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if only they could talk

If Only They Could Talk written by Ian Walker, publisher Clink Street Publishing, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Miles Goodyear’s whole life has been planned out for him. Born into a wealthy brewing family in Chesterfield between the wars, he knows he will go to the local grammar school, followed by St John’s College, Oxford. After graduating, he will then follow his older brother into the family business where he will remain until the next generation eventually takes over when he retires.

But life – and a series of bad decisions – go against him and, as a result, things turn out very differently from what was originally planned.

If Only They Could Talk is the story of one man’s reflection on his life, his failed relationships, his regrets and his dashed hopes. It’s about someone born with so much, who loses everything as he struggles to cope with a changing world. Or at least that’s what his relatives are led to believe as they clear out his house following his death.

Gradually, the house reveals its secrets, but nothing his relatives find there can prepare them for the final twist to Miles’s story.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53482988-if-only-they-could-talk
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/If-Only-They-Could-Talk/dp/1913340279/

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Ian Walker’s debut novel: If Only They Could Talk.

I was initially drawn to this novel as the story is set in Chesterfield, Derbyshire which is not far from where I live.  The author of this debut novel is also from Chesterfield so I wanted to support and help promote a new author from Derbyshire.  I have to add before the publicist contacted me about the book I had never heard of the author so as always I’m reading and reviewing with an open mind.

The storyline is very apt for me as sadly I’m going through the emotive process of a house clearance following the death of a loved one.  I was so enamoured by the Goodyear family and of young Miles that I became absorbed in his life and left my own behind.

Miles Goodyear was the fourth generation in the Goodyear family who were founders of the Goodyear Brewery.  Miles knew from a young age that his brother and himself would follow the footsteps of their fathers and join the company.  However, life had different plans for them all.

Many years later Miles’ nephew, Nigel, has the sad task of clearing his Uncle Miles house following his death and room by room he discovers much memorabilia from his Uncle’s past and that of the brewery.

If Only They Could Talk is a great debut from Ian Walker writing about inspiration from his life and the historic town of Chesterfield.  I really enjoyed the timeslip element of the storyline and found myself looking forward to being transported back in time with Miles.

If Only They Could Talk was sad and poignant at times but laced with elements of fun, laughter and a little bit saucy in places.  I’m finding myself wishing that memorabilia of life could have the magic ability to talk.

About the Author

Ian Walker was born in Chesterfield in 1956. His father was chief clerk for a brewery in the town and his mother was a ballet teacher. He went to Chesterfield School before gaining a place at Leicester University where he studied Chemistry and Maths. After graduating he got a job working in the laboratory at Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane London. The following year he transferred to Watney’s Brewery in Mortlake, where he moved into the sales department 18 months later.
A variety of sales rolls then followed until eventually he ended up as Regional Sales Director for Scottish and Newcastle in the West Country based in Bristol. All this came to an end in 2006 when aged just 50 he suffered a stroke and had to give up work. After 12 months of physiotherapy he felt sufficiently recovered to buy a pub in the North York Moors along with his wife Eunice.
In the eight years that they owned it they achieved listings in both The Good Beer Guide and the Good Pub Guide. They also were in The Times the list of the top 50 places to eat in the British Countryside.
In 2016 he decided to retire and move back to Chesterfield where he hadn’t lived for 40 years. He and his wife now live just around the corner from the house where he grew up. He has two grown up sons by his previous marriage.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ian-Walker-Author-103223348058236/




The Magnificent Sons by Justin Myers @theguyliner @PiatkusBooks @LittleBrownUK #ebookpublicationpromo #bookreview

the magnificent sons

The Magnificent Sons written by Justin Myers, publisher Piatkus, is available in ebook and audiobook format from 28th May 2020.

Book Blurb

Two brothers.  Two different journeys.  The same hope of a magnificent future.

Jake D’Arcy has spent most of his twenty-nine years trying to get his life just right. He’s nearly there: great girlfriend, great friends, stable job. A distant relationship with his boisterous family – which is exactly the way he wants it. So why does everything feel so wrong?

When his popular, irritatingly confident teenage brother Trick comes out as gay to a rapturous response, Jake realises he has questions about his own repressed bisexuality, and that he can’t wait any longer to find his answers.

