Hope in the Valleys by Francesca Capaldi @FCapaldiBurgess @HeraBooks @rararesources #HistoricalFiction #familysaga

Hope in the Valleys written by Francesca Capaldi, publisher Hera, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book 3 in this earthy, honest family saga set in a small mining village in the Welsh valleys. This time we have two leading ladies who take centre stage; Elizabeth and Gwen, with their stories blending seamlessly together.

Elizabeth is the daughter of the local coal mine manager, all throughout the book series she has tried valiantly to step out of the ‘middle class’ mould her mother had created and fit in with the locals. She’s ploughed lots of her energies in creating a community garden and allotment for all but that’s not enough for Elizabeth who wants to work for a living but getting her mother to agree to this is most unlikely.

Gwen is a local girl who’s worked in the munitions factory since the start of the war. She’s a bright, vivacious, kind, spirited girl who loves nothing more than spending her hard earned money on the latest fashions.

As the war rages on and casualties are adding up in the village the politics of the coal mine are mounting bringing family disrupt especially to the coal mine manager’s household.

The girls love lives become a tangled mess but they both fail to see that their hearts belong closer to home.

Amongst the anguish. Heartache, trials and tribulations of life in a hardworking village we feel a warmth of family, friendship and love.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these instalments in the series as the author brings to life a saga that will appeal to many.


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