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The Tea Room on the Bay written by Rachel Burton, publisher Aria, is available NOW in ebook and kindleunlimited format. The ebook is currently at the special price of 99p … so put the kettle on, find your favourite reading spot and enjoy this wonderful feelgood story …

Book Blurb

It’s time for Ellie to return home and rediscover the past she left behind…

After a tough break-up, Ellie returns to the only place she’s ever really felt at home – the coastal town of Sanderson Bay. A year later, she’s living her dream, brewing delicious artisan teas and selling them at her very own café. And when the mysterious and brooding Ben walks into her tearoom, Ellie finally dares to dream of true love.

But then her ex shows up in the Bay, and just as Ellie discovers some tragic truths about her family’s past, she learns Ben might be hiding an unwelcome secret of his own…

Can Ellie let go of her past and brave a future with Ben?

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As soon as I heard that author Rachel Burton has written a book about tea I pre-ordered my ebook. What can I say I loved this book from start to finish and could read it all over again. I feel as if the author has got into my head and wrote down a story about my favourite things. If you follow my Instagram page you will know my love of loose-leaf tea and what Rachel Burton has created is a leading lady that loves tea!

Ellie left her academic life in York a year ago following the abrupt ending of her relationship. Heartbroken she flees to the places she’s felt most safe and at home and that is to the Yorkshire coast and to her Aunt and Uncle’s cafe. A cafe that they can no longer run due to her aunt’s declining health so Ellie takes the first step to fulfilling her dream of having her own tea room and selling her own bespoke loose-leaf tea.

A year down the line and Ellie’s tea room feels like the hub of the community with locals and holiday makers flocking to find comfort in her teas and sit amongst the ambience of the tearoom. When a stranger turns up Ellie is left feeling a little confused with the conflicting emotions she is feeling. Who is this stranger and what are his secrets? Ellie senses that Ben is holding something back and she feels there is a vulnerability about him. A friendship soon develops between the pair but when another unexpected visitor turns up Ellie’s life is about to become a whole lot more complicated.

The Tea Room on the Bay is a wonderful, feelgood story that touches on the difficult hurdles in life we have to face. It also emphasises the strength of community spirit and of finding your own happiness and fulfilment by stepping out of your comfort-zone. I wanted to be one of Ellie’s friends and be a regular customer of her tea room. I wonder what blend of tea Ellie would make for me?

About the Author

Rachel has a degree in Classics and another in English Literature, and fell into a career in law by mistake. She has spent most of her life between Cambridge and London but now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and their three cats. She loves yoga, ice hockey, tea, The Beatles, dresses with pockets and very tall romantic heroes. Find her on Twitter & Instagram as @RachelBWriter or follow her blog at She is always happy to talk books, writing, music, cats and how the weather in Yorkshire is rubbish. She is mostly dreaming of her next holiday… –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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The Winter We Met by Samantha Tonge @SamTongeWriter @aria_fiction #blogtour #bookreview #festiveread

The Winter We Met written by Samantha Tonge, publisher Aria, is available NOW in ebook and kindleunlimited format. The paperback is due out in the new year.

About the book

When charming, mysterious, Nik sits next to Jess on a plane home from a Christmas toy trade fair, she never could have imagined the impact he’d have on her life. As they touch down in London, Jess is hesitant to let Nik walk away, and before she knows it, she’s invited him to visit.

As the two take in the delights of the toy store where she works, Jess gets an upsetting phone call. Willow Court, her Grandmother’s care home, is to close before Christmas. With the help of Nik, and her best friend Oliver, Jess is determined to find the perfect new home for her Gran – and throw the best Christmas party Willow Court has ever seen! But time is running out and Oliver isn’t the only one who has suspicions about charismatic Nik’s intentions.

Will a chance encounter on an aeroplane bring love to Jess’s life or is this Christmas miracle too good to be true?

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Samantha Tonge’s latest novel: The Winter We Met.

The Winter We Met is wonderfully warm-spirited and beautifully romantic. There is a hint of something magical and enchanting about the storyline that transfixed me throughout and I could have carried on reading about the characters as I felt like I didn’t want this particular reading experience to end.

Jess works in a toyshop in a lovely leafy suburb of London, she’s on her way back from a Toy Trade Fair and gets chatting to a very charming young man on the plane. A young man that happens to be in the same industry as herself working for the family toy manufacturers in Australia. A young man that knows just how to make Jess feel at ease when he could sense her panicking and becoming anxious on the plane. This young man is called Nik and he’s on his way to London to investigate the toy shops and what appears to be big sellers in Europe. A friendship soon develops and Jess opens up this friendship more by inviting Nik to visit her shop.

Nik soon becomes enchanted by the small toy shop and of the quaint English town and the foodie traditions he’s missed out on. Jess decides to introduce him to a few of her favourite English meals and invites him to spend time with her Grandma and friends.

Jess’ Grandma lives in a care home and has a wonderful network of friends in the home. However, there’s bad news ahead and the home is due to close by Christmas. As you can imagine staff and residents are deeply upset and worried to be losing their home and being close to the group of friends they have made. Jess with the help of her old and now new friends plan to make a Christmas party to remember.

There’s a wonderful community spirit within the storyline of friendship, family but not a family in the traditional way, a family that you have built up around you. I really enjoyed learning about the elderly residents of the care home, I loved their history and their personality traits. Hearing about the day to day life in a care home like Willow Court sounded wonderful, the staff were very thoughtful and caring and generous of their time. You could sense that this job was more than a vocation to the staff.

I fell in love with the toy shop that Jess worked in, it reminded me of a toy shop I visited with my children when they were little. It’s a toy shop with traditional values that welcomes you in and makes you feel at home. I was feeling very nostalgic with this glorious toy shop.

This is a story of chance encounters but is it fate?! A story of old and young mixing together in harmony blending wisdom, experience, youth and energy developing into a perfect cocktail of friendship. A story of experiencing the highs and lows of life but enjoying each step along the way. Most of all it’s a festive treat of a read with a beautiful romance to welcome the festivities in.

About the author

Samantha Tonge lives in Manchester UK with her husband and children. She studied German and French at university and has worked abroad, including a stint at Disneyland Paris. She has travelled widely. When not writing she passes her days cycling, baking and drinking coffee. Samantha has sold many dozens of short stories to women’s magazines. She is represented by the Darley Anderson literary agency. In 2013, she landed a publishing deal for romantic comedy fiction with HQDigital at HarperCollins and in 2014, her bestselling debut, Doubting Abbey, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award. In 2015 her summer novel, Game of Scones, hit #5 in the UK Kindle chart and won the Love Stories Awards Best Romantic Ebook category. In 2018 Forgive Me Not, heralded a new direction into darker women’s fiction with publisher Canelo. In 2019 she was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association romantic comedy award.

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The Gin O’Clock Club by Rosie Blake @RosieBBooks @LittleBrownUK #bookreview #feelgoodfiction #mustread

The Gin O’Clock Club written by Rosie Blake, publisher Sphere, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook and paperback format.


Book Blurb

Bring the sparkle and fizz back into your life with the help of The Gin O’Clock Club

Lottie is always in a hurry, rushing through her days ticking tasks off her to-do lists. Teddy is worried about his granddaughter – and he knows that his late wife, Lily, would have known exactly what to say to make things better. Now that Lily has gone, it’s up to Teddy to talk some sense into Lottie.

With the help of Arjun, Geoffrey and Howard, the elderly reprobates who make up his Gin O’Clock Club, Teddy makes a plan to help Lottie find her way back to the things that really matter – family, friendship and love. But as Lottie balances a high-powered job with her reluctant attendance at whist drives, ballroom dances and bingo, Teddy wonders if she’s really ready to open up her heart to the possibility of true happiness…

Laugh, cry and fall in love with this colourful cast of characters in THE feel-good novel of the year


I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I cannot express how wonderful this novel is by Rosie Blake. This story is about life in all it’s glory through the happy times and through the sad. I knew before I started reading the book that the story focused on Teddy coping with the grief of his beloved wife so I was a little prepared for the emotional storyline. I have recently been struggling with my own grief over the death of my father but what surprised me with Rosie Blake’s novel is how I felt comforted with the story. It is sad and it is bringing back emotions of what I’ve been through but the overwhelming feeling I received from this book was hopefulness, energising, uplifting and just the tonic I needed. I was totally immersed in the storyline and was annoyed of having to keep stopping reading for housework and food!