As Trick begins to struggle with navigating the murky waters of adult relationships, Jake begins a journey that will destroy his relationship with girlfriend Amelia, challenge his closest friendships, and force him to face up to the distance between him and his family – but offers new friends, fewer inhibitions, and a glimpse of the magnificent life he never thought could be his.

To pre-order/buy link: https://amzn.to/2ZwfXnV


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Justin Myers latest novel: The Magnificent Sons.

The Magnificent Sons is the second novel by Justin Myers, aka The Guyliner, author of The Last Romeo.  Please check out my review for Justin’s debut novel here

The Magnificent Sons is Justin Myers second novel and I’ve found his writing style to be raw, honest, he’s not afraid to show the storyline’s true colours but I’ve also found it to be endearing and filled with likeable characters. Characters that are blessed with everyday situations and have to face many hurdles and this is what real life is all about. Facing our fears, our emotions and our thoughts.

This is the story of two brothers who on the outside appear very different but were it counts, on the inside, they are the same. They want to be loved, understood and feel welcomed for who they are. This story is about Jake and Trick but it could be about any number of siblings all over the world.

Jake the eldest of the brothers has always shied away from drama, conflict or someone making a spectacle of themselves so when his younger brother Trick comes out on his 17th birthday Jake dismisses it as Trick’s show, again! The whole family has known about Trick’s sexuality for a long time but when Jakes starts to question his own his family are dumbfounded and Jake questions whether it’s easier to just ‘be normal’.

This was a compelling read of a young man questioning his feelings but it’s also a family learning to listen, to understand, to accept and to talk to each other again.

About the Author

JUSTIN MYERS is a writer and editor from Shipley, Yorkshire, who now lives in London. After years working in journalism, he began his popular, anonymous dating blog The Guyliner in 2010. Justin spent five years writing dating and relationship advice for Gay Times, before joining British GQ as a weekly columnist in 2016. His work has appeared in a number of publications including the Guardian, the Sunday Times’ Style, Grazia and the Irish Times. His debut novel, The Last Romeo, was published in 2018, and a second, The Magnificent Sons, is out May 2020.

Twitter:  @theguyliner


A Cornish Summer Holiday (Little Duck Pond Café Book 10) by Rosie Green @Rosie_Green1988 @rararesources #LittleDuckPondCafe #feelgoodfiction #bookreview #blogtour

A Cornish Summer Holiday at the Little Duck Pond Cafe

A Cornish Summer Holiday (Little Duck Pond Café Book 10) written and self-published by Rosie Green is available NOW in ebook and kindlueunlimited format.

Book Blurb
The Little Duck Pond Cafe girls are looking forward to a well-earned break in the Cornish seaside town of Pengully Sands, where Sylvia’s sister, Aggie, owns a holiday home. With the glorious golden sands, sparkling azure sea and an ice-cream parlour only yards away, it seems like the perfect location to relax and watch the surfers riding the waves (and maybe even have a go themselves). But when they arrive, the girls find it’s not quite the seaside idyll they were expecting. The house is less ‘holiday home’ and more ‘creepy, dilapidated haunted house.’ Gracie, who runs the ice-cream parlour, has problems of her own and the last thing she needs is a bunch of high-spirited girls arriving to disturb the peace and isolation she craves. And when a handsome stranger looks set to destroy her livelihood, it seems like the last straw. Will Gracie get her happy ending – and maybe even make friends with the girls next-door? This wasn’t the relaxing break the Little Duck Pond Cafe girls were expecting, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the holiday of a lifetime!

Purchase Linkhttps://amzn.to/2slp10U

A Cornish Summer Holiday Cafe Full Tour Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting Rosie Green’s latest novel: A Cornish Summer Holiday (Little Duck Pond Café Book 10).  I highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order as it is such a treat of a series.  To find out more about the books please do visit the author’s amazon page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rosie-Green/e/B07CZYV7DW/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

I love picking up a new book in the Little Duck Pond Café series and this new one by author, Rosie Green, is slightly different as the girls are on a road trip.  Ellie, Fen, Jaz, Katya and Maddison have packed their bags and are relocating, albeit temporarily, to the Cornish coast for some much needed R & R whilst the new bakery school is under construction.

Sylvia has arranged for the girls to stay in her sister’s cottage that is situated in a secluded cove in Cornwall.  The girls are excited for lots of relaxation and pampering but when they arrive the cottage is not quite to what they pictured.

Gracie has been living above the ice cream parlour for a month now and she’s feeling so despondent of her life and career.  She’s taken to hiding away in the flat feeling so down about everything.  Her heart has been broken into many pieces and her mind is so unsettled with thoughts of the past, present and future.  Noticing the arrival of the girls in the cottage next door brings back so many emotions and her thoughts become even more tangled.  Gracie is afraid to follow her heart and/or her head.

We follow the girls on their month long adventures in Cornwall with lots of fun, laughter, tears and fears.  We also learn more about Gracie and why her life has suddenly taken a different direction.

Wonderfully heart-warming as always from Rosie Green and I look forward to reading more about the new characters we’ve discovered in this instalment.  Perfect feelgood fiction.

Author Bio –
Rosie has been scribbling stories ever since she was little.

Back then, they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by ‘the baddies’.

Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all – unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love.

Her series of novellas is centred around life in a village cafe. The latest, ‘Lemon Drizzle Mondays at the Little Duck Pond Cafe’, is out now.

Rosie is currently writing a full-length book, ‘Lucy’s Great Cornish Escape’, which – in a fun twist – will feature favourite characters from the Little Duck Pond Café series.
Follow Rosie on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Rosie_Green1988


Captured by Her Enemy Knight by Nicole Locke @NicoleLockeNews @MillsandBoon @rararesources #historicalfiction #bookreview

captured by her enemy knight

Captured by Her Enemy Knight written by Nicole Locke, publisher Mills & Boon Historical, is available in ebook and paperback format from the 28th May 2020.

Book Blurb
Falling for the man

Cressida Howe, the Archer, is a well-tuned weapon. But she’s also a woman captivated by a man—Eldric of Hawskmoor, the warrior knight her father ordered her to kill. Instead, for years, Cressida has simply watched him… Now she’s been captured by her formidable enemy, and her well-ordered world comes crashing down, for Eldric is even more compelling up close. Cressida curses her traitorous heart—this assassin has fallen for her target!

Purchase Links
US – https://www.amazon.com/Captured-Enemy-Knight-Nicole-Locke-ebook/dp/B07ZVX9YPD
UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captured-Enemy-Knight-Mills-Historical-ebook/dp/B07ZS72ZHS/

Captured By Her Enemy Knight Full Tour Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the Mini Blog Blitz promoting and celebrating the launch of Nicole Locke’s latest historical romance; Captured by Her Enemy Knight.

Cressida Howe first and foremost is a well-trained mercenary.  She’s accepted all her missions and was successful in them all apart from one.  Her father has trained Cressida well but he is adamant that this latest task is completed.  However, the victim in question gets to Cressida first and she is captured once again by this giant of a man that first took her heart when they were just mere children.  Cressida has kept this longing for enemy warrior Eldric of Hawksmoor, a loyal knight of the King hidden as she believed she wasn’t worthy of love.

Cressida has never considered herself a woman but once she lets her heart speak of it’s longing for her enemy knight she learns there’s a lot more to her life than her skills with as a top class Archer.

I really enjoyed being catapulted back to the 13th century with Nicole Locke and her romantic clandestine adventures with mercenaries, knights and pirates.  There was a wonderful tender developing relationship with our two main characters that once they let their history unfold their hearts were then left to bloom.

I enjoyed the drama unfolding and I wanted more from the ending as feel like Cressida and Eldric’s story is only just beginning.

A historical romance that is filled with raw, honest drama and passion.

Author Bio –
Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother’s closet. Convinced hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them. It was only natural she should start writing them (but now not so secretly).

If she isn’t working on the next book in her historical series, she can be reached at NicoleLocke.com!
Social Media Links –
Twitter @NicoleLockeNews

Giveaway to Win 5 x PB copies of Captured By Her Enemy Knight (Open INT)
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Mrs Boots of Pelham Street by Deborah Carr @DebsCarr #bookreview #historicalfiction @0neMoreChapter

mrs boots of pelham street

Mrs Boots of Pelham Street written by Deborah Carr, publisher One More Chapter, is available NOW in ebook format and is due out in paperback later in the summer.

