Falling for the Rebel Princess by Ellie Darkins book review

falling for the rebel princess

Falling for the Rebel Princess written by Ellie Darkins, publisher Mills & Boon Cherish (Harlequin) is available in ebook format from 1st May 2017 and paperback format from 9th May 2017.

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From princess to rock-star royalty!

Self-proclaimed “black sheep” Princess Charlie of Afland has worked long and hard to be taken seriously in the music industry, managing to keep her royal obligations, and her secret heartbreak, under the radar. Until one night in Vegas changes everything…

Rock star Joe Kavanagh gets more from his Vegas gig than he’d bargained for…a princess bride and a PR story to die for! As the initial attraction, which led them down the aisle, turns into something deeper, keeping their marriage strictly business proves increasingly difficult…

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I loved this romantic novel by Ellie Darkins it was full of fun and frolics, gorgeous heartwarming moments and the chemistry between the main characters was sizzling off the pages.

Since she was born Charlie (aka Princess Caroline Mary Beatrice of Afland) has been portrayed as the Poster Princess.  Charlie was fed up of the constraints of Royal life and wanted to make her own way in the world.  After leaving the island of Afland nearly 10 years ago Charlie headed for London to work in the music industry.  She loved her job finding new music talent and her latest assignment was to travel to Vegas to try and persuade an up and coming rock group to sign to their label.  Charlie got more than she bargained for on her business trip to Vegas; she came back with a husband, rock star Joe Kavanagh.

Once the unlikely couple had woken from their eventful night in Vegas they started to recall the monumental incident that had occurred.  What sounded like fun at the time has turned into a big commitment in the morning.  Can Charlie, the princess and rock star Joe turn this mistake into a positive?

The PR wagons have been rolling overnight and the Press are loving this collaboration.  Can the couple pull of this masquerade and make the love story look real?

We follow Charlie and Joe coming to terms with this unexpected marriage.  Both Charlie and Joe have heartache in their past to overcome.  Maybe this unlikely union is just what they need?

A gorgeous story.  The sizzling chemistry between Charlie and Joe was so evident and you were left with thoughts of ‘will they won’t they’ give in to their desires for each other?  Another great read from romantic novelist Ellie Darkins.  5/5*

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Holiday with the Mystery Italian by Ellie Darkins author guest post


I’m so pleased to welcome author Ellie Darkins to my blog today. Ellie has a new book due for release on 1st December titled Holiday with the Mystery Italian.

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Winning the ultimate prize…

Since the accident that paralyzed him, Italian tycoon Mauro Evans vowed to embrace life. So when he stars in a dating show for charity, picking prickly journalist Amber Harris as the winner to take on holiday is a challenge he can’t resist!

In Amber’s experience, relationships equal pain, so she’s determined to ignore her attraction to charismatic Mauro. But his bravery and strength threaten to tear down her defences, giving her a new Christmas dream – ringing in the New Year with wedding bells!

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Over to you Ellie …

How learning to write is like learning to knit

I’ve been a writer and a knitter both since before I can remember, and have had triumphs and disasters in both arenas. But what I’ve learnt along the way is that the two have an awful lot in common. Think about the first piece of knitting you ever did. If you’re anything like me, it probably looked like a sorry dishcloth, with stitches appearing and disappearing at will, wobbly edges and plenty of holes. This sounds an awful lot like my first attempt at a novel. The one that has sat in a drawer for years, and which I hope will never be rescued from there.

If you’re starting out as a writer, chances are your first draft of your first chapter of your very first novel will look equally bedraggled, with holes and diversions and a strange mess in the middle: you’ve no idea how it started and no clue how to fix it. So what do you do? You keep going, keep writing, keep knitting, because by the time you’ve knitted or written for long enough, your stitches and your words will be even and you won’t have dropped a stitch for days (OK, maybe hours).

You might not want to wear what you’ve knitted, or share what you’ve written. But this doesn’t mean that your time was wasted. Because when you start your next piece, you’ll have all that practice under your belt. Because, like writing, knitting is addictive, right? So the second attempt was a little better, a little more even. You think, ‘Hey, I’m getting the hang of this. Maybe I’ll try something a bit more complicated.’

And that’s where you can dive in, experiment, stretch yourself and your craft. Write in a different POV; tackle a fisherman’s rib. Try a new genre; attempt a popcorn bobble. Because once you’ve got the basics mastered, what’s the worst that can happen? Sure, it might not look exactly like you hoped. You might have to rip it back a couple of times and try again. But eventually, you’ll get it. And as you pull on your aran cabled tunic, or run your fingers down the spine of your very own novel, you’ll know that all the days of aching fingers and tired eyes were worth it.

Brilliant, inspirational advice Ellie, thank you.

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Ellie Darkins writes heart-warming stories about falling in love, finding your soul mate and fighting hard to make real relationships work. The HEA is guaranteed, but nothing else along the way is. Expect to see surprise babies, breath-taking settings and alpha heroes by the bucketload. Plus steamy kisses, heaps of sensual tension, and fireworks just audible from behind a closed bedroom door.


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