Her Secret by Kelly Florentia blogtour book review

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Her Secret written by Kelly Florentia, publisher Urbane Publications, is available in ebook and paperback format from 17th May 2018.

To buy link:  https://amzn.to/2InmqX5

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After being in a long-term relationship for eight years, Audrey Fox never thought she’d tie the knot. But at the age of forty-two, fate throws her a lifeline and she finally has it all – a loving husband, successful career, beautiful family and loyal friends. Life couldn’t be better for Audrey … until a family member entrusts her with a secret that threatens trouble in paradise.

Lying to her new husband definitely wasn’t on the cards when Audrey took her vows, but now she feels there’s no other choice. She either keeps the secret or risks hurting the people that she loves. And then just when the dust seems to settle, an old flame turns up and creates a storm that could bring her world crashing down …

Unable to discuss her dilemma with her significant friends Louise and Tina, or sister-in-law Vicky, the cracks begin to show. Torn between her husband and the people she’s known and loved for years, Audrey’s perfect life begins to spiral out of control. Where do her loyalties lie and whom can she trust? Because there’s no smoke without fire and everyone has secrets … don’t they?

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I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Kelly Florentia’s latest novel: Her Secret.  Her Secret is the sequel to her bestselling romantic comedy No Way Back.  You can find my review for this novel here.

I absolutely loved No Way Back, Audrey Fox is such a brilliant character and had many tears, dramas and laughs in book one and we were left with a sort of junction in Audrey’s life at the end of book one, a junction with two different paths left open for her and I was so keen to continue with her story.

The author, Kelly Florentia, hasn’t disappointed me with this sequel.  In fact, at one point I was so overcome with emotion I wanted to tweet expletives to her, asking why would she do this to her characters she had so lovingly created on the pages.

The story carries on with Audrey’s life a few months after the end of the last novel, I’m not going to reveal which path she took as you’ll have the pleasure of finding this out when you read the book.  Audrey is faced with a major dilemma, a secret is revealed to her, one that jeapardises someone’s life very close to her and she is put in a very awkward position to keep this secret to herself.  With one secret, comes another and another and like a stack of dominoes they all start tumbling causing much chaos to all involved.  Matters of the heart and people’s personality and history are left in doubt and Audrey becomes almost obsessive about this tangle of lies, deceit and secrets.  She doesn’t know who or what to trust.

Kelly Florentia has written such a twisting, emotive, dramatic sequel to No Way Back.  I couldn’t quite believe myself the turns the storyline was taking and the ending … omg I was broken.  Brilliant, brilliant storytelling with characters you fall in love with and a great entourage of sub-characters that could quite easily have their own novel centred around them.

Loved it, want more please 🙂

To learn more about the author please do visit the following pages:

Website:  https://kellyflorentia.com/

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/kellyflorentia

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No Way Back by Kelly Florentia blogtour book review

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No Way Back written by Kelly Florentia, publisher Urbane Publications, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.  The ebook is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.

To buy link: http://amzn.to/2xvnR2q

Product Details (as per amazon page)

When two eligible and attractive men are vying for your heart, it should be the perfect dilemma…

Audrey Fox has been dumped by her unreliable fiancé Nick Byrne just days before the wedding. Heartbroken and confused, the last thing she expects when she jumps on a plane to convalesce in Cyprus is romance. But a chance meeting with handsome entrepreneur and father-of-one Daniel Taylor weaves her into a dating game she’s not sure she’s ready for. Audrey’s life is thrown into further turmoil when she discovers on her return to London that Nick has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident that’s left him in intensive care. Distraught yet determined to look to the future, Audrey must make a decision – follow her heart or listen to well-meaning advice from family and friends? Because sometimes, no matter what, it’s the people that we love who can hurt us the most…


I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Kelly Florentia’s latest novel, No Way Back.

I really enjoyed this novel by Kelly Florentia.  No Way Back is her second full length novel.  It follows the life of Audrey Fox who is heartbroken following the break-up of her relationship mere days before their wedding.  Audrey and Nick have been together for eight years and Audrey was so excited and ready for her forthcoming nuptials.  However, Nick has had a fairly unreliable past and calling off the wedding just proves to Audrey how unreliable he is.  Audrey flees the country and stays in Cyprus with her parents to recuperate and reflect on her future.