Book Blurb

Behind every family there’s a strong woman holding them together
As the wife of esteemed businessman, Jesse Boot, Florence’s position in society is much changed from her quiet life as a shopkeeper’s assistant. Now a lady of means, Florence is expected to act in a way society demands.
And whilst Florence is more than happy to be a dutiful wife and a doting mother, as the Boots empire continues to grow, there is so much more to her than simply being Mama or dearest. Helping the staff and customers who rely on her and the business gives Florence an added purpose.
Can she show society that a woman can have it all…?


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I was so looking forward to the next instalment in the historical series based on the lady behind the Boots the chemist empire. It’s two months since I read Book One (Mrs Boots) and the story then compelled me to research Jesse and Florence Boot and I was heartened to read about their dedication to their work and helping those less fortunate.  You can find my review of Book One here.

We follow on from Book One, I strongly recommend reading Mrs Boots prior to this instalment to appreciate the history of the characters, Jesse and Florence start married life living in Sheffield close to Jesse’s work. Florence soon becomes a vital cog in the wheel of building up the Boots empire. She sees a different insight into the business which helps broaden it’s appeal and custom base. Florence also helps to ensure all the female staff are happy at work and she strives to ensure that women at work in particular should feel appreciated.

As the years move on a family soon beckons for the newlyweds and this working mum surprises many by balancing a work/family balance. With the opening of the flagship large store at Pelham Street a move to Nottingham is essential.

I was fascinated again with the lives of Jesse and Florence Boot, now with family commitments as well as work the pair find a balance, with a few learning curves along the way. The couple were certainly pioneers in bringing affordable medicine to all classes. They were also at the forefront of ensuring staff morale was an essential tool in securing the success of the business.

Mrs Boots of Pelham Street follows the first 22 years of the couples married life and I’ve learned to discover that Florence Boot was an innovator amongst working women. She was also keen to help those less fortunate and was always trying to close the social class gap.

A captivating historical novel that would make perfect Sunday evening TV.

About the Author
USA TODAY best-selling author of The Poppy Field
Publisher: HarperCollins, One More Chapter
Deborah Carr lives on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands with her husband and three rescue dogs. She was described as ‘One to Watch’ by Good Housekeeping magazine for her debut historical romance, Broken Faces. Her book The Poppy Field, published by HarperCollins’ One More Chapter imprint to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, was a USA TODAY best-seller.
The first book in her new Mrs Boots series, Mrs Boots, Book 1 is out on 27 March 2020 with Book 2, Mrs Boots of Pelham Street, being published in May.
Deborah is one third of The Blonde Plotters and Co-Founder of multi-award-winning tech start-up MyVLF.com – the first global virtual literary festival venue platform developed to connect readers and authors.

Follow Deborah:
Website: http://www.deborahcarr.org
Twitter: @DebsCarr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeborahCarrAuthor/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/deborahcarr/

The Summer of Falling in Love by Liz Davies @lizdaviesauthor @rararesources #blogtour #bookreview #romcom #feelgoodfiction #pupplove

The Summer of Falling in Love

The Summer of Falling in Love written and self-published by Liz Davies is available NOW in ebook, kindlunlimited and paperback format.

Book Blurb

The thought of having a dog hasn’t crossed Theo Martin’s mind. It’s not that he doesn’t like dogs – he does – but the idea has simply never occurred to him.

It has occurred to his mother though, and when she decides to buy him a puppy because she thinks it will “liven him up a bit”, his life is turned completely upside down and not for the better as far as he’s concerned. But when he discovers that having a cute dog on the end of a lead attracts a great deal of female attention, he soon changes his mind. All kinds of women stop to pet the pup and while they coo over Poppy, they talk to him. A lot. And for Theo, it looks like his love life is taking a very welcome turn for the better.

But what about Josie Wilde, his dog sitter?

Forced to employ someone to walk his dog when he’s in work, he finds himself increasingly attracted to her, but unfortunately Josie’s interest in him appears to be purely professional. As the summer unfolds and he falls head over heels in love with the sweet and vulnerable pup, he finds himself falling for Josie.

For Theo, it’s not so much ‘love me, love my dog’, but more like ‘love my dog, love me, too’. Please…?

