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Her Banished Knight’s Redemption written by Melissa Oliver, publisher Mills & Boon Historical, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

A lady’s need for protection 
A knight’s chance for redemption

Exiled Knight William Geraint answers only to himself. Yet, a mission to reunite lost heiress Lady Isabel de Clancey with her family is Will’s chance to finally atone for the torment of his past.  With every rushed mile, their intense attraction becomes dangerously thrilling.  He swore to protect Isabel not seduce her, but their desire for each other could threaten the redemption he’s worked so hard to achieve… 

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Melissa Oliver’s latest novel: Her Banished Knight’s Redemption. Her Banished Knight’s Redemption is book two in the Notorious Knight’s series. Each book can be read as a standalone as it focuses on a new hero and heroine but character’s from past stories will crop up so I can highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order as they are sublime. The books in the series in order are:

The Rebel Heiress and The Knight

Her Banished Knight’s Redemption

The Return of Her Lost Knight (due out in the summer 2021)

Mills and Boon have one of the best team of historical romance writers that I have personally come across with Melissa Oliver being a relatively newcomer as Her Banished Knight’s Redemption is only her second novel. However, her work feels like she has been writing for years as you are instantly transported to an era long ago and can feel a sense of time and place with the atmosphere around you. What I enjoy about Mills & Boon Historical is that the characters have a great rapport and this bantering between the leads charm and entertain you throughout, often leading to a heated embrace.

Her Banished Knight’s Redemption is Isabel and Will’s story. Will has been living in exile in France even though he has been exonerated he still feels very much to blame for an event in the past. He has been given a mission that will reunite him with his past in more ways that one. Will has to find a young woman who was also banished from her past but recent matters need this to be addressed expediently and he has to bring her home to England to her rightful place. Isabel has not been back to England in over 12 years and has kept her heritage a secret until this strange but somehow familiar knight beckons her back to where she belongs. But does she belong back in a home that she has spent more time away from than in?

I adored this story by Melissa Oliver it was filled with drama, danger and dalliances of the heart. As Will escorts Isabel back to England they are faced with many challenges with their increasing friendship bringing a new set of emotions that the pair have to battle with. As we get to learn more about Isabel and Will their barriers against the past reveal surprisingly very similar traits of vulnerability, a sense of not belonging, a duty to their future but also a chance to break free of what is expected of them.

A gorgeous historical romance that will leave you wanting more.

About the Author

Melissa Oliver is from south-west London where she writes historical romance novels. She lives with her lovely husband and daughters, who share her passion for decrepit, old castles, palaces and all things historical.
Melissa is the WINNER of The Romantic Novelist Association’s Joan Hessayon Award for new writers 2020 for her debut, The Rebel Heiress and the Knight –  Book 1 Notorious Knights.

Twitter: @melissaoauthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melissaoliverauthor/


Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior @HazelPriorBooks @PenguinUKBooks @TransworldBooks #bookreview #feelgoodfiction

Away with the Penguins written by Hazel Prior, publisher Transworld Books, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook, hardcover and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Veronica McCreedy is about to have the journey of a lifetime . . .

Veronica McCreedy lives in a mansion by the sea. She loves a nice cup of Darjeeling tea whilst watching a good wildlife documentary. And she’s never seen without her ruby-red lipstick.

Although these days Veronica is rarely seen by anyone because, at 85, her days are spent mostly at home, alone.

She can be found either collecting litter from the beach (‘people who litter the countryside should be shot’), trying to locate her glasses (‘someone must have moved them’) or shouting instructions to her assistant, Eileen (‘Eileen, door!’).

Veronica doesn’t have family or friends nearby. Not that she knows about, anyway . . . And she has no idea where she’s going to leave her considerable wealth when she dies.

But today . . . today Veronica is going to make a decision that will change all of this.


It was my birthday recently and my brother and sister-in-law and myself have started gifting books instead of cards to mark the occasion. I asked for this book. I’d heard so many good reviews about the book that I added it to my wishlist a while back and I was so pleased to have received it.

Away with the Penguins might just be my favourite book ever!

