The Wild Remedy How Nature Mends Us – a diary by Emma Mitchell @silverpebble @OMaraBooks @Lovebookstours

The Wild Remedy How Nature Mends Us – a diary written by Emma Mitchell, publisher Michael O’Mara books, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Emma Mitchell has suffered with depression – or as she calls it, ‘the grey slug’ – for twenty-five years. In 2003, she moved from the city to the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens and began to take walks in the countryside around her new home, photographing, collecting and drawing as she went. Each walk lifted her mood, proving to be as medicinal as any talking therapy or pharmaceutical.

In Emma’s hand-illustrated diary, she takes us with her as she follows the local paths and trails, sharing her nature finds over the course of a year. Reflecting on how these encounters impact her mood, Emma’s candid account of her own struggles is a powerful testament to how reconnecting with nature may offer some answers to today’s mental health epidemic.

Written with Emma’s characteristic wit and frankness, and filled with her beautiful drawingspaintings and photography, this is a truly unique book for anyone who has ever felt drawn to nature and wondered about its influence over us.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

This is a beautiful book from inside to out. The author, Emma Mitchell, has compiled a book starting from October journeying through each month to September. She guides us pointing out changes to the landscape around us be it flora, fauna or nature and shows us how each one brings a new feeling of emotion within ourselves.

The book is told with beautiful prose and is interspersed with stunning photos and delicate illustrations. There’s a gorgeous photo of teasels at sunset that makes my heart gasp.

What I’ve transpired from this book and from what we have all learned from the last 18 months or so living under a pandemic is that nature has been rejoicing our souls for a lifetime. Before technology burst into our lives we had our own multi-coloured rays of light amongst the darkness of life. Emma Mitchell is reminding us with a gentleness of what helps her when life is tough.

Such a beautiful, thoughtful book for a time when we need to be reminded to open our eyes.

About the Author

Emma Mitchell is a popular designer–maker, craft teacher, and naturalist. She lives in a tiny village on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens, where she runs nature-inspired craft workshops and creative winter retreats. Emma has been published in the Guardian, Mollie Makes, Country Living, and Kirstie Allsopp’s book Craft. She’s also the creator and editor of Mollie Makes Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine, which has raised £100,000 so far for projects in the United Kingdom and Africa. She shares her joy of craft and her daily nature observations on her Instagram account, @silverpebble2, and her Twitter feed, @silverpebble. She blogs at


Bertie at the Worldwide Games by Wendy H Jones @WendyHJones @malcomdown @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #bookreview

Bertie at the Worldwide Games written by Wendy H Jones, publisher Sarah Grace Publishing, is available NOW in paperback format.

Book Blurb

Bertie the Buffalo is having fun on the farm where he lives in Scotland. Then a mysterious letter arrives inviting him to represent Scotland in the Worldwide Games. Bertie and his friends fly to Tokyo where they meet new and exotic animals and try to win first prize in all the different events. Bertie is sad when he isn’t winning any medals but finds out if he works together with his friends, he will be a winner in the end.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Wendy H Jones latest children’s picture book: Bertie at the Worldwide Games.

This is my first introduction to Bertie the Buffalo and from the gorgeous illustrations by artist Barry Diaper you can see that Bertie is a cutie and will instantly attract the attention of children just by the book cover. Barry Diaper continues with such endearing illustrations throughout and I was charmed by them. The illustrations complemented the story perfectly.

Bertie is a buffalo that lives on a farm in Scotland and with the help of his friends on the farm they are off on an adventure to Tokyo to represent Scotland at the Worldwide Games. Author Wendy H Jones has written such a lovely children’s book with a wonderful message. The games highlight each animals strength and character and working together as a team brings all the strength and qualities together making one big super squad!

There is a lovely rhyming prose that children will soon learn and want to regale. The storyline is comical in places bringing fun and warmth. With the gorgeous illustrations and mix of characters children could create their own stories about them and also they could research further the animals they have encountered in the book.

An enjoyable picture book that I believe children will want it to be read again and again.

Author Bio

Wendy H. Jones is the award-winning author of the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries and Cass Claymore Investigates. She lives in Scotland and is also an international public speaker and the president of the Scottish Association of Writers.

Twitter: @WendyHJones

Illustrator: Barry Diaper  

Barry Diaper is best known for his cartoons and caricatures for The Beano. He was once short-listed for the Daily Mail’s ‘Not the Turner Prize’. He lives in Salisbury, England.

What the World Needs Now: Bees by Cheryl Rosebush @cherylrosebush @freshly_press @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

What the World Needs Now: Bees written and self-published by Cheryl Rosebush, illustrated by Zuzana Svobodova, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb 

Inside the sprawling forests of Ontario, Canada lives a  friendly black bear named Melly. One of Melly’s favourite  things to do is EAT! And many of the delicious fruits she  snacks on wouldn’t grow without the help of some very  important little forest creatures. 

What the World Needs Now: Bees! explores the vital role  busy, busy bees play in helping plants to grow the food  people and animals love to eat.

Purchase Link: Environmental Kids – UK

Note from the Author:

As you might have seen on IG, our UK Shopify online store is now open for business:  We are really proud of our set up in the UK. All books in the series are printed in and shipped from the UK, which means we can pass along shipping savings to the customer, and the books have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

100% recycled paper, biodegradable lamination, vegetable-based inks and carbon-balanced printing we use, and now more than ever, these are books you can feel REALLY good about buying.

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Chery Rosebush latest novel: What the World Needs Now: Bees. This is my first introduction to the work of both the author, Cheryl Rosebush and the artist, Zuzana Svobodova and I can honestly say my eyes, mind and heart have been opened to the beauty of the words and images and I will definitely be purchasing all the books in the What the World Needs Now series.

A delightful picture book with an important message. Author Cheryl Rosebush has written a lovely, very child friendly informative story about the importance of bees. Paired with the enchanting illustrations of artist Zuzana Svobodova I can totally imagine that What the World Needs Now: Bees becoming a firm favourite for reading time. With a few activities included in the storyline this little book could become a great starting point for a classroom discussion on plants, pollination and food sources for all living creatures on planet earth.

I also appreciated learning about the different species of bees at the end of the story.

Overall this book is bright, eye catching with it’s charming illustrations and very thought provoking for young minds to easily understand a little creature that has such a huge responsibility.

About the Author

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada in the cities of Burlington and St. Catharines. Long before the internet and mobile phones (now I’m aging myself!), my childhood was spent in forests and parks, on bike rides, and playing hide and seek until the streetlights came on. My family did comical Griswold-style road trips in wood-paneled station wagons. We spent summers swimming in friends’ backyards. These are my very fortunate roots.

I knew from an early age that my destiny would take me far from Southern Ontario. I graduated high school and moved to Montreal to study international politics at McGill University. The subject fascinated me, but as graduation approached, I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do with a degree in international politics. I didn’t want to become a lawyer. I didn’t want to become a politician or civil servant. The media industry, on the other hand, intrigued me. 

The West Coast of Canada also intrigued me. So, after graduating McGill, I packed up again, moved to Vancouver and took the first media job I could get at a local Top 40 radio station (Z.95.3) in Vancouver. Best job. Great bosses. I learned so much. But after a couