Raisin’s latest novel: Aria’s Travelling Bookshop.

Aria’s Travelling Bookshop is everything and more I love in a book.  From start to finish it was utterly delightful and the quote on the amazon page “Warning! This book could seriously brighten up your day” is perfectly put.  I haven’t read Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop, which is the prequel to this novel however, each book is written as a standalone story but the characters from Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop do have a role in this latest novel and we get to hear of the continuation of their stories.  After reading and adoring Aria’s Travelling Bookshop I’m going to read Rosie’s story as soon as possible as I fell in love with the theme of the storyline centred around friends travelling in campervans selling what they love; books in Aria’s case and cakes and tea for Rosie.

It’s been 3 years since Aria’s husband sadly passed away and since then Aria has run away from her memories and set up home in her campervan/bookshop.  However, Aria can’t fully escape her emotions and loneliness with the grief still enveloping her with a sadness.  Her love for romance novels never fails to bring a smile to her face and she adores sourcing books to sell on to her customers.

The next trip the van lifers have planned is a tour of France visiting lots of historical towns and working at fetes and festivals selling their bounty.  When Aria bumps into a fellow book lover she is taken aback by the confusing emotions she’s feeling and is worried she will betray the memory of her late husband.  When a surprise gift from her mum-in-law turns up Aria starts to look at her life differently.

A beautiful, heartfelt romcom that will have you smiling, laughing, crying but will leave you with a contended feeling of warmth for better days to come.  Uplifting, feelgood fiction at it’s best.

Author Info:

Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile. This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She’s been widely published in short story anthologies, and in fiction magazines. And now she is focusing on writing romance.

Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships and believe in true love.

Author Links:
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum

Take Me Home by Carrie Elks @CarrieElks #ReleaseTour #bookreview #TakeMeHome


Take Me Home written and self-published by Carrie Elks is available NOW in ebook and kindleunlimited format.

To buy links:




Book Blurb

A grammy-winning rock star falls for a small-town girl in this all-new forbidden romance from author Carrie Elks.

Gray Hartson is coming home after years of playing to sold-out stadiums around the world. The tattooed singer is determined to build bridges with his sick father and reconnect with the family he left behind.

But then he meets her . . . the beautiful waitress with the smart mouth who makes him laugh more than he has in years.

One small problem. She’s his ex-girlfriend’s little sister. The only woman he can’t have.

Maddie Clark was an awkward teenager when Gray left. Now she slings hash in a backwater diner, her dreams of being a famous concert pianist left in tatters.

Don’t ask her why. She’ll never tell. Strong women do what it takes to keep a roof over their heads.

Until he walks through the door and complicates everything.

Their attraction is wrong.

But foolish hearts never listen to reason.

Maybe he should write a song about that.


take me home Release Blitz Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the Release Tour with a review for Carrie Elks’ latest contemporary romance: Take Me Home.

Oh I do love it when one of my favourite contemporary romance authors brings out a new book series.  Carrie Elks has just released book one in a brand new series called The Heartbreak Brothers and book one: Take Me Home introduces us to the four brothers Gray, Logan, Cam and Tanner.  Take Me Home focuses on big brother Gray’s story.  Ever since Gray’s mother died when he was a young boy he’s tried to be the big man and protect his siblings from any further hurt, although he had a strong exterior deep down he was broken.  Since that sad day when he lost his mum his dad has never been the same and has found faults with all the boys, he has also found it difficult to show any affection towards them.  Gray has a younger sister but as the youngest and only female in the family Becca doesn’t seem to get as much grief from her father as the boys.  So as soon as Gray could leave home he did, he found solace in his music and has built a successful career as a rock musician.

It’s been 10 years since Gray has been back home to the sleepy town but his father is quite ill and his sister needs Gray home.  Arriving back home is bringing all sorts of emotions and anxieties back to the forefront of his mind but Gray also feels a sort of calm as he escapes the crazy of LA and the rock scene with the groupies and constant media hounding.  Gray is feeling a little frazzled with his rock star life so a few weeks with his family is a welcome relief.

