I’m a reader, crafter, recipe hoarder, love hunting out shopping bargains.  My favourite genres to read are chicklit, women’s contemporary fiction, romcoms, historical romance and family sagas.

You can connect with me on Twitter @kraftireader.

I’m a member of netgalley – https://www.netgalley.com/

NG Apple_NetGalley Health Rev 3

I’m also proud to be an advocate of books and have joined the Netgalley challenge.


I’m so pleased to have achieved the 80% feedback ratio award.

80% feedback netgalley


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Adele, I was wondering whether you might consider reviewing either one or both of my current two books? They’re both Chicklit and although stand on their own two feet, they are a series. I’ve followed you on twitter, so maybe if you follow back, I can send you the links to my books, rather than clutter up your blog 🙂 Wouldn’t want to offend… Have a great day 🙂 Best wishes Colette

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