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“You need to come and get my daughter. She’s not safe anymore.”

For Sophie, life with her daughter has never been easy. Rosie’s extreme autism has made her unpredictable and often difficult. Like most mothers though, her first instinct has always been to protect her child and keep her close. However, when Rosie’s escalating violence culminates in a terrifying incident at home, Sophie is faced with a choice that no parent ever wants to make. A choice that will inevitably plunge her into a set of unimaginable new circumstances which will test her to the limit.

A true test of a mother’s love.

Could you send your child away?


This was such an insightful, poignant story about one family’s struggle coping with a severely autistic child.  As a mother I can appreciate children and their different temperaments but I have to hold my hand up and admit I’ve never truly understood the many ‘faces’ of a child with autism.  Even though this book is a work of fiction it was very eye opening with regards to autism and I feel it’s a book that everyone should read to try and go some way in understanding this very complex condition.

Single mum Sophie had been coping pretty well with her youngest daughter’s condition.  However, as Rosie was now 12 she was no longer the little girl that Sophie could protect when she was having a bad day.  Rosie was now quite a big girl and her ever increasing bad days were resulting in violent outbursts as Rosie struggled to contain her frustration with the world around her.  Sadly, Rosie lashed out with the people around her which were her loved ones resulting in many painful physical and emotional scars.  Life was getting tougher and tougher for Sophie when she knew her eldest daughter, her own mother and herself were at risk of injury around young Rosie.  Sophie had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, to find a more suitable place for Rosie to live that was safe and more catered for her growing needs.

We follow Sophie’s journey of making the right choice for her daughter Rosie.  The struggles with her own conscience and the emotional turmoil for the whole family.  There was a point in the story that I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief as I myself felt like some clarity had been made for all members of the family.  It was quite a humbling part in the storyline.  At the end of the novel I felt like the author had done justice to the storyline; it was insightful, poignant, hopeful and quite heart warming.  5/5*

I’d like to thank the author for writing such an insightful story and opening my eyes to a subject I wasn’t fully understanding.  Autism is a very complex condition that we need to be more aware of and Kate Hughes has given me a few steps in the right direction to help make me more comprehensive and accepting.

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