The Gin O’Clock Club is a group of retired gentleman who meet regularly to catch up with each other over a glass or two of gin. Teddy has recently lost his beloved wife and he’s coping in his own way but he worries about his granddaughter Lottie. Lottie is trying to have it all; she’s got a high powered career and is striving for the top, a loving boyfriend, family and friends but when life starts to get more stressful things start tumbling around her and she struggles to pick up the pieces.

Lottie’s late grandmother Lily was a great agony aunt and would have known what to say and do to help Lottie but now she isn’t here Teddy knows it’s up to him to help. Teddy is at a loss with what to say and do with Lottie and he knows he cannot do this alone so he asks for the wisdom of his Gin O’Clock friends to help. The men come up with a plan of action to get Lottie to see the lighter side of life and learn to slow down and enjoy the journey one day at a time.

We follow Lottie and the Gin O’Clock crew bringing fun, friendship, laughter and love back to the forefront of her life.

I love stories with a mix of ages in characters, there’s wisdom and youth blending perfectly with a few smiles along the way. The Gin O’Clock Club will break your heart but it will piece it all together again.

After finishing the novel I could totally reimagine it as a blockbuster rom com movie and I’d love Michael Caine to be one of the members of the Gin Club. In fact he’d make a wonderful Teddy. Emily Blunt for Lottie and Leo Suter for Luke.

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve swooned and I’ve sighed. The Gin O’clock Club is simply marvellous.

About the Author

Rosie is a writer, recovering TV presenter and mother of many children. She has written for Cosmopolitan, The Lady, Best and Reveal Magazines. She has appeared on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. She enjoys hosting writing panels and running creative writing workshops.

She has written comic women’s fiction for Atlantic Books and Sphere Fiction. Her latest, The Gin O’Clock Club, a quirky inter-generational love story about friendship, gin, golf and whist, is out April 2020.

She continues to attempt to become Julia Robert’s best friend but is starting to worry it might never happen despite “liking” all her Instagram posts.

Do follow Rosie on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – she has twins so she is always keen to chat.

Twitter and Instagram: @RosieBBooks

Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters @Vicky_Walters @herabooks @rararesources #bookreview #feelgoodfiction


Hopeful Hearts At Glendale Hall written by Victoria Walters, publisher Hera Books, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

What happens when love takes you to unexpected places?

Heather Douglas appears to have it all. But living on a farm in the Scottish Highlands with her partner, Rory Fraser, all while bringing up their adorable toddler, Harry, isn’t easy. As a former librarian, Heather is worried that she’ll never fully fit into life on Fraser Farm. And after the death of her beloved mum five years ago, Heather feels lost, as well as guilty for holding back accepting Rory’s marriage proposal because she can’t imagine her wedding without her mother.

So when ex-boyfriend, Stewart, appears in the village of Glendale, it’s a shock to the system. The man who broke her heart years ago now has big plans for the neighbouring farm and wants Heather to be part of the development. Knowing that she’s living a very different life to the one they had planned at university leaves Heather wondering if she has made the right choices since she and Stewart broke up. Especially when things start to go very wrong on the farm …

This Christmas, Heather will need to face her fears and let go of the past or risk losing everything. She will need love, faith, and a whole lot of hope!

Return to the beautiful Highlands village of Glendale with the latest book in the bestselling Glendale series – the perfect cosy, uplifting, romantic read for fans of Heidi Swain, Milly Johnson and Holly Martin.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Victoria Walters latest novel: Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall.

Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall is book three in the Glendale Hall series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone as they focus on the story of one of the characters but the characters lives from previous novels do carry on so I would highly recommend reading all the books in the series in order. The books in order are:

Coming Home to Glendale Hall

New Beginnings at Glendale Hall

Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall

What I’ve come to learn from Victoria Walters novels is that I will be totally and utterly captivated by the story. Life around me will cease and I will be engrossed amongst the pages of life and love in an idyllic village in the Scottish countryside. Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall sees us discovering more about Heather’s life.

