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The Stepsisters written by Susan Mallery, publisher Mills & Boon, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Who better to mend a broken heart than your sister?

When Daisy’s dad married Sage’s mum, Daisy was thrilled to get a new sister. Except Sage was beautiful and popular, everything Daisy was not, and she made sure Daisy knew it.

Sage found herself living in a palatial home where she felt she didn’t belong. She didn’t have her new sister’s intelligence so she used her popularity as a weapon, putting Daisy down at every opportunity. After the divorce, the stepsisters’ rivalry continued until the final straw: Daisy married Sage’s first love, and Sage fled to Europe.

Eighteen years later, Daisy never expects—or wants—to see Sage again. But brought together by an accident involving the little sister they have in common they must learn to put aside their differences. Slowly, the stepsisters begin to view the past through one another’s eyes and long buried feelings are revealed. Until their fragile truce is threatened by one careless act that could have devastating consequences….

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Susan Mallery’s latest novel: The Stepsisters.

I’m a relative newcomer to the work of Susan Mallery with The Stepsisters being my second read of hers. I have to say I love the author’s work and will most definitely be reading more … contemporary romance with that holiday escapism feel.

I really enjoyed this modern day family drama from Susan Mallery. We have three strong, independent ladies who are linked via the complicated relationships between a man and a woman. Daisy, Sage and Cassie once shared the same household for a few years during their childhood. At first the idea of a sister and a mother for Daisy was all she had dreamed of but the sisterly bond soon broke when baby Cassie came along and Daisy soon felt outnumbered by two girls who shared the same mother.

As time moved on Daisy’s father and Sage and Cassie’s mothers partnership broke down and the girls were split up and went to live their separate lives. Now all girls are adults and their sisterhood has continued to remain strained so when Cassie is involved in an accident and needs a place to recuperate Daisy is not impressed that her father has suggested her home is the perfect place. With Sage also back in LA the idea of all three stepsisters back in the same district seems bad but in the same house it’s fraught with disaster.

Whilst Daisy is anxious of her stepsisters return she is also struggling with emotional turmoil with her husband.

Emotions and tempers run high and the future for all three women looks very uncertain.

I liked reading about all three sisters and the author took it in turns for each character to open up and share vulnerabilities they felt in the past and present. As the girls learned more about each other a greater understanding of the dynamics between the three as children and now as grown women was appreciated. The bond they felt being flung together years ago might just be the bond they need now to gain the strength and love to cope with the next stages in their respective lives.

An entertaining read that was poignant, romantic and had that wonderful holiday escapism feel.

About the Author

#1 New York Times bestselling author of novels about the relationships that define women’s lives―romance, friendship, family. With compassion and humour, Susan keenly observes how people think and feel, in stories that take readers on an emotional journey. Sometimes heartbreaking, often funny and always uplifting, Susan’s books have spent more than 200 weeks on the USA TODAY bestseller list, thanks to her ever-growing legions of fans.
Susan lives in Seattle with her husband, two ragdoll cats and a tattletale toy poodle. Animals play a big role in her books, as well, as she believes they’re an integral component to a happy life.

Twitter: @SusanMallery

Website: #1 NYT Bestselling romance and women’s fiction author Susan Mallery

Instagram: Susan Mallery (@susanmallery) • Instagram photos and videos

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