Maddie has lived in the sleepy town all her life and knew Gray when he dated her sister at high school.  She’s secretly harboured a crush on Gray and when she finds out he’s returned home her hearts flips a beat and she feels like a lovestruck teenager again.  There’s one problem though, Gray is her sister’s ex-boyfriend and she knows he’s a no go area.

Gray and Maddie can’t help but bump into each other in the small town and a friendship forms  whilst helping him settle back into small town life but when the friendship develops into a sizzling chemistry can Gray and Maddie breakaway from the past and start afresh?

Once again Carrie Elks has written an addictive, sexy, unputdownable story that is romantic and heated leaving you wanting more and we do have 3 more brothers to look forward to!

About the Author

Carrie Elks writes contemporary romance with a sizzling edge. Her first book, Fix You, has been translated into eight languages and made a surprise appearance on Big Brother in Brazil. Luckily for her, it wasn’t voted out. Carrie lives with her husband, two lovely children and a larger-than-life black pug called Plato. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found baking, drinking an occasional (!) glass of wine, or chatting on social media.
To keep up to date with all of Carrie’s books, be sure to subscribe to her newsletter –

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter:  @CarrieElks




A Train from Penzance to Paris by Laura Briggs @PaperDollWrites #PublicationDayPush #bookreview @rararesources #romcom #indieauthor

A Train - Penzance to Paris Cover

A Train from Penzance to Paris written and self-published by Laura Briggs is available NOW in ebook format.

To buy link:

Book Blurb

When Maisie accepts a celebrated author’s invitation to mentor her, she finds herself leaving Cornwall behind on train tracks bound for the glitter city of Paris. Instead of making beds and serving coffee at the Penmarrow hotel in Cornwall, she’s making notes on her manuscript while sitting in a French cafe, meeting famous writers at private dinner parties, and trying to ferret the secrets behind the author’s unfinished future novel. It’s glamorous, it’s breathtaking … but it’s also an ocean channel away from the place that she loves, and, more importantly, the person to whom she just recently confessed her deepest feelings. Separated from Sidney by distance and circumstances, Maisie fears that their connection will be lost despite her words to him – and maybe because of those words, and the ones she didn’t allow him to say in return.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of things in her new life trying to distract her – the professional editor hired to critique her novel, the eager young literary agent who sees pie-in-the-sky potential for Maisie’s talent, but Maisie finds solace in the eclectic group of amateur writers into whose midst she finds herself by accident. Their critique and advice is fast becoming as important as the editors – maybe even more important than the published author Maisie believed held the keys to refining her skill.

But it’s missing Sidney that fills Maisie’s thoughts the most, along with her life back in Port Hewer, and she can’t stop wondering whether his feelings are the same as her own. His unspoken answer has become one of the most important pieces of her life, even as she struggles to match the pace of her new life and keep her dreams in sight. And when she unwittingly becomes privy to a seeming literary conspiracy, she must decide what to do in light of its truth – and decide what’s most important in her quest to become a professional writer.

Join Maisie in a whirlwind tour across two of the world’s greatest cities, filled with questions, dreams, and a chance for fame that she believed far beyond her grasp, as she discovers herself as a writer, and how to embrace an unexpected future on her own terms.

A Train From Penzance to Paris

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the Publication Day Push for A Train from Penzance to Paris by Laura Briggs.

This is the 5th book in the A Little Hotel in Cornwall series and we continue from the cliffhanger from the last book when Maisie declares her feelings for Sidney but she also say goodbye to him and her life at the hotel in Cornwall.  Maisie has a dream to become an author and has been working at the hotel in Cornwall hoping to get a glimpse of her favourite author, Alistair Davies.  When she does eventually meet him and is granted mentoring advice from the esteemed author Maisie can’t believe her luck.  Her personal life is finally feeling like it’s about to change course but she’s about to pause this voyage as she embarks on a journey of literary enlightenment on a trip of a lifetime to Paris then onto London with her favourite author.

