Maybe This Time by Jill Mansell blogtour book review


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Maybe This Time written by Jill Mansell, publisher Headline, is available NOW in ebook, hardcover and audiobook format.

The hardcover is available from all good book retailers including Waterstones, WHSmith and amazon.  The ebook is available to download for kindle, kobo, iBooks and Google.

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Mimi isn’t looking for love when she spends a weekend in Goosebrook, the Cotswolds village her dad has moved to. And her first encounter with Cal, who lives there too, is nothing like a scene in a romantic movie – although she can’t help noticing how charismatic he is. But Cal’s in no position to be any more than a friend, and Mimi heads back to her busy London life.
When they meet again four years later, it’s still not to be. Cal is focusing on his family, and Mimi on her career. Then Cal dives into a potentially perfect new romance whilst Mimi’s busy fixing other people’s relationships.
It seems as if something, or someone else, always gets in their way. Will it ever be the right time for both of them?

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Jill Mansell’s latest novel: Maybe This Time.

When you pick up a Jill Mansell novel you know you’re heart and soul are in safe hands and that the author’s words will take you on a wonderful journey.

Maybe This Time is Jill Mansell’s 30th novel (I hope I’ve got this correct) and it has all the well loved trademarks from all her other stories.  I fell in love with our leading lady, Mimi, straight away and could picture this young woman travelling from London to the Cotswolds to visit her father and his partner.  Her first visit to the Cotswolds was going to be the start of a journey for Mimi.  A journey that would break her heart but bit by bit it would slowly mend.

Along the way we meet some fabulous characters including Cal, who’s first encounter with Mimi is quite comical.  Mimi has a habit of being accident prone especially when she’s in the vicinity of Cal and she also jumps to conclusions.

Over the years of visiting the Cotswolds Mimi and Cal have continued to bump into each other and a friendship has blossomed.  There’s not only Cal that has welcomed Mimi to this idyllic village in the Cotswolds; we have bubbly Lois, Paddy the womanising charmer and Cal’s six year old daughter Cora who have all won a place in Mimi’s heart.  When life throws it’s darkest hours the villagers come together to pick up the pieces.

This story was filled with so much warmth and joy that emanated from the characters and the beautiful setting of the Cotswolds village.  Through the tears of life hope is evident giving us a heartfelt, beautiful story of friendship, laughter and love.

About the Author

jill mansell author pictureJill Mansell is the author of over twenty Sunday Times bestsellers including The One You Really Want and Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay. Take a Chance on Me won the RNA’s Romantic Comedy Prize, and in 2015 the RNA presented Jill with an outstanding achievement award.

Jill’s personal favourite amongst her novels is Three Amazing Things About You, which is about cystic fibrosis and organ donation; to her great delight, many people have joined the organ donor register as a direct result of reading this novel.

Jill started writing fiction while working in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology in the NHS, but now writes full time. She lives in Bristol with her family.





This Could Change Everything by Jill Mansell blogtour book review


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This Could Change Everything written by Jill Mansell, publisher Headline, is available NOW in ebook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook and audio CD format.

The paperback is available at all good book retailers.

The ebook is available to download via kindle, iBooks, kobo and Google.

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One little mistake and nothing will ever be the same again!
On the one hand, if Essie hadn’t written that letter – the one that only her best friend was meant to see – then she’d still be living like an actual proper grown-up, tucked up with Paul in his picture-perfect cottage, maybe even planning their wedding…
On the other hand (if her true feelings hadn’t accidentally taken the internet by storm, that is) she wouldn’t have moved into the attic flat on the square. She would never have met Conor. Or got to know Lucas…
And she wouldn’t have found herself falling in love with someone she really, really shouldn’t fall in love with…

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the release of the paperback version of Jill Mansell’s latest novel; This Could Change Everything.

This Could Change Everything is Jill Mansell’s 29th novel.  When you pick up a Jill Mansell book you know you are in for a glorious treat of a read.

I simply adored this novel and just didn’t want the story to end.  I felt lots of emotions; it was uplifting, very poignant, charming, romantic, beautiful and utterly magical.

This is a wonderful story of life and the journeys and decisions we make that guide us to a whole host of new opportunities, new directions and the chance of new beginnings.  Sometimes fate plays a hand in our lives but in This Could Change Everything a little area in Bath has it’s own Fairy Godmother that is 83 year old Zillah.  Zillah is flamboyantly dressed, can read people and work out what they need, she tirelessly helps many, many people at a time when life has cruelly taken away many choices.  However, Zillah cannot help these people on her own and this is where her new friends Esse and Conor come in.

Lot’s of unfortunate events brought Esse and Conor to Zillah’s door and since Zillah joined their lives both Esse and Conor have found a new outlook in life.

A story filled with so much inspiration, optimism and humanity, I was completely moved by Esse, Conor and Zillah.  I felt like Zillah was more than Queen of the Square, she was like a mystical octogenarian with a vivid past that was full of guilt, regrets but also full of adventure and passion.  You simply can’t help wanting to hear more from Zillah, her past and her life’s work now.  I loved the rapport she had with Esse and Conor.

The romance was beautifully woven within the storyline and it filled my heart with warmth and joy.

It’s a story I believe that you’d want to read again and again.  Glorious, uplifting and so heart warming.

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The Dish by Stella Newman book review

the dishThe Dish by Stella Newman is available now in kindle format, audio download and is due to be published in paperback on Thursday 21st May 2015.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

When Laura Parker first crosses forks with Adam Bayley, she’s only after one thing: his custard doughnut. But when she takes a closer look she sees a talented, handsome man who outshines the string of jokers she’s been dating.

There’s just one problem. Adam’s job means Laura has to keep her job as restaurant critic for The Dish, a secret. Tricky for someone who prides herself on honesty.

Can the truth be put on ice long enough for love to flourish?

And how can you expect your boyfriend to be honest if you’re not quite telling the truth yourself?

croissant and coffee

I’d like to thank the publishers and netgalley for an arc in return for an honest review.

Unlucky in love and aspiring journalist Laura has a secret.  When she bumps into the gorgeous, moody Adam and spends all day chatting to him she realises this secret could cause all sorts of problems for this budding friendship.  She finds out Adam is the top chef to the fancy new restaurant in the city that food critic, The Dish, has recently slated.  The anonymous critic for The Dish is none other than Laura … Laura is left with a dilemma, does she reveal her secret or keep quiet?  However, when Laura and Adam’s friendship develops all is not what it seems with Adam and he too has been harbouring a secret.  Can their friendship develop once these secrets are revealed?

Laura’s character was great, very funny and quirky however, at the beginning she was crestfallen and doubting herself after her failed marriage but after a few years picking herself up she starts to believe in the spark she’s felt during this first encounter with Adam.  A great banter begins between them and I love the author’s wit during this ‘honeymoon’ period between Laura and Adam.  I also admire Laura’s relationship with her boss Roger, its very much like a surrogate father/daughter relationship.  When things take an unexpected downturn for Roger it was wonderful and heartwarming to see this tender side between Laura and her boss.  The rest of Laura’s colleagues at the newspaper firm are full of character and quirkiness, I can just imagine the offbeat banter between them all during a staff meeting.  Its great writing from an author when you can imagine the characters coming to life in your head.

I always love a book filled with romance and food as they marry up together so well.

A fabulously, witty, heartwarming foodie fiction 5/5* romance read.

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