I Don’t Want to be Friends by Camilla Isley book review

I Don't Want to be Friends

I Don’t Want to be Friends written by Camilla Isley, publisher Pink Bloom Press, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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David is waiting in a bar for a date who’s not going to show… bitter and alone, will he give up on the girl he loves?

After a summer spent apart Scott and Haley are back together, but something has changed between them… Will their relationship ever feel the same as before?

Madison’s new mantra in life is: stay strong and survive senior year. She’s in love with her best friend’s boyfriend, but Scott only sees her as a friend, and her broken heart can’t take it much longer. She needs to finish college and turn the page on an impossible love story… but can she be stronger than her feelings?

Two brothers in love with the same girl.
Two best friends in love with the same guy.
A love triangle within a love triangle…

pink heart scrollI Don’t Want to be Friends is Book 4 in the Just Friends series. The Just Friends series is a set of four stories centred around the friendship of a group of college students in Boston. We follow the friends as they start their next adventure in life; moving home, starting college, finding new friends and new loves and this is all mixed in with life’s everyday hurdles. The books are part of a series and to fully appreciate the full enjoyment of the stories I would highly recommend reading them all in order:
Let’s Just Be Friends, Friend Zone, My Best Friend’s Boyfriend, I Don’t Want to be Friends.

It was great to be back in Boston to the young friends we have learned about in this series. This story focuses on Haley and her dilemma with her very confused emotions revolved around the Williams brother; David and Scott. For nearly a year Haley has been dating Scott but when he went away for a few months to work on his internship their relationship cooled and Haley was left hurt and unsure of where she stood with Scott. During these few months Haley and David built up a friendly rapport but when Scott returned Haley was so excited to see him again she welcomed him home with open arms. Seeing his brother return home into the arms of the girl David secretly loved angered him and he thought he knew how Haley’s heart truly felt.

With confused hearts and angered souls the two brothers and Haley were struggling with their emotions. However, there is another victim in this love triangle that is suffering with her feelings towards someone that is already taken.

I loved how the author in this story created two very different brothers, both strikingly handsome but each with their own personality. David the older brother had a devilishly dynamic about him but there was a side to him that appealed to many and he was so astute understanding people and situations. He was also deeply loyal to his family but ultimately when he wanted something he went for it. Scott was more level headed but I felt at times he could be a little selfish.

This was another great instalment in this emotive YA series. I’m certainly not at the age of a YA character but I love reading about the emotive feelings between characters in YA stories as whatever age we are our feelings on life and it’s struggles and complications are pretty much the same.

A gorgeous, sexy, emotive series.

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Just Friends (2 book series) by Camilla Isley book review



Let’s Be Just Friends (book 1) and Friend Zone (book 2) written and self-published by Camilla Isley are available now in ebook and paperback format.

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Let’s Be Just Friends

What if the man you’ve always loved isn’t the right one for you?
Rose Atwood has been in love with her best friend for years, and she’s tired of keeping her feelings under wraps for fear of getting hurt. Being Tyler’s best friend is becoming more difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life–especially Georgiana Smithson, a snotty, beautiful girl who’s in Law School with them.
When Rose, dumped by her long-term boyfriend, moves temporarily into Tyler’s apartment, tension spikes. Georgiana wants Rose out of the house. Rose wants Georgiana out of Tyler’s life. And Tyler… well, he doesn’t really know what he wants.
As an unexpected argument brings Rose and Tyler closer than they’ve ever been, they must decide if there’s more to their relationship than being just friends. And they must do it quickly, as Georgiana is determined to do everything in her power to keep Tyler and Rose apart. After all, all is fair in love and war.
Will Rose make a leap of faith and trust Tyler with her heart?
Will Tyler make the right choice, or will he be too late?

Let’s Be Just Friends is a fast paced, captivating college romance that will keep you glued to the pages with humor, heartbreak, and romance. It’s a story about friendship, love, and the choices we make.
Tyler and Rose are two best friends, who end up tangled in a college love triangle when they become friends with benefits. Enjoy this light new adult read.

Friend Zone

Alice Brown fell in love with Jack the day she moved into her freshman dorm. Problem is, she’s been stuck in the friend zone ever since. After another meaningless breakup, she’s ready to confess her feelings to Jack.
Jack Sullivan has mistaken friendship for love once before and has vowed never to do it again. A varsity sports player, he’s determined to enjoy college with no strings attached.
Peter Wells is Jack’s best wingman. He enjoys his popularity as team captain and when he meets Alice, he’s ready to steal her heart.
When Jack sees Alice and Peter together, jealousy hits him hard. But will he break his vow to never date a friend?

Meet new characters and catch up with old ones in the second book in the Just Friends series.


I really enjoyed this mini series by Camilla Isley.  The books are based on the complicated lives and loves of friends set in an American college.  Can friends ever develop more than just platonic feelings?  Is love worth the risk of friendship?

The books can be read as standalones but to fully appreciate the characters and story I’d advise you to read both stories in numerical order and once you’ve read book one you are going to want to read book two …

Let’s Just Be Friends – Tyler loves Rose and Rose loves Tyler but they both haven’t admitted their true feelings to each other.  There is also the added complication that Tyler has a girlfriend, Georgiana.  Tyler and Rose have been best friends in like forever and when Rose finds herself temporary homeless she moves in with Tyler.  Their best friends relationship was working well until Tyler and Georgiana got together.  Georgiana is jealous of this BFF relationship between Tyler and Rose and she feels there is more to this platonic relationship.

When an unexpected change in this friendship heats up Tyler becomes very confused. Georgiana schemes a plan to embarrass Rose but it backfires when Ethan, Georgiana’s brother falls for Rose.  Georgiana’s scheming continues and she does all her best to keep Tyler and Rose apart forever.  Can Rose open her heart and let others in?  Can Tyler commit to a relationship?

I loved this love story it was fresh, fun and flirty.  A YA romance that was quite addictive and I couldn’t wait to read more of this sizzling chemistry between friends.  I loved how the author, Camilla Isley, broke up each chapter with different character perspectives. The angst between the BFFS was truly felt with their constant battle of emotions, it was very poignant but also electric at times.

Friend Zone – sees us continuing on from the story from Let’s Just Be Friends with a startling discovery.  We are then transported back to 7 months previously when we are introduced to new friends struggling with their feelings for each other.  This story focuses on Alice and Jack.  Alice and Jack are studying the same course in college and as soon as Alice met Jack she felt strong feelings for him.  However, Alice didn’t reveal her true feelings to Jack for a long time but after making a pass at him and being rebuked by him she is embarrassed and angry with herself.  She vows to make him jealous and starts dating his ‘wingman’ and super popular captain of the basketball team Peter.  Peter is a player but when he meets Alice he sees more in her than his previous one night stands and a serious relationship develops between Alice and Peter.  This brings outrage to Jack and his jealousy spirals out of control.  Once again we are treated to chapters from different character perspectives with the young adults battling their confused emotions with each other.  Has Jack left it too late?

Another great fun love story from Camilla Isley that concludes the story in Let’s Just Be Friends and introduces us to more friends with heart breaking turmoil. 

This mini series would make a great read for Valentine’s Day shared with your favourite drink and sweet treat 🙂

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