Heather has been living on the farm with her boyfriend Rory and son Harry for just over two years. She is still unsure about this rural farm life as she felt she was a townie at heart and had dreamed of working all suited and booted maybe with her literacy or design love. But when she fell hopelessly in love with Rory life moved very fast and she’s now a mother of a toddler and works alongside Rory on the farm. Heather is feeling very overwhelmed with life in general and her grief from her mother passing 5 years ago still feels very raw. She feels anxious that she is not fulfilling any of her roles and when her ex-boyfriend reappears in the village bringing forth new exciting ideas to her head she is even more confused.

Stewart, Heather’s ex-boyfriend, broke her heart at a time when she needed him most. She met and fell in love with him at university when life was without responsibilities and there was plenty of fun to be had. Now Heather is settled and has responsibilities Stewart cannot understand where his girlfriend from the past has gone. I think he regrets his actions from the past and will do anything to get Heather’s affections again. Stewart is a property developer from Edinburgh and his company have set their sights on building a new development on the adjoining land to Rory’s farm. Heather becomes a little star struck with Stewart and his grand ideas but when he starts subtly manipulating her and her friends point out little comments she starts to wonder why his turning up in her life was on purpose and whether he had an ulterior motive to his actions.

Another gorgeous instalment in the Glendale Hall series. I adored returning to the village of Glendale and learning how my favourite characters were fairing in life. I loved Heather and Rory’s story, the author Victoria Walters, kept me on edge a little while wondering what she will throw at my book friends next. I always feel welcomed into the fold of community life in Glendale as it’s a very warm-hearted village. However, it’s not all idyllic in Glendale as life still trundles along with plenty of hurdles to face but with a heart full of hopefulness life can be faced with a different perspective.

A story full of warmth, comfort, friendship and love.

Author Bio – Victoria Walters writes up-lifting and inspiring stories. She’s the author of three novels, THE SECOND LOVE OF MY LIFE, SUMMER AT THE KINDNESS CAFÉ, and COMING HOME TO GLENDALE HALL. She has been chosen for WHSmith Fresh Talent and shortlisted for an RNA award. Victoria was also picked as an Amazon Rising Star, and her books have won wide reader acclaim.

Victoria is a full-time author. She lives in Surrey with her cat Harry, and loves books, clothes, music, going out for tea and cake, and posting photos on Instagram.

Find out more about Victoria by following on Instagram at @vickyjwalters, on Twitter at @Vicky_Walters or by visiting her blog at:

The Country Escape by Jane Lovering @janelovering @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources #feelgoodfiction #bookreview #boldwoodbloggers #TheCountryEscape

Country Escape final

The Country Escape written by Jane Lovering, publisher Boldwood Books, is available NOW in ebook, kindleunlimited and audiobook format.

Book Blurb

Welcome to the idyllic country retreat of Christmas Steepleton, and let Jane Lovering whisk you away with the most heart-warming, romantic and comforting read of the year.

Leaving London and her ex-husband Luc behind, Katie and her 14-year-old daughter Poppy move into their very own, very ramshackle cottage near the village of Christmas Steepleton on the Dorset coast.

Harvest Cottage has been unloved for many years, so the job of bringing it back to life is a slow and expensive one. So, with funds running low, Katie jumps at the chance when a film company asks to use the cottage as a location.  But even as things are looking up, as harvest time passes and autumn chill starts to bite, the prospect of a cold winter in the country is daunting.

Some light relief comes from new friend Gabriel, so different from Katie’s exuberant but arrogant ex Luc. Will their friendship blossom into something more romantic, or will the reality of a tough country winter send her and Poppy scurrying back to the comforts of town?

Let Jane Lovering spirit you away to the perfect country escape, far away from the bustle of the city. Just right for fans of Emma Burstall, Fern Britton and Kate Forster.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Jane Lovering’s latest novel: The Country Escape.

This is the first novel I’ve read by Jane Lovering and I really enjoyed it.  The story charmed me with it’s gorgeous idyllic setting and I fell in love with the characters, even the sub-characters.

Katie and her teenage daughter, Poppy, have escaped their lifestyle in London and following the divorce of her ex-husband she has purchased a dilapidated cottage in the Dorset countryside not too far from the coastline.  Harvest Cottage sounds idyllic but it’s far from perfect with it’s damp walls and resident woodlice but Katie sees potential in the building and I do too see character and charm within the walls.

