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One Snowy Week in Springhollow written by Lucy Knott, publisher Aria, is available NOW in ebook, kindleunlimited and in paperback 7th January 2021.

Book Blurb

Tomboy Scarlett thought Devon would be her best friend forever. He was the only person in Springhollow who supported her ambitious artist dreams. But then one winter, Devon and his parents disappear without warning to start a new life in NYC and a devastated Scarlett is left alone to face her high-school bullies and overbearing mother.

Fast-forward ten years: Scarlett is playing it safe in her childhood village with a dull PA job and a wardrobe that passes her mother’s old-fashioned standards. Meanwhile, Devon is a Hollywood heartthrob, starring in the latest superhero blockbuster. And he’s finally coming home for Christmas…

Scarlett can’t help blaming her former best friend for the way her life has turned out, but Devon’s cheeky charm and gorgeous smile prove difficult to resist. Devon always did make her feel on top of the world, but Scarlett knows her heart isn’t racing just because she has her friend back – is it mistletoe madness, or is she seeing Devon in a completely new light?

Scarlett hasn’t taken a risk in years… but this Christmas of second chances could finally be her time to shine.

Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jo Thomas and Holly Martin.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Lucy Knott’s latest novel: A Snowy Week in Springhollow. This is the first book by Lucy Knott that I’ve read and after reading this wonderful, feelgood story I will be checking out Lucy’s other novels.

I adored this book. It was a romcom that was charmingly adorable set in a lovely small country village in the UK but it also had elements of cooldom (think I’ve probably made up a word 🙂 ) Scarlett grew up with her bestfriend Devon in the small village and they were the perfect pairing. They both adored superheroes and had plans to become one when they grew up. Their antics as children would have scared any parent but this intrepid pair had no fears. Scarlett had a skill of drawing and would spend hours with her partner in superhero crime, Devon, sketching their own heroes. They had stories in their heads that Scarlett would bring to life with her pencils. Devon had dreams of becoming that superhero and loved drama. However, the pair were noted around the village and school as geeks and were often teased about it. But they stayed faithful to their beliefs, loves and dreams.

However, this all changed when Devon and his family moved to New York during the final year of secondary school. As you can imagine Scarlett was heartbroken and since that day she felt she could no longer be the girl she was with Devon as it was too heart breaking to think about without her best friend. Her drawings were put in a box alongside her dreams of becoming an artist.

Ten years later and Scarlett is living and working in the village. Her artistic skills and the love of superheroes are still hidden but she’s happy with her lot until Devon returns back to the village. A Devon all grown up looks so much different to the 16 year old boy that left her a decade ago. Devon has achieved his dream, he’s just played the role of a superhero in the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie and he certainly looks the part. Scarlett has very mixed emotions with Devon’s return there’s anger, resentment, sadness, excitement and feelings that she never thought she’d feel about this young boy she grew up with.

As Scarlett and Devon start to learn about each other again the friendship from long ago soon slots back into place. However, the confused feelings are still evident and will Scarlett open up to the one person who made her feel safe about being herself?

Alongside the story of this long lost childhood friendship we have a story of a village magazine trying to liven up their pages and also bring the community together especially during the festive season.

This book by Lucy Knott is such an uplifting feelgood festive read, I felt truly welcomed in to the lives of the characters and Springhollow and wanted the story to go on and on.

About the author

Lucy Knott is a former professional wrestler with a passion for storytelling. Now, instead of telling her stories in the ring, she’s putting pen to paper, fulfilling another lifelong dream in becoming an Author.

Inspired by her Italian Grandparents, when she is not writing you will most likely find her cooking, baking and devouring Italian food, in addition to learning Italian and daydreaming of trips to Italy.

Along with her twin sister, Kelly, Lucy runs, where she enthusiastically shares her love for books, baking and Italy, with daily posts, reviews and recipes.

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