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Summer-Falling-Love-uplifting-feelgood-ebook/dp/B086DXQ52Y

US – https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Falling-Love-uplifting-feelgood-ebook/dp/B086DXQ52Y

The Summer of Falling in Love Full Tour Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Liz Davies’ latest novel: The Summer of Falling in Love.

In times of uncertainty you want to open a book knowing it’s going to put a smile on your face and wrap you up in a cosy hug.  This is just what I’ve learned to love from Liz Davies novels; the guarantee of feelgood satisfaction.

Theo Martin’s life has become a little samey, he’s been teaching at the same school now for a good few years, his social life is pretty much non existent and he’s got a routine of work and then home with a ready meal and a boxset.  So when his parents surprise him one night with a new house mate he’s a little taken aback by this intrusion into his normality.  You see Theo thought his life was ‘alright’ he was doing ok at work and was happy in his personal life and didn’t feel like he needed more.  However, mum’s know best and gifting Theo a puppy was just the push he needed to make changes in his life.

Theo refuses to believe his mum knows best and is adamant about finding a more suitable home for the little dog.  However, the little puppy, Poppy, has other ideas and day by day she proves to Theo that the love of a dog, or any pet, can bring so many benefits to the owner.

This romcom by Liz Davies was so adorable and I loved every page of it.  I feel like it opened your heart and eyes to new possibilities and left you feeling hopeful for better days to come.  I was charmed by the honesty of friendship between a man and his best-friend (aka dog) and I appreciated that animals soften people’s characters and personalities.  Animals have proven they are beneficial in helping people through times of illness, stress and learning difficulties and Poppy the adorable puppy in this novel had many other skills under her collar.  Adorable feelgood fiction aplenty!

the summer of falling in love Author photo 2019Author Bio – Liz Davies writes feel-good, light-hearted stories with a hefty dose of romance, a smattering of humour, and a great deal of love.

She’s married to her best friend, has one grown-up daughter, and when she isn’t scribbling away in the notepad she carries with her everywhere (just in case inspiration strikes), you’ll find her searching for that perfect pair of shoes. She loves to cook but isn’t very good at it, and loves to eat – she’s much better at that! Liz also enjoys walking (preferably on the flat), cycling (also on the flat), and lots of sitting around in the garden on warm, sunny days.

She currently lives with her family in Wales, but would ideally love to buy a camper van and travel the world in it.

Website: https://lizdaviesauthor.wixsite.com/home

Social Media Links:

Twitter:  @lizdaviesauthor

Facebook: fb.me/LizDaviesAuthor1



A Shop Girl at Sea by Rachel Brimble @RachelBrimble @Aria_Fiction @rararesources #HistoricalFiction #blogtour #bookreview #Penningtons

a shop girl at sea

A Shop Girl at Sea written by Rachel Brimble, publisher Aria, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Bath, 1912.

Amelia Wakefield loves working at Pennington’s, Bath’s finest department store. An escape from her traumatic past, it saved her life. So when Miss Pennington sets her a task to set sail on the Titanic and study the department stores of New York, she couldn’t be more excited – or determined!

Frustrated with his life at home, Samuel Murphy longs for a few weeks of freedom and adventure. Meeting Amelia on board the Titanic, Samuel can’t help wonder what painful history has made the beauty so reserved. But he already has too many responsibilities for love.

Ruby Taylor has always kept her Pennington co-workers at a distance. Making sure her little brother is safe has always been her priority. But when that means accepting Victoria Lark’s offer of sanctuary, more than one of Ruby’s secrets is under threat of being revealed…

A riveting and uplifting saga, perfect for fans of Elaine Everest and Fiona Ford.

To buy link:

A Shop Girl At Sea

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Rachel Brimble’s latest historical novel: A Shop Girl at Sea.

A Shop Girl at Sea is Book 4 in the Pennington’s series and although each book is focused on a different character I would highly recommend reading the books in order to gain the full reading experience and enjoyment.  The Pennington’s series is fast becoming one of my favourite historical fiction series.  The books in order are:

  • A Shop Girl in Bath (Previously published as The Mistress of Pennington’s)
  • A Shop Girl Gets the Vote (Previously published as A Rebel at Pennington’s)
  • A Shop Girl’s Christmas (Previously published as Christmas at Pennington’s)
  • A Shop Girl at Sea

To catch up with my reviews of all books please follow the link here to all the posts on my blog: https://kraftireader.wordpress.com/?s=Pennington

This instalment focuses on Amelia Wakefield who has been working at the prestigious department store in Bath for a little while.  Amelia has been given a new assignment with one of her colleagues; a chance to visit New York to analyse the large department stores and it’s customers in the city of dreams.  Amelia and Mr Weir will be travelling to New York on the maiden voyage of the Titanic ship.