Harvest Cottage is isolated from the village but Katie soon finds she has a neighbour; a whimsical gypsy caravan and piebald horse have turned up in the lane adjoining her property.  As there is no owner for either the horse or caravanin sight Katie feels they have been left abandoned.  A kindly gentleman in the name of Gabriel, full of quirks and as handsome as they come, soon visits Katie to inform her of the horse and van’s owner.

The arrival of the new neighbour and of Gabriel start a catalyst of new beginnings for Katie and Poppy.  Life will never be the same for the girls and Katie starts to appreciate her past and acknowledge the secrets she has held with such emotional pressure.  She learns to accept the simpler things and the new people that enter her life enrich her beyond anything she’s received from the big city.

A delightful story that is about new beginnings, new friendships and new opportunities.  About learning from the past and accepting life with it’s all bumps in the road.  I fell in love with Harvest Cottage, with Katie and Poppy but most of all I fell in love with Gabriel.  Such a beautiful person inside and out; humble, intelligent, creative and community minded.  Katie and Gabriel are two vulnerable people learning from their past, will fate play it’s hand in bringing these two insecure individuals together?  Can Katie and Poppy learn to appreciate life at a different pace to the city of London?

Delightful, charming and I didn’t want the story to end.

Author Bio –

2018authorpicindoorsJane Lovering is the bestselling and award-winning romantic comedy writer who won the RNA Novel of the Year Award in 2012 with Please Don’t Stop the Music. She lives in Yorkshire and has a cat and a bonkers terrier, as well as five children who have now left home.

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Starcross Manor by Christie Barlow @ChristieJBarlow @0neMoreChapter @rararesources #bookreview #StarcrossManor #feelgoodfiction

Starcross Manor Cover

Starcross Manor written by Christie Barlow, publisher 0ne More Chapter, is available NOW in ebook and audiobook format.  The paperback is due out in November.

Book Blurb

Dying to know more about the brooding and mysterious Flynn Carter and the secrets behind his plans for Starcross Manor?

You won’t want to miss the next spellbinding chapter in the Love Heart Lane series – where friends are there for you no matter what.

When Julia Coleman meets Flynn Carter again in the cosy village of Heartcross it can only mean trouble. Flynn might be rich, brooding and sexy, but Julia knows first-hand he’s ruthless and she plans to watch his every move.

When Julia discovers Flynn’s plans for beautiful Starcross Manor her greatest fears come true.  Because Flynn’s dreams of turning Starcross into a luxury hotel could ruin Julia’s dreams…and finish off the community of Heartcross for good.

Flynn makes it clear he doesn’t want trouble, and he’s not the man Julia thinks he is.  As he sets about convincing the community he’s changed, he hopes he can convince Julia to give him another chance too…

To buy link:

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Christie Barlow’s latest novel: Starcross Manor.

Christie Barlow’s writing has once again captured my heart with Starcross Manor.  Starcross Manor is book four in the Love Heart Lane series.  Although each novel can be read as a standalone story I would highly recommend reading the books in the series in order to appreciate the history of the characters, the setting and the ambiance of the community of Heartcross.  The books in the series are:

  1. Love Heart Lane
  2. Foxglove Farm
  3. Clover Cottage
  4. Starcross Manor
  5. The Lake House (due later this year)

The Love Heart Lane series is set in the most idyllic of locations in a small village in the Scottish Highlands.  A village that holds the community within it’s heart and it’s success is borne by each and every one of the small independent businesses pulling together helping each other.  Although the village sounds idyllic the lives of the villagers are full of realistic problems and situations that are relatable.  The characters are written with such warmth that you instantly fall in love with, even the likeable rogues.  Each story in the series is centred around a different character and business but Starcross Manor has two businesses as it’s focus; the main one is Julia’s B & B that has been established five years now and is doing very well with the tourists flocking to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, the other business is Starcross Manor which has recently been bought and in the process of renovating by a newcomer, hot shot entreprenuer Flynn Carter.

When Julia bumps into the new owner of Starcross Manor she is shocked to discover that someone from her past has turned up in the village and looks like he is here to stay.  There’s a lot of bad feeling between Julia and Flynn but it appears that Flynn can’t recall all the hurt that he once caused.  The villagers soon become unsettled with this high flying businessman in their midst and they fear for their livelihood.  However, when an emergency ensues within the village fears are put on hold and the strength of the community pull together with a surprising benefactor to the cause.

Starcross Manor is another gorgeous instalment in the bestselling series Love Heart Lane.  It’s a series that you just want to keep going and going and as each story emerges you once again escape into the lives of the villagers of Heartcross and leave a tiny bit of your heart in the Scottish Highlands.  A story that sparkles with fun, friendship, hopefulness and blossoming romance.

Author Bio – Christie Barlow is the number 1 International bestselling author of ten bestsellers including A Home at Honeysuckle Farm, Love Heart Lane and Clover Cottage. Her writing career came as somewhat a surprise when she decided to write a book to teach her children a valuable life lesson and show them that they are capable of achieving their dreams. The book she wrote to prove a point is now a #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia.

Social Media Links –


Twitter @ChristieJBarlow

Facebook page Christie Barlow author

Some Like It Greek by Sue Roberts @suerobertsautho @bookouture #blogtour #bookreview #feelgoodfiction


Some Like It Greek written by Sue Roberts, publisher Bookouture, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

There’s nothing like a summer escape. A sun-kissed story about living life to the full.

In the month from hell, incurable optimist Anna has lost her father and her job, and her trademark smile is dimming. Clearing out her dad’s house, she discovers a postcard of a beautiful sandy beach and a map with a route plotted to the Greek island of Kefalonia. With an empty summer stretching ahead, Anna’s eyes stray to her father’s old camper van. Next thing she knows, she’s hitting the road with friend Demi in tow, on a course from Salford to Skala!

Over one unforgettable summer, Anna and Demi make their rickety way along the sparkling Mediterranean coast, the hot sun shining down on their frequent mishaps with cheerful local characters. It’s the trip of a lifetime, and the scent of lemons in the air – as well as an unexpected romance – are just what Anna needs to awaken her inner Greek goddess.

But there are big surprises in store when they arrive at the island paradise, which could change both women’s lives forever. And as summer comes to an end, Anna has to decide whether she has had enough of the Greek life, or whether this is only just the beginning…

A joyful, hilarious summer read, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella.

Some Like it Greek – Blog Tour
I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes
I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Sue Roberts’ latest novel: Some Like It Greek.  This is the first book I’ve read by Sue Roberts and it was such a treat to discover a new author.
The storyline in Some Like It Greek resonated with me on so many levels and although I too within the last year have experienced redundancy and sadly lost my father I didn’t find this story depressing, in fact it radiated nostalgia, warmth and hopefulness.
Anna has just recently lost her father, whilst sorting through his belongings she finds a map and postcards from the time he spent in Greece during his twenties.  The map details a route through France, Switzerland, Italy then on the ferry to Greece.  Anna also finds the keys to her fathers old camper van, a van that has witnessed many adventures.  Are there anymore adventures left in this van?  Anna’s career at the bank is at risk so she takes this as a sign to take herself on a journey following the footsteps of her late father.
The journey to Greece is filled with many surprises; some good, some wonderful, some very funny and some that were not great.  With her intrepid travelling partner the ladies go on a nostalgic journey of the past, present and the future.
This was a fun, nostalgic, heart-warming and very poignant read.
Author Bio

Sue Roberts - Author Photo June 2020Sue Roberts lives in Lancashire with her long term partner Derek and has had a lifelong love of writing, encouraged by winning a school writing competition at the age of 11.

She always assumed that ‘one day’ she would write a book, always having a busy household and a job, the idea remained firmly on the back burner but never forgotten.

The inspiration for her first novel came to her on a holiday to a Greek village. Her daughters had left home and suddenly the time had come to write that book!

Twitter:  @SueRobertsautho

Lucy’s Great Escape (Little Duck Pond Cafe) by Rosie Green @Rosie_Green1988 @rararesources #feelgoodfiction #bookreview #summerreading


Lucy’s Great Escape written and self-published by Rosie Green is available NOW in ebook and kindleunlimited format.

Book Blurb

Lucy never wanted to abandon her friends and family, and travel to the other side of the country to start a new life. And all without telling anyone where she was going. But these are desperate times. And finding herself with a nightmare of a dilemma, fleeing her home town seems like the only way she can protect herself and those she loves.