Hazel Prior has written a story that is perfect for these uncertain times we are currently experiencing but I do feel it is also a story for anyone at any time. Throughout the book I felt inspired, compassion, thoughtful and heartened. This is a story of an octogenarian lady who is very cranky and set in her ways but when you get to know Mrs McCreedy her layers of character are slowly stripped away. Your heart will break for this once bright, vivacious young girl who has felt loss like no other and has loved with all her heart. The fractures of her heart became so deep she felt she could no longer let love in until one day she decided to go and help the plight of the penguins on the opposite side of the world!

Mrs McCreedy’s journey of enlightenment to Antarctica sounded epic. But this old lady had another journey to contend with and that was revisiting the past. A past she has kept locked up for so long.

Hazel Prior has written a wonderful story that will charm and delight the reader but you will also feel the emotional tug with the past revealing itself. I also felt humbled that a small species of creature, the Adelie penguin, have their own routines of life and their survival is extraordinary. I was captivated by this side of the story and now feel compelled to know more about the Adelie’s.

I honestly didn’t want this story to end and feel quite bereft now. I would love to see this story turned into a movie, it would just be perfect.

About the Author (details taken from the author’s website)

Hazel is an enthusiastic and experienced harp-player based in Somerset and Exmoor.

She is also an author. Her two novels, published by Penguin Random House, are described as ‘quirky’, ‘lyrical’ and ‘life-affirming’. AWAY WITH THE PENGUINS was chosen by Richard and Judy for their Book Club this year, as well as being a BBC Radio 2 Book Club pick.

Website: hazeltheharpist.co.uk

Twitter: @HazelPriorBooks


Mrs McCreeedy loved her tea, especially Darjeeling, so I paired reading this novel with a gorgeous 2nd Flush Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 from Batch Tea Co. For more details of the tea please check out the link below:

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Mango Bay by Serena Fairfax @Sefairfax #bookreview #contemporaryfiction

Mango Bay written and self-published by Serena Fairfax is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Jazz clubs, yacht clubs, aunty bars and a Bollywood beauty shadowed by her pet panther. This is glamorous Bombay in the late 1950s.

Love has blossomed in London between vivacious Scottish Presbyterian, Audrey, and clever Indian lawyer, Nat Zachariah.

When the happy newlyweds move to Nat’s exotic homeland and the striking family villa, Audrey must deftly navigate the rituals, secrets, intrigues and desires of his Bene Israel Jewish community, and adjust to perplexing new relatives.

In time, the past unlocks, old family ties unravel, lies are exposed and passions run high as different generations fall out. Then something shocking happens that undoes everything. Will this marriage that has crossed boundaries survive?


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

This is the first book I’ve read by Serena Fairfax and what I really enjoyed about Mango Bay is the author’s vivid descriptions of a land and culture that is filled with an assault of the senses. India is filled with life, colour, tantalising tastes and aromas and this certainly came across with the author’s words.

Mango Bay is a family saga that started it’s joruney back in London in the 1950’s when a young couple fell in love. Nothing unusual in that but Audrey, a young woman from Scotland and Nat, a young Indian lawyer, knew that their coupling would shake a few feathers. Back in the 1950’s mixed race marriages in the UK were quite rare but when Audrey moves to India to be with Nat as his wife this mixed race marriage sets the gossip train going.

For young Audrey to leave her family back in the UK and move thousands of miles to India takes some adjusting. The structure of an Indian family is very formal and decision are mostly overseen by the head of the family. Audrey soon worked out the relationships and status of each family member and found herself adjusting to married life. However, now Nat was back in the bosom of his family and homeland he seemed a little aloof with Audrey.

India in the 1950’s was filled with colour and the nightlife was bewitching, glitzy and often the rich and famous could be seen hobnobbing with the locals. The youngsters of India devoured this nightlife with relish but to some it opened up a darker side of life.

Mango Bay follows Audrey’s life from moving to India; we learn of her adjustments, her enlightenment to new foods and rituals. We also learn about the family and friends in Audrey’s new circle and life becomes quite fascinating at times. But Mango Bay is not full of the wealthiest families and Audrey feels compelled to help those in need.