The world of industry, commerce, tourism and the public alike are a buzz with this new ship that can carry thousands of people across the seas in a luxury that many can only dream about.

Including such a pivotal moment in the history of the world in a fictional story in a way leaves the reader with a little spoiler.  We all know the fate of this maiden voyage by such an iconic ship and as I was reading the story I was waiting for the moment but I was so engrossed in the storyline surrounding the characters I was as surprised as the passengers on the ship.  I felt the intensity of the situation and I was anxious for all on the ship.

This is a story of excitement and trepidation visiting new lands of opportunity that soon take a turn of tragic events.  It’s also a story of two young people trying to escape their pasts to start afresh.  Away from the drama at sea there’s anther story taking place back home in Bath when another young lady working at the store is battling with a darkness of her own.  Ruby has been hiding her home life struggles for a long time but it’s reached a point of no return but she is so afraid of the conflicting emotions in her head and heart.

A Shop Girl at Sea is another wonderful instalment in this historical romance series; it’s a story of love overcoming stigmas, finding the strength to grasp new hope and opportunities.

About the Author

Rachel lives with her husband and their two daughters in a small town near Bath, England. She is the author of over 20 published novels including the Pennington’s department store series (Aria Fiction) and the Templeton Cove Stories (Harlequin).

In July 2019, she signed a three-book deal with Aria Fiction for a Victorian trilogy set in a Bath brothel which will feature three heroines determined to change their lives and those of other women. The first book is due for release in Autumn 2020.

Rachel is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and has thousands of social media followers all over the world.

To sign up for her newsletter (a guaranteed giveaway every month!), click here:

Social Media Links

Website: https://rachelbrimble.com/
Blog: http://rachelbrimble.blogspot.co.uk/
Twitter:  @RachelBrimble

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Brimble/e/B007829ZRM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1490948101&sr=8-1


A Ration Book Wedding by Jean Fullerton @JeanFullerton_ @CorvusBooks @rararesources #blogtour #bookreview #WWIIsaga #RationBookseries

a ration book wedding

A Ration Book Wedding written by Jean Fullerton, publisher Corvus, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover and paperback.

Book Blurb

Because in the darkest days of the Blitz, love is more important than ever.

It’s February 1942 and the Americans have finally joined Britain and its allies. Meanwhile, twenty-three-year-old Francesca Fabrino, like thousands of other women, is doing her bit for the war effort in a factory in East London. But her thoughts are constantly occupied by her unrequited love for Charlie Brogan, who has recently married a woman of questionable reputation, before being shipped out to North Africa with the Eighth Army.

When Francesca starts a new job as an Italian translator for the BBC Overseas Department, she meets handsome Count Leonardo D’Angelo. Just as Francesca has begun to put her hopeless love for Charlie to one side and embrace the affections of this charming and impressive man, Charlie returns from the front, his marriage in ruins and his heart burning for Francesca at last. Could she, a good Catholic girl, countenance an illicit affair with the man she has always longed for? Or should she choose a different, less dangerous path?

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ration-Book-Wedding-Perfect-Gibson-ebook/dp/B081DDLWQD

US – https://www.amazon.com/Ration-Book-Wedding-Perfect-Gibson-ebook/dp/B081DDLWQD

A Ration Book Wedding Full Tour Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Jean Fullerton’s latest novel: A Ration Book Wedding.

A Ration Book Wedding is Book 4 in the East End Ration series and I have been captivated by this atmospheric WWII family saga.  The Brogan family have lived in the East End of London for a long time.  With their Irish heritage they still attend mass regularly and uphold their beliefs and family values.

The year is 1942 and London is still heavily involved in the bombings by the Luftwaffe but the city and it’s residents have become accustomed to a new way of life visiting air raid shelters and queueing up for food rations.  Jean Fullerton’s writing puts you at the heart of the era and you can feel the gravity of what’s happening.  There’s an honesty within her words and you can feel a real sense of time and place felt within the pages.