Audrey’s heart and mind is very unsettled and Cyprus is not proving much of a distraction especially when she literally falls in the lap of wealthy and handsome businessman Daniel Taylor.  Daniel turns out to be Audrey’s very own Prince Charming but is she ready to be swooned so soon?

Back home in London reality hits her hard after learning that her ex Nick is seriously ill in hospital following a motorcycle accident.  Audrey is faced with a dilemma on whether to visit Nick in hospital.  Her friends are set against her visiting Nick and unbeknown to Audrey they have their reasons for this and when this reason reveals a whole lot more anguish for Audrey she is confused and heartbroken even more.

The handsome businessman Daniel is also back in London and has set his sights on winning Audrey’s heart?

Daniel Taylor is a very complicated character and Audrey’s first impressions are way off the mark.  But the more Audrey lets Daniel into her life the more tangled her new relationship becomes as Daniel has many secrets and until he reveals all to Audrey she cannot clear her mind of her feelings for him.

Audrey has a lovely support group of friends and family which hold many keys to this story .  The sub-characters themselves experience many trials and tribulations in their own lives.  Some of these moments in her friends lives were quite emotive, dealing with serious issues and the author dealt with these concerns in a sensitive manner.

For the weeks and months following the cancellation of her wedding Audrey has experienced extreme highs and lows and her heart was in turmoil.  Should she go back to her ex Nick or have the charming Daniel capture her heart?

There were many twists in this tale I didn’t see coming, one minute I was hopeful and thought ‘yes, Audrey should choose him’ and then the author throws us in a completely different direction and you are left with a right quandary.

I was pleased to learn after reading this novel that Kelly Florentia will write a sequel to No Way Back.  There is so much potential for a sequel and I’m excited to see which way the author will take all the main and sub-characters.   No Way Back has many tears of despair, drama, intrigue, fun, frolics and warm tender moments.  Great story that has left me wanting more.

To learn more about Kelly Florentia and her books please visit the following links:

Website:  https://kellyflorentia.com/

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/kellyflorentia

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/KellyFlorentiaAuthor


The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia book review

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The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia, publisher Accent Press is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

Marriage isn’t high on 39-year-old Emma King’s list of priorities; after all, she’s been there and done it once. So there are no big surprises when, yet again, she turns down her long-term partner Harry’s marriage proposal. They’re a solid, secure couple – a piece of paper won’t make any difference. That is until she accidentally stumbles across a flirtatious text message from one of his female colleagues on his phone. Overcome with suspicion and an impending fear of losing Harry, Emma goes on a quest to get to the bottom of his secret affair with the help of her ninety-three-year-old neighbour, Alistair, her best friend Ola, and Harry’s sister-in-law’s psychic app, The Magic Touch.

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I’d like to thank the author, Kelly Florentia, for an arc in return for an honest review.  This is Kelly’s debut full length novel following the success of her novella, To Tell a Tale or Two, a collection of short stories.

This was a lovely story of love and friendships and miscommunications.

Emma and Harry have been happily courting for 5 years.  Harry saved Emma from a traumatic relationship in her past and has been her knight in shining armour ever since.  However, just lately Emma feels like Harry has ‘gone off’ her and when she finds a text on his phone she feels her worries are only just beginning.

Harry’s sister-in-law, Caroline, has become close to Emma and has asked her to trial her latest venture, a phone app called ‘The Magic Touch’ that reveals predictions about your life.  Caroline is a little psychic, she likes to read palms and professes to be good at it.  Emma is quite happy to help but when the app’s predictions start becoming a reality life becomes a little mystified for Emma.

The appearance of a new man in Emma’s life brings far too many complications which soon start unravelling into Emma and Harry’s relationship with almost disastrous results.

Can the couple save their relationship in time or will miscommunications be their fate?

I enjoyed this story by Kelly.  I loved the friendship Emma had with her elderly neighbour and their were some wonderful warm, heartfelt moments she shared with him.  Emma’s character was great, I loved her job of a book cover illustrator however, she had a very vulnerable side to her from her past and when more is revealed about her history you can appreciate why her personality is like so.  Harry sounded adorable and you wanted to believe he was a good man.  The story had a lot of warmth, humour, intrigue and a little magic and mystification.  I look forward to more from Kelly in the future.  4/5*

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