Audible book review: Rules for a Successful Book Club: The Book Lovers 2 by Victoria Connelly

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Rules for a Successful Book Club: The Book Lovers 2 written and published by Victoria Connelly, narrator Jan Cramer is available NOW on audible.

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Polly Nightingale never meant to fall in love again, especially not with a biker 13 years her junior. But then Jago Solomon enters her life with a guitar strapped to his back, and Polly and her six-year-old son, Archie, know that they’ve never been happier.

But what happened three years ago when Polly’s husband, Sean, went missing? And what will it mean for Polly and Jago if her past ever catches up with them?

Join the Nightingale family once again for the second in The Book Lovers series by the best-selling author of The Rose Girls.

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I’d like to thank Victoria for an arc of this audible book in return for an honest review.

I’ve read and listened to quite a few of Victoria’s books and have loved them all.  Such beautiful, stunning English countryside settings with wonderful characters that soon become your friends.

This is the 5th audiobook by Victoria I have listened too.  I love Jam Cramer’s narrative, her tone of voice is very calming and she draws you into the story.  However, when the storyline took an intense, dramatic turn I felt the change of direction in Jan’s voice and could feel the tension within the characters.

I haven’t read the first book in the Book Lovers series, although I do have it patiently waiting on my tbr list.  This book can be easily read as a standalone but to fully enjoy and appreciate the full characters I would encourage you to read The Book Lovers.

This story focuses around Polly Nightingale, who is still heart broken following the sudden disappearance of her husband Sean 3 years ago.  However, after Jago Solomon starts helping her son with music lessons a friendship between Polly and Jago soon starts blossoming.  However, Jago has more than platonic feelings for Polly and doesn’t see the 13 year age gap as a problem although Polly does and she has other intentions for Jago’s heart.

I love how the story is also focused around the new book club which has been set up in the local secondhand bookshop owned by Polly’s brother Sam.  On the opening night of the bookclub we are introduced to some wonderful, quirky characters all of them loving a variety of different book genres.  I can imagine some fun and interesting nights to be had with the bookclub.

The story continues on Polly’s journey coping with her growing feelings for Jago.  When the grosts from Polly’s past threaten her new life can she forgive and forget the hurt she has been feeling or will she find the strength to admit what she really wants and stop being manipulated?

I loved Jago’s character, for someone so relatively young he was level headed and kind and knew just what he wanted in life to make him happy.  I also loved the name of Polly’s dog, Dickens, such an apt name for a family of book lovers.

This was a lovely story of friendships, new beginnings, new loves and lots of mutual appreciation for reading.  5/5*

Audible books are such a lovely way to enjoy a story.  Most of my reading is done via kindle or printed books but now and again I like to don my headphones and be swept away with a story.  You can listen away while cooking, cleaning, walking or just relaxing in a chair.  To trial audible books you can listen to a book for free, I can highly recommend Victoria’s audible books as an ideal choice.

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Christmas at the Castle by Victoria Connelly audible review

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Christmas at the Castle by Victoria Connelly, narrator Jan Cramer is available now in audible download format and ebook format including kindle unlimited.

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Life at Caldoon Castle in the Highlands of Scotland isn’t easy for Catriona Fraser and her two children, especially since her husband died. So, when Iain MacNeice and his two daughters book the castle for the Christmas holidays, Catriona’s prayers seem to be answered.

But the MacNeices arrive with a whole host of their own problems and it’s going to take time, patience and a little bit of Christmas magic to make this holiday a happy one.

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I am grateful to Victoria Connelly for sending me an audible download copy of this novel in return for an honest review.

I’ve listened to a few books now on audible and I must admit its an enjoyable past time.  Its so easy to slip on your headphones and relax and enjoy a story.

Christmas at the Castle is set at Caldoon Castle in the Scottish highlands where Catriona and her two children are struggling to survive emotionally and financially following the death of her husband.  The castle has been in the Fraser family for generations and Catriona would love to continue this tradition so she lets out part of the castle to bring in some income.  This particular Christmas the castle is booked out to Ian MacNeice and his two daughters.

Ian MacNeice has been divorced from his daughter’s mother for three years now, his daughters really miss having their mother around and this Christmas in particular Lexi the eldest is very keen to be with her mother.  When Ian informs his girls of the Christmas getaway to the Scottish highlands he is met with teenage grumblings.  However, they do manage to get away.

When Ian first arrives at the Castle he is instantly drawn to Catriona with her striking auburn hair and her easy manner with her children and his.  The children from both families have adjustments to make with the Christmas arrangements.  Two very different families living under one roof (albeit a very large roof); one with little money to spend on luxuries but has time to spend with family.  The other with copious amounts of money but little time.  Christmas doesn’t go to plan but the time away from work responsibilities and spending time with someone living a different lifestyle gives Ian ‘food for thought’. Can money really buy happiness?

I enjoyed the audible version of this little novella.  I was enthralled with the description of the castle and the setting.  The tree and decorations sounded so nostalgic and idyllic.  The narrator, Jan Cramer, was very clear and her voiceovers of the different characters was great.  I would totally recommend this lovely novella set at Christmas time showing you what is really important in families.  I would have loved the story to be longer and would like Victoria to write more about the characters we were introduced to. 5/5*

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