The Brogan family have grown up through hardship, tragedy and heartache and sadly life doesn’t spare them any less with another gripping, heart wrenching but ultimately heart-warming story.

With this instalment in the series we have daughter Jo’s wedding to look forward to but matters of the heart for Charlie reach boiling point with many emotive repercussions.  We also learn a lot more about Fran’s story, Francesca Fabrino is best friends with Mattie Brogan and spent a lot of time growing up within the Brogan household.  Fran is working hard to help with the war effort but when an exciting opportunity comes her way her life is about to change in more ways than one.

Jean Fullerton writes a saga filled with the daily life trials within a family unit living during times of conflict.  We experience the alternate daily rituals through the voices of the well loved characters.  There are a few characters in this story that I despised but I’m certain authors enjoy creating baddies within every storyline.  I didn’t want this book to end and found it compelling reading.  WWII saga at it’s best!

a ration book wedding Portrait_Jean-1022 RNA resizedAuthor Bio – Jean Fullerton is the author of thirteen novels all set in East London where she was born. She also a retired district nurse and university lecturer. She won the Harry Bowling prise in 2006 and after initially signing for two East London historical series with Orion she moved to Corvus, part of Atlantic Publishing and is halfway through her WW2 East London series featuring the Brogan family.

Social Media Links –

Website: http://jeanfullerton.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jean-Fullerton-202631736433230/?ref=bookmarks

Twitter: @JeanFullerton_




Dreaming of Italy by T.A. Williams @TAWilliamsBooks @canelo_co @rararesources #PublicationDayPush #bookreview #feelgoodfiction

Dreaming of Italy cover portrait

Dreaming of Italy written by T.A. Williams, publisher Canelo Escape, is available NOW in ebook and paperback.

To buy link: https://amzn.to/3f8c5yM

Book Blurb

Up for a dream promotion, Emma won’t let anything get in her way – not even love.
Working for a major Hollywood film company isn’t all glitz and glam. But when Emma gets sent to tour around Italy to scout the perfect location for a new blockbuster movie, she’s not going to complain. Especially when it could make or break her career…
Historical adviser Mark is a distraction that Emma does not need. As they explore the beauty of Italy, though, Emma starts to fall for the mysterious historian, finding herself torn between her job and her heart.
From the wild, northern mountains of Piedmont, down the vibrant coast of Cinque Terre and through the rolling hills of Tuscany, Emma’s journey becomes one of self-discovery as she questions her priorities in life.
This heartwarming story of romance and redemption is the perfect read for fans of Tilly Tennant, Holly Martin and Daisy James.


dreaming of italy RRR Blog tour banners

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of T.A. Williams latest novel: Dreaming of Italy.

T.A. Williams has the great skill of whisking his readers to far off places. With his descriptive words of delight for all the senses you can instantly feel enveloped in the charm of the location. The authors latest romance takes us to Italy when a Hollywood movie location scout needs to find the perfect settings for the next big romance to hit the movie screens.

Emma is a Brit who has been working and living in LA for the last 12 years, she loves her job working for a big production company and is excited for this new screen play that is set to be turned into a movie. Emma is a little apprehensive about the trip as the son of the studio is set to join her and she is to be his mentor. She later learns that Rich has had a troubled few years and he’s still finding his way back to recovery. Joining Emma and Rich when they arrive in Italy is Marina, their local guide and Mark a historian.

Explaining the scenes of the movie to all the team they go on a journey all around Italy navigating the narrow streets and historical sites and many off the beaten tracks to find the perfect locations fit for the movie.

I love opening up a new T.A. Williams novel as I know I’m in for a descriptive delight of delicious culinary dishes. I felt jealous of the characters eating all the sumptuous food. Italy has so much to offer and I appreciate the author’s research and knowledge as I felt welcomed by the people and the culture of this beautiful sounding country.

A gorgeous story that’s like a travelogue with a bonus of a story within a story. Charming, romantic and perfect escapism!

About the Author

dreaming of italy TA WilliamsT.A. Williams lives in Devon with his Italian wife. He was born in England of a Scottish mother and Welsh father. After a degree in modern languages at Nottingham University, he lived and worked in Switzerland, France and Italy, before returning to run one of the best-known language schools in the UK. His hobby is long-distance cycling, but his passion is writing.