This was such an exciting opportunity for Maisie and I was thrilled to experience this next step in her career.  I loved travelling to Paris with Maisie, her partner in literary crime was effervescent, quirky and had a great social circle.  The introduction of new characters was a great change of storyline and I found myself falling for the charms of Arnold and Michael, two very unique personalities a little lost in their worlds but I feel great things are to come from these two and I hope the author treats us to snippets from their new journeys.

The ending of this instalment once again left us with longing for the next book, before reading this I felt like I knew some answers to my questions in my head but now I’m all confused and have more unanswered queries.  Also, what is to become of Maisie and Sidney?  Was it absence makes the heart grow fonder or is it too late to mend the gap that appeared in their friendship?

A Little Hotel in Cornwall is a fabulous contemporary romance series that keeps getting better and better.

Author Bio
Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.

Social Media Links –
Author Facebook at
Twitter @PaperDollWrites


Summer in Provence by Lucy Coleman @LucyColemanauth @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources #SummerinProvence #bookreview #feelgoodfiction


Summer in Provence written by Lucy Coleman, publisher Boldwood Books, is available NOW in ebook, kindlunlimited, audiobook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Is a change as good as a rest?

When married couple Fern and Aiden have a windfall, their reactions could not be more different. While Fern is content to pay off their mortgage and build a nest egg before starting a family, her husband is set on traveling the world.

Fern’s not much of a back-packer so, before she knows it, the idea of a ‘marriage gap year’ takes shape. And, as Aiden heads off to the wilds of Australia, Fern chooses the more restful Provence for her year out.

Set amidst the glorious French scenery, Château de Vernon offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of normal life, and Fern agrees to help out in return for painting lessons from the owner – renowned, but rather troubled, painter Nico.

As their year unfolds in very different ways, will the time apart transform their marriage, or will it drive Fern and Aiden even further apart…

Let Lucy Coleman whisk you off on a heart-warming, sun-drenched and magical French adventure.

Purchase Link


Summer in Provence Full Tour Banner - Copy

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Lucy Coleman’s latest romance: Summer in Provence.  Just look at that beautiful cover it looks so dreamy, tranquil and freeing.

Fern and Aiden have been together since university and married pretty much soon after graduation.  All they’ve known is being there for each other but now seven years of marriage Fern feels like something is niggling Aiden.  When the couple receive an unexpected windfall Aiden announces he wants a ‘gap year’ in their marriage so he can go off and travel and do things he’s always dreamed of.  Understandably, Fern is a little confused with Aiden’s plans and is concerned that he might have tired of her.  So the couple do agree to pursue their dreams for a year but as Fern has been such a solid stalwart figure of the family for a long time she finds it hard to let go of her family responsibilities.  As Aiden packs his bags and flies off to Australia Fern goes on her own explorative journey volunteering at a wellness retreat based at a chateau in Provence.

One of the courses run at the chateau is painting and Fern has a longing to rekindle her love of art and to her surprise she finds she’s not bad at painting but most of all she is loving the freedom to express herself and to free her mind.  The owner of the chateau and retreat, Nico, has soon latched onto Fern’s HR skills and begins to trust her instincts with the retreats’ students and bonds of friendship are soon formed.  Nico becomes a constant mentor for Fern and she turns to his art studio often to embrace this time away from her relationships with her husband and family and is learning to focus on herself.

I loved the sound of the retreat in the perfect setting of the chateau.  I too was confused with Aiden’s actions but as the story develops the gap year proves that Fern is the one feeling most confident with the changes and has embraced the opportunity to learn, grow and listen to her peers and students hearts and to her own.

A lovely inspiring romance that will have you dreaming of letting your own dreams become a reality.

Author Bio –

A springtime Linn 2From interior designer to author, Linn B. Halton – who also writes under the pen name of Lucy Coleman – says ‘it’s been a fantastic journey!’