A story filled with an array of interesting characters amongst a culture and heritage that is fighting the old ways with the new. Mango Bay opens your eyes to all this and more.

About the Author

I spent my childhood in India, qualified as a Lawyer in England and joined a London law firm.
Some of my novels have a strong romantic arc although I burst the romance bubble with one quirky departure. Other novels pull the reader into the dark corners of family life and relationships. I enjoy the challenge of experimenting and writing something different.
My short stories and a medley of articles feature on my blog, and I review crime fiction and thrillers for Promoting Crime Fiction.
Fast forward to a sabbatical from the day job when I traded in bricks and mortar for a houseboat which, for a hardened land lubber like me, turned out to be a big adventure.
A few of my favourite things are collecting old masks, singing and exploring off the beaten track.
My golden retriever, Inspector Morse, who can’t wait to unleash his own Facebook page, and I live in London.

Website http://www.serenafairfax.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/serenafairfax

Twitter: @Sefairfax

The Lake House by Christie Barlow @ChristieJBarlow @0neMoreChapter_ @rararesources #blogtour #bookreview #TheLakeHouse

The Lake House written by Christie Barlow, publisher One More Chapter, is available NOW in ebook format.

Book Blurb

There’s a newcomer to the village of Heartcross and she’s never been more in need of a friend.  Ella is ready to start afresh ––and that could mean there’s love on the horizon in the form of the gorgeous Roman, the local water taxi driver. Every day Roman is there to ferry Ella to the restaurant on the other side of the lake and every night he makes sure she gets home safe. But Roman has secrets of his own…

Can the Love Heart Lane community offer Ella a chance of a new life? Or will the ghosts of her past catch up with her?

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B086115DK9/

US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086115DK9/

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting Book 5 in the Love Heart Lane series by Christie Barlow.

It’s hard not to have a ‘favourite book series’ but I’ll let you in on a secret the Love Heart Lane series by Christie Barlow is one of my favourites. The Lake House is book 5 in the popular romance series set in Scotland and although each story is centred around a different character I would highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order. You will then appreciate the idyllic setting, the wonderful community spirit and you will learn of the back history surrounding well loved characters and also they are just wonderful stories.

We have had a little glimpse of The Lake House and the dream of the owner Flynn’s thoughts for this iconic building along the River Heart in book four. The restaurant has been fully refurbished and has been re-opened a little while now but it’s still finding it’s feet on the hospitality map of the area.

We meet Ella who has just moved in with her best friend Callie and is due to start work at the restaurant. Ella has experienced a very tumultuous year resulting in much heartbreak, loss and anguish. Moving to Scotland is the new start she needs to pick herself up from the events that nearly broke her.

Ella didn’t expect her move to include the blossoming of new friendships with a local singing starlet and a handsome man. A man who she feels hides vulnerability and sadness behind his charming persona.

With the Lake House in need of a much needed boost all the staff get together to try and figure out how they can improve custom. It takes a newcomer with fresh eyes to highlight that what they need to promote is staring at them all around the walls of the iconic building.

Another gorgeous feelgood story oozing with community spirit, friendship, new hope and new beginnings. I think Ella and Roman are perfect additions for the community of Heartcross and I always feel most welcomed each time I join them.

Author Bio – Christie Barlow is the author of ten bestselling romantic comedies including A Home at Honeysuckle Farm, Love Heart Lane and Clover Cottage. She lives in a ramshackle cottage in a quaint village in the heart of Staffordshire with her four children and two dogs.

Her writing career has come as a lovely surprise when Christie decided to write a book to teach her children a valuable life lesson and show them that they are capable of achieving their dreams. Christie’s dream was to become a writer and the book she wrote to prove a point went on to become a #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

When Christie isn’t writing she enjoys playing the piano, is a keen gardener and loves to paint and upcycle furniture.

Christie is an ambassador for the @ZuriProject alongside Patron of the charity, Emmerdale’s Bhasker Patel. They raise money and awareness for communities in Uganda.

Christie loves to hear from her readers and you can get in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

 Social Media Links –

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christie_barlow/?hl=en

Twitter @ChristieJBarlow 

Facebook page Christie Barlow author