Twitter: @TAWilliamsBooks

Website: https://tawilliamsbooks.com/

Wedding Bells for Woolworths by Elaine Everest @ElaineEverest @ed_pr @panmacmillan #WeddingBellsforWoolworths #blogtour #bookreview #familysaga

wedding bells for woolworths

Wedding Bells for Woolworths written by Elaine Everest, publisher Pan Macmillan, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover, audiobook and paperback format.  The paperback is available to purchase from most UK supermarkets so please do check out the book aisle when you are doing your weekly shopping.

To buy online links:

amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3aWBlFe

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/book/wedding-bells-for-woolworths/elaine-everest/9781529015881

Hive: https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Elaine-Everest/Wedding-Bells-for-Woolworths/24482548

Book Blurb

July 1947. Britain is still gripped by rationing, even as the excitement of Princess Elizabeth’s engagement sweeps the nation. In the Woolworths’ canteen, Freda is still dreaming of meeting her own Prince Charming. So far she’s been unlucky in love. When she has an accident on her motorbike, knocking a cyclist off his bicycle, it seems bad luck is still following her around. Anthony is not only a fellow Woolworths employee but was an Olympic hopeful. Will his injured leg heal in time for him to compete? Can he ever forgive Freda?
Sarah’s idyllic family life is under threat with worries about her husband, Alan. Does he still love her?
The friends must rally round to face some of the toughest challenges of their lives together. And although they experience loss, hardship and shocks along the way, love is on the horizon for the Woolworths girls . . .

Wedding Bells Blog Tour Banner. png

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Elaine Everest’s latest novel: Wedding Bells for Woolworths.

I do love a good family saga and author, Elaine Everest, has written one of the best sagas I’ve read with The Woolworths series.  Wedding Bells for Woolworths is Book 5 in the series and I would highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order to learn about the characters and setting as their lives do continue and grow from each story.  The books in the series in order are:

  • The Woolworths Girls
  • Christmas at Woolworths
  • Carols at Woolworths (this is novella in size)
  • Wartime at Woolworths
  • A Gift from Woolworths
  • Weddings Bells for Woolworths

We have a wedding to look forward to in Wedding Bells for Woolworths with the forthcoming nuptials of George and Maureen.  However, the girls at Woolworths have become rather animated about another wedding as the engagement of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip has just been announced.  Living on the edge of the Thames river in the town of Erith it’s not too far from the capital so a Royal event and a wedding to boot has got the girls all of a quiver.

The lives of best friends Sarah, Maisie and Freda have become quite busy since the war, especially for Sarah and Maisie who have a young family as well as work commitments.  Freda is happy with her work at Woolworths, letting rooms out at her home and helping Alan repair bikes at his workshop.  However, this last pastime suddenly becomes a lot more interesting and Alan puts Freda in a predicament with her best friend Sarah and he potentially puts her in the line of danger.  But Freda is a loyal and a confident young woman and she isn’t afraid of what lies ahead.  To make matters even more interesting for Freda she is about to embark on a whole new route in her personal life.

With a wedding and a Royal event to look forward to and new visitors to the town there’s plenty to keep the friends, neighbours and gossipers occupied.

Another wonderful instalment in this nostalgic saga that’s filled with a welcoming hug of family, friendship and community spirit.  Life isn’t all rosy for our friends from Woolworths but they definitely know how to ‘keep calm and carry on.’  I always look forward to a trip down memory lane with The Woolworths series it has everything and more in a family saga and if we can’t have the return of the store of Woolworths I think we need this saga series turned into the perfect Sunday evening tv series!

About the Author

Elaine Everest updated author photoElaine Everest is from North West Kent and she grew up listening to stories of the war years in her home town of Erith, which features in her bestselling Woolworths Girls series. A former journalist, and author of nonfiction books for dog owners, Elaine has written over sixty short stories for the women’s magazine market. When she isn’t writing, Elaine runs The Write Place creative writing school in Hextable, Kent. She lives with her husband, Michael and sheepdog Henry. You can find out more about Elaine on Twitter @ElaineEverest or Facebook /elaine.everest