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Under the Spanish Stars written by Alli Sinclair, publisher Lyrical Press for ebook format and Kensington Publishing Corporation for print format.  Under the Spanish Stars is book 1 in the Wandering Skies series and is available to purchase NOW.

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Amid the vivid beauty of Granada, a woman entrusted with unraveling a family secret will discover the truth about her heritage—and the alluring promise of love…

When her beloved grandmother falls ill, Charlotte Kavanagh will do whatever she asks of her—even if it means traveling to a country that broke her abuela’s heart. Can an unsigned painting of a flamenco dancer unlock the secrets of her grandmother’s youth in Spain? To find the answers she needs, Charlotte must convince the charismatic and gifted musician, Mateo Vives to introduce her to a secluded gypsy clan.

The enigmatic Mateo speaks the true language of flamenco, a culture Charlotte must learn to appreciate if she wants to understand her grandmother’s past—and the flamenco legend that has moved souls to beauty, and bodies to the heights of passion. As Mateo leads her into the captivating world of the music and the dance, Charlotte embraces her own long-denied creative gift and the possibility of a future rich with joy…


I really enjoyed this historical romance set in the glorious, colourful surroundings of Granada, Spain.  The story is written in two time frames: the present day and travelling back to 1936 to a very turbulent time in Spain.

Charlotte Kavanagh and her family live in Australia.  Charlotte is very close to her Grandmother, Katarina.  Katarina is of Spanish origin and she lived there till the political climate in Spain proved too difficult for her and her friends.  Katarina (Charlotte’s Abuela) is very ill in hospital, she has asked for the help of her granddaughter, Charlotte, to go on a mission to find the origins of the artist who painted the painting given to the young Katarina by her father.  Charlotte is also hoping to discover more about her Abuela’s history in Spain which Katarina has kept secret all this time.

Charlotte sets out on the mystery tour across half the world to Granada with little more than the painting for clues.  Charlotte doesn’t expect this journey to include experiences and discoveries for her own destiny.

The author, Alli Sinclair, takes us on two very well choreographed journeys: one with Charlotte discovering facts and unearthing secrets about her Abuela and her own heritage.  The second journey starts back in 1936 with a young Katarina secretly taking flamenco lessons away from the watchful eye of her mother.  As the years went by in Spain political unrest grew and some forms of flamenco dancing were frowned on by the tyrant Franco and his henchmen.  Life took on a dangerous turn for Katarina which left her and her loved ones in fear of their lives.

This is the first book I’ve read by Alli Sinclair and her words drew me in to the love of flamenco and to a country so vivid with it’s colours, rhythmic sounds and glorious foods.  I could feel the love the people felt for this dance and their own culture and heritage.  The heat of the dance intensified with Alli’s descriptive words.  Going back to the time of the unrest for young Katarina was exciting and dramatic.  The young people of Spain were in fear of their lives and their beliefs were questioned.

Alli Sinclair took me on many journeys with this story: there was heat, drama, fear, love, family, culture.  A beautiful love story that time and conflict could never erase.  5/5*

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