The Cornish town of Pengully Sands holds happy childhood memories for Lucy and seems the perfect place to escape to, although having little money and no friends, life at first seems grim.

But a chance meeting with Madison and the rest of the Little Duck Pond Café girls, plus a decidedly attractive local guy who won’t take no for an answer, gives Lucy a glimmer of hope for the future. Could she really settle in Pengully Sands and make a living by selling her watercolours?

But just as life is starting to look a little rosier, it becomes clear that someone back home – the last person she ever wanted to see – has tracked her down…

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Book 11 in the Little Duck Pond Cafe series; Lucy’s Great Escape.

The Little Duck Pond Cafe is one of my favourite series of feelgood fiction and Book 11 sees us return to Cornwall to Pengully Sands.  We briefly met Lucy, the shy artist, in the last novel (A Cornish Summer Holiday) but this is the chance to learn of her back story and why and how she ended up escaping her life in London to start afresh in Cornwall.

Lucy is still grieving the loss of her mum, it’s a year since her mum sadly passed away and life will never be the same again.  Lucy’s dad has become friendly with a woman called Eleanor and Lucy feels more at ease knowing her dad has found some happiness again.  However, since Eleanor has appeared on the scene little things have started happening making Lucy doubt her own thoughts and actions.  When Lucy can’t take anymore of her life at home with her dad and his new love she feels the only option is to to take herself away from the situation.  She goes to Cornwall in her late mum’s campervan to a place that holds so many lovely memories for her.

However, bad luck seems to have followed her to Cornwall and Lucy is desperate for money.  A kindly lady offers her work but is this offer too good to be true?  As Lucy’s new life in Cornwall unfolds we learn of how her vulnerability is targeted.  A chance encounter with Madison from the cafe gives her the much needed boost she requires and a handsome stranger helps her in more ways than one.

The Little Duck Pond Cafe series is wonderful, heart-warming, feelgood fiction with realistic storylines.  The author has created such a myriad of characters to fall in love with and leaving you with thoughts of hopefulness and joy.

Another gorgeous instalment in a must read feelgood series.

Author Bio –

Rosie has been scribbling stories ever since she was little. Back then, they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by ‘the baddies’. Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all – unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love. Rosie’s Little Duck Pond Cafe series of novellas is centred around life in a village cafe. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story. The latest, ‘Lucy’s Great Escape’, is out now. Watch out for further tales of the Little Duck Pond Cafe, including the delicious ‘Log Fires & Toffee Apple Cake’, which will be published in autumn 2020.

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Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop by Ali McNamara @AliMcNamara @ClaraHDiaz @littlebookcafe @littlebrownUK #feelgoodfiction #bookreview

kate and clara's curious cornish gift shop

Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop written by Ali McNamara, publisher Sphere, is available NOW in ebook, audiobook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Kate thinks all her wishes have come true when she opens her own little craft shop in the idyllic harbour town of St Felix.

But she soon finds a mystery lingers in her new shop – a sixty-year-old love story told through beautiful paintings and intricate embroideries.

Jack, the owner of the nearby art shop, volunteers to help Kate unravel the mystery, but in doing so they realise their own lives share some uncanny similarities with Clara and Arty, their 1950s counterparts . . .

Can Kate and Jack put right a decades-old wrong, and maybe find their own happy ending on the way?

To buy links

The book is available to buy from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.  It can also be purchased from Waterstones, WHSmith and many other independent book stores. The book can also be purchased online from amazon and Hive.




I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

First of all I’d like to wish the author, Ali McNamara, a Happy Publication Day for her latest novel: Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop.  I also have to confess that this is the first book I’ve read by Ali McNamara and after finally reading her work she is going straight to my favourites author list.  Ali McNamara’s wonderful words envelope you into a story that makes you feel comforted and leaves you with a glorious sense of joy.  I am so glad that I’ve finally experienced the work of this author and have the knowledge of a lovely back catalogue of stories to catch up with.

Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop is a story that sees us return to St Felix, a fictional coastal village in Cornwall, that has played host to a few of the authors stories.  The story starts with the opening of a new art exhibition at the gallery celebrating the life and work of one of St Felix very own artists.  The Cornish coast  inspires many crafts people now and in the past so local craft shop owner Kate is one of the VIP guests at the event.

