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Her Heart for a Compass written by Sarah Ferguson, publisher Mills and Boon, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook and harcover format.

Book Blurb

London 1865

In an effort to rebel against a society where women are expected to conform, free-spirited Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott flees her confines, and an arranged marriage. But Lady Margaret’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch, as close friends with Queen Victoria, must face the public scrutiny of their daughter’s impulsive nature, and Margaret is banished from polite society.

Finding strength amongst equally free-spirited companions, including Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, Margaret embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will take her to Ireland, America, and then back to Britain, in search of the life she was always meant to lead and the love she meant to find.

Incorporating research into her heritage and drawing upon her own unique life journey, the Duchess, with co-writer Marguerite Kaye, pens a fictional account of the life of her great-great-aunt, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott. Rich in historical detail, and set amongst the drawing rooms of Victoria’s court, and the grand country houses of Scotland and Ireland, Her Heart for a Compass is a breathtaking romantic novel of daring to follow your heart against all odds.

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The book is available to buy from all good book retailers including Waterstones, WH Smith, Foyles and many independent book retailers. The book can also be purchased direct from Mills and Boon website:


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I really enjoyed this debut adult novel by Sarah Ferguson. What I particularly loved was the inspiration behind the leading lady, Lady Margaret, who was a member of the author’s own family and with further research alongside her mentor and co-author, Marguerite Kaye, a novel filled with history, intrigue, hope, compassion, inspiration, emotion, bravery and romance was formed.

Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott is the second daughter for the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch. Margaret is 20 years old and is a little perturbed with society rules and what is expected of her. The Duke has chosen a suitable husband for Margaret but she doesn’t love him, she doesn’t really like him and is in a quandary of her options, if she does have any? Does she betray her heart and marry someone she doesn’t like as that is expected of her or does she betray her family and refuse to obey to the rules festooned upon the aristocrats of the era? What a situation to find oneself in!

We follow Lady Margaret on her journey of self-discovery, of listening to her heart and to her mind. The story takes us to London, Scotland, Dublin and New York. We encounter many new people that leave a lasting impression on Margaret’s life and give her the much needed strength and guidance for what lies ahead.

Lady Margaret is a very likeable characters; she’s smart, brave, a little feisty, kind, compassionate and aspirational. She doesn’t want to conform like her sister and peers, she wants more for her life and more for those kind souls she meets in her quest to find the direction her heart desires.

Sarah Ferguson has written a very readable historical romance that is full of atmosphere transporting the reader to a time and place that belongs to the characters in the book. There are moments of compassion, empathy, stepping out of your comfort zone that leave you inspired for a young woman with dreams of a better place for many. Your emotions will become heightened as you wrap yourself around Margaret’s world and the romance will fill your heart with joy.

About the Author

The Duchess of York is a global humanitarian, businesswoman, best selling children’s book author, producer and wellness advocate.

In 1993 she founded Children in Crisis and the charity has educated over 1.4 million children, trained over 18,000 teachers, built 57 schools and supports hundreds of schools on a yearly basis. Recently CIC merged with Street Child and The Duchess is Founder Patron, remaining active in its mission to provide education to forgotten children around the world. She has recently returned from visiting Street Child’s projects in Nepal and Sierra Leone, supporting the most marginalised into education and out of bonded labour.

The Duchess has published over 55 books including two autobiographies and titles dealing with health, empowerment, history, art, as well as children’s stories. A seven book series for young readers has recently been signed in Australia and New Zealand, with the first 3 books ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’, ‘Genie Gems’ and ‘Arthur Fantastic’ published shortly. Four books from the original ‘Helping Hands’ series have recently been re-released. Other children’s books include the series of ‘Budgie the Little Helicopter’, adapted into a highly successful animated series on US primetime Fox and the children’s book ‘Tea for Ruby’, published by Simon and Schuster which had it’s debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Other books include ‘What I know now: Lessons Learnt The Hard Way’; the aforementioned 12 book series ‘Helping Hands’ with Lloyds Pharmacy and a five book children’s series about the adventures of ‘Little Red’. The Duchess retraced Queen Victoria’s travels abroad to co-write ‘Travels with Queen Victoria’ as well as ‘Osborne House’.

The subject of countless media interviews herself, The Duchess has also found success as a reporter and presenter. In America, she has been a special correspondent for NBC’s Today show and has presented specials and documentaries on ABC, FOX, and CNN. In Britain, she has presented and co-produced specials for ITV, BBC, and Sky TV. She has served as guest editor on BBC Radio 4 Today programme and has regularly contributed to BBC Radio 2’s primetime lifestyle show “Steve Wright.

In 2020, the Duchess founded her new charitable trust, Sarah’s Trust and in June 2021 she became an International Ambassador for Montessori.

Twitter: @SarahTheDuchess

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