Linn is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels – including Summer on the Italian Lakes, Snowflakes over Holly Cove, The French Adventure and A Cottage in the Country. She is represented by Sara Keane of the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

When she’s not writing, or spending time with the family, she’s either upcycling furniture, working in the garden, or practising Tai Chi.

Living in Coed Duon in the Welsh Valleys with her ‘rock’, Lawrence, and gorgeous Bengal cat Ziggy, she is an eternal romantic.

Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the SoA and writes feel-good, uplifting novels about life, love and relationships.

Social Media Links –



Twitter: @LucyColemanauth

Provence PrizeGiveaway to Win a signed paperback of ‘A Springtime to Remember’ and a Boldwood Tote bag (Open INT)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.



My One True North by Milly Johnson @millyjohnson @simonschusterUK @TeamBATC #bookreview #feelgoodfiction

my one true north

My One True North written by Milly Johnson, publisher Simon & Schuster UK, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover and audiobook format.

The hardcover is available from most supermarkets, I picked mine up from Tesco, so whilst you are shopping for essentials quickly dash to the book aisle and pick up a copy to bring a smile and more to yourself during this difficult time of isolation.

To buy online links:

amazon UK: (currently listed at £7.50 half price)


Hive: (signed edition)

Book Blurb

Laurie and Pete should never have met.
But fate has pushed them together for a reason.

Six months ago, on the same night, Laurie and Pete both lost their partners.
Struggling to manage the grief, they join the same counselling group – and meet each other.

From their sadness, Pete and Laurie find happiness growing and they sense a fresh new beginning.
Except, the more they talk, the more they begin to spot the strange parallels in their stories.
Then Pete discovers a truth that changes everything.

But, as surely as a compass points north, some people cannot be kept apart.

My One True North is a story of friendship and what love means, of secrets uncovered, teashops on corners and the northern lights.



Milly Johnson has a wonderful way with words that feels very warm and welcoming. Whilst reading any of her novels you almost hear the authors voice reading out loud to you and once again Milly Johnson has used her winning style to create another belter of a read.

Sadly life isn’t without darkness and although this story is about two lost souls overcoming grief the story doesn’t feel depressing as the author has injected her charismatic Yorkshire charm within each page. After a touching, poignant moment your heart will feel enveloped and cradled and you will also feel light returning back after some very well timed humour to the storyline.

This is Laurie and Pete’s story who were initially united in tragedy and grief both taking the next steps to healing by joining a bereavement friendship group. When Laurie and Pete first meet each other there is a joint kinship of appreciation felt but as time goes by a friendship soon develops. But as the story unfolds secrets from their pasts are slowly unravelled and their connection becomes more tangled and could damage the start of a beautiful friendship.

A story of life, love, loss and grief but a story filled with hope and warmth and plenty of giggles.

About the Author

Milly Johnson was born, raised and still lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. She is the author of 17 published novels, 4 short story ebooks, a book of poetry and a Quick Reads Novella (‘The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe’) and was an erstwhile leading copywriter for the greetings card industry. She is also a poem and joke-writer, a newspaper columnist and a seasoned after dinner speaker.

She won the RoNA for Best Romantic Comedy Novel of 2014 and 2016, the Yorkshire Society award for Arts and Culture 2015 and the Romantic Novelist Association Outstanding Achievement award in 2020. See her popular acceptance speech here.

She writes about love, life, friendships and the importance of community spirit. Her books champion women, their strength and resilience and celebrate her beloved Yorkshire.

Her latest book – My One True North tackles the subject of moving on after grief with a light and joyous touch. The Daily Trumpet makes a large appearance and previous novels ‘The Teashop on the Corner’ and ‘Here Come the Girls’ are referenced.

Milly’s website is She is on Twitter as @millyjohnson, Instagram as @themillyjohnson and has a Facebook page @MillyJohnsonAuthor. She also has a monthly newsletter with exclusive, news, offers and competitions.