Kate with her teenage daughter have lived in the area a few years now and loves having her own shop but when she finds out another art supplies shop is to open in the village she becomes very protective of her business.  Her first encounter with the new art shop owner, Jack, doesn’t get off to a good start but when mysterious happenings start occurring simultaneously in each craft/art shop both Kate and Jack put their heads together to work out the mystery that is literally unfolding before their eyes.

Ali McNamara has written a wonderful tale of chance encounters and new beginnings and of a lost treasure that’s taken nearly sixty years to unearth the truth.  An enchanting story with Cornish myth and magic in the air bringing lost souls together with the past merging with the present.

Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop is a time slip romance that captivates and bewitches the reader.

About the Author

ALI MCNAMARA is a writer, and author of eleven novels. Her debut From Notting Hill with Love…Actually, published in 2010, became an instant bestseller, and her novels Step Back in Time and Letters from Lighthouse Cottage were nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year. She lives in Cambridgeshire with her family and suffers with several auto-immune illnesses: UTCD (Undifferentiated connective tissue disease.), Graves’ Disease and M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.).

To find out more about Ali visit her website:
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That Holiday in France by Rhoda Baxter @rhodabaxter @BOTBSPublicity #blogtour #bookreview #ThatHolidayinFrance #romcom #feelgoodfiction

that holiday in france

That Holiday in France written and self-published by Rhoda Baxter is available NOW in ebook, kindleunlimted and paperback format.

Book Blurb

When Ellie’s boyfriend forbids her from going to France to attend her best friend’s wedding, she decides she’s had enough. She dumps him and goes to France by herself. But travelling alone is scary and Ellie realises how reliant she’d become on the men in her life.
On holiday, she learns to trust her own judgement and grows in confidence. Just when she decides she doesn’t need a man to complete her, she meets Ash, who is everything her ex wasn’t.
But is Ellie willing to give up her new found independence and link herself to another man?

  • Friends to lovers
  • Heroine asserting her independence
  • Summer in France
  • Tiny puddings

That Holiday In France is a standalone story set in the little Yorkshire village of Trewton Royd. Ideal for fans of Mhairi McFarlane or Sophie Kinsella.

To buy link:

That Holiday In France Banner

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of the latest novel in the Trewton Royd small town romances by Rhoda Baxter.  That Holiday in France is book 5 in the series however, it’s my first introduction to the work of Rhoda Baxter but as the story is written as a standalone I felt very welcomed into the lives of the characters and this charming Yorkshire village.

I love discovering new authors and I have found a lovely new romcom author in Rhoda Baxter as I thoroughly enjoyed reading That Holiday in France.

Ellie is such a lovable character; shy, unassuming and very unsure of her capabilities.  She’s a character that you want to champion and throughout the story I could feel myself urging Ellie on and praising her.  I do feel we all have a little of Ellie’s traits inside us, sometimes all it takes is stepping out of our comfort-zone to realise there’s more to our potential.

Ellie lives in a small village in Yorkshire with her father, she works in the local bakers and has been going out with her boyfriend, Luke, for four years.  When Luke forbids Ellie to go to her best friends wedding in France she feels it’s time she made a decision for herself.  For a long time Ellie has listened to the men in her life and has made compromises to fit in with their ways.  This new decision terrifies but excites Ellie but she reels reassured that Ash, another old school friend from the village is also going to the wedding.

We follow Ellie on her journey to France which includes more than a little sight seeing along the way.  This journey is full of self-discovery and enlightenment and there’s plenty of beautiful memories being made.  Can this trip to France give Ellie the courage to accepts her strengths and express them more?  Can she learn to trust in her own judgement and open her heart and mind to others.

A gorgeous story of learning to love yourself and open up your heart and mind to new possibilities.

I fell in love with his fun, heart-warming story that is filled with a big dose of love.  I can’t wait to read more from the villagers of Trewton Royd.

About the Author

that holiday in france Rhoda Baxter author photoRhoda Baxter writes romantic comedies about strong heroines and nice-guy heroes. Having studied microbiology at university, Rhoda likes all things science geeky. She also loves cake, crochet and playing with Lego. She lives in Yorkshire with her young family and wishes she had more time to bake.
You can find out more about her (and get a free book by signing up to her newsletter) on her website.
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