Diary of a Stressed Out Mother by Nicola Kelsall book review

diary of a stressed out mother

Diary of a Stressed Out Mother is a self-published ebook by Nicola Kelsall.  It is available NOW free on the kindle unlimited scheme and to buy on kindle.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

Dora Loveday is a beleaguered mother of four kids, two unruly dogs, a psychotic cat and wife to an exasperated and long-suffering husband. Clinging doggedly on to her sanity in the face of unrelenting adversity, she records the chaos and madness of her family life in this laugh-out-loud comic romp of a diary.


I’d like to thank the author, Nicola Kelsall, for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

As soon as I read the synopsis of this novel I knew I’d appreciate this story.  As a mother myself I can totally understand and imagine the ups and downs of life with a husband, four children, two dogs and a cat, not forgetting the eco loving in laws!  This was such a romp of a read.  It was set out like a diary and Dora, the harassed mother, guided you through each day of her life.  Each day was filled with adventure, mishaps, catastrophes.  Nicola, the author, has such a great imagination and her humour is just brilliant.  I was laughing out loud during all Dora’s crazy days.  The book flowed really well and to be honest I was sad when it ended however, I’m thrilled to learn that Nicola is writing a sequel and I’m looking forward to more from Dora and the gang.

A great, fun filled story full of hilarious mishaps and adventures that will have you laughing through the pages.  5/5*

I’d like to share with you one of the many great moments from this novel:

“Andrew and I are feeling a little disappointed with Luke after attending his parent’s evening last night.  The sardine incident has of course put a dampener on things a bit and his teachers are right to be critical of his general behaviour, but we didn’t quite expect there to be such a litany of mishaps and tomfoolery.  We were put out to hear from his Geography teacher that Luke’s answers to questions in a recent test include one on Iceland where he said it was a frozen food emporium next to Boots.  He described The African Congo as a funny dance, said the Grand Canyon was a weapon of mass destruction,  that the Northern Lights is a night club in Newcastle and that The Yangtze is a Chinese take-away in town.”

About Nicola Kelsall (from amazon page)

I have loved being an artist and writer from childhood, although the demands of real life have often got in the way. But despite having to do many different jobs to survive, I have continued to paint and to write all my life. I’ve done all sorts; from being a Chambermaid, Barmaid, Driver, Shop Girl, Secretary, Dresser for the Royal Scottish Ballet, Printer, PA, Designer, Illustrator, Singer in a Medieval Banquet, Events Organiser, Teacher, PTA Queen, and most importantly – Mother to three kids and a long-suffering husband. When times have been difficult, we’ve always retained our sense of humour as a family and tried to see the funny side of things.

I used to worry that some of the dead-end jobs I did represented huge amounts of wasted time and often felt trapped and frustrated. Now of course, I am grateful for this vast array of experience and all the interesting characters I’ve met along the way. Family life has given me another very different set of experiences, and luckily inspired this, the first book in the series ‘Diary of a Stresed Out Mother’. I’ve enjoyed every minute of writing this book and I hope my readers love it too! Watch out for the sequel!

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