Zenka by Alison Brodie book review


Zenka written and self-published by Alison Brodie is available NOW in ebook format.

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Devious, ruthless, and loyal.

Zenka is a capricious Hungarian with a dark past.

When cranky London mob boss, Jack Murray, saves her life she vows to become his guardian angel – whether he likes it or not. Happily, she now has easy access to pistols, knives and shotguns.

Jack discovers he has a son, Nicholas, a male nurse with a heart of gold. Problem is, Nicholas is a wimp.

Zenka takes charges. Using her feminine wiles and gangland contacts, she will make Nicholas into the sort of son any self-respecting crime boss would be proud of. And she succeeds!

Nicholas transforms from pussycat to mad dog, falls in love with Zenka, and finds out where the bodies are buried – because he buries them. He’s learning fast that sometimes you have to kill, or be killed.

As his life becomes more terrifying, questions have to be asked:

How do you tell a mob boss you don’t want to be his son?

And is Zenka really who she says she is?


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this novel.  All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

Zenka is Alison Brodie’s 6th published book; I’ve had the pleasure to read three of these books and each one has been a joy to read.  Alison Brodie has a great writing style taking you on a journey with the characters using dialect to help you be fully immersed in their personalities and traits.  Adding in wonderful wit and humour you leave Alison Brodie’s novels with a sense of satisfaction that it was an entertaining and enjoyable read.
Zenka is a dark, romantic comedy about Jack Murray, a London gangster, who saved a couple of Romanian girls from a fate filled with slavery and fear.  One of these girls is Zenka.  Zenka is bright, vivacious, intelligent and beautiful.  Since being saved by Jack she vows to be his guardian angel and soon picks up the unorthodox gangster ways with a fabulous twist of feminine ways.
When Jack learns he may be the father of a young man he swears to go on the straight and narrow, secretly flinging expensive gifts and money to his long lost son’s way. But finding out his son is shy and downtrodden Jack feels he needs to help build his confidence and there is no better person for the job than Zenka.  Zenka sprinkles some of her own magic Nicholas’ way and sets in motion a chain of events that will change the future for many.  However, neither Jack, Zenka or Nicholas have figured that love may be on the agenda.
A crazy fun-filled dark romantic comedy that you just don’t know what’s going to happen next. Jack Murray reminded me in a way of a ‘Robin Hood’ type character; in his own unorthodox way he was helping out those in need.  I loved Zenka’s dialect and her letters back home that were very honest and quite funny with her parting shot each time.  Zenka was such a brilliant, quirky character and I could imagine the author had so much fun creating her.  4.5/5*
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You’ll Be Thinking of Me by DensieWebb book review


You’ll Be Thinking of Me written by Densie Webb, publisher Soul Mate Publishing, is available NOW in ebook, paperback and audio download format.  The ebook is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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A chance encounter with a celebrity, an impromptu video, and a shiny new espresso machine. It all added up to a juicy tale for 24-year-old Rachael Allen to share with friends. But when her best friend posts the video online, bizarre threats, home break-ins, and deadly gifts from an obsessed fan follow close behind.  Mick Sullivan, the star in her video, offers to help and in the process, Rachael discovers that despite his reputation as a player of Olympian caliber, he’s down-to-earth—and emotionally damaged. He has secrets; some he’s shared only with his pseudo best friend. Others he’s shared with no one. But there’s one secret he’s hidden from himself, washed away by too many beers.  Despite wildly divergent life paths, their shared southern upbringing (and a passion for good music) creates a common thread that draws them together. As the threats escalate, and their relationship deepens, Rachael struggles to accept Mick’s past—and his present. And she is forced to confront her own obsessive love to ultimately decide if being with Mick Sullivan is worth the collateral damage.

YOU’LL BE THINKING OF ME is the story of Rachael’s serendipitous encounter with a celebrity, her brush with obsessive love, and the bittersweet gift left behind by the very person fixated on destroying her life.


You’ll Be Thinking of Me is Densie Webb’s debut novel and after reading this dark, edgy romance I’m looking forward to more from Densie Webb; an author to look out for.

This is a dark, edgy romance detailing the full extent someone’s obsession will take them to which draws them onto a downhill cycle of self-destruction and anyone and anything that get’s in their way.

Rachael’s chance encounter with a celebrity brings her into danger.  The 24 year old was so excited and also dumbstruck to have met actor Michael Sullivan that the side effects are almost as unbelievable.  When Rachael first starts receiving threats she sorts of brushes them to the side but when tragedy strikes at her own door she can’t ignore them anymore.  Terrified and distraught she takes the evidence to the police but after receiving a muted response from them she goes to Michael Sullivan’s agency address and demands to see someone.  Michael casually walks in during this and offers to help Rachael and her family.  This offer of help unbeknown to Rachael and Michael brings them both in more danger.  However, this unexpected act of chivalry from Michael brings him and Rachael closer together and we get to hear about the ugly side of fame but also about Michael’s past.  Rachael is a sort of grounding influence on him.

Brenda, the young woman obsessed with Michael, is very deeply disturbed and has witnessed terrible things in her past.  We don’t get to see this side of Brenda until later on and it makes you feel a little sympathetic with her.  However, Brenda is so obsessed with Michael she can’t see anyway out of this road of destruction she’s led herself on.  Even with the help of a counselor Brenda refuses to open up about her feelings.  This road of destruction is very dark and deadly and you don’t really know what is going to happen next.

This was a page turning romance for me, I loved the heart warming elements of the story but the darker side kept me on edge and I literally couldn’t believe the extents to what a person with an unhealthy obsession would go to.  Fame and fortune isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, what you see in the glossy magazines and on the webpages is just a visual screen to what’s hiding underneath.  A great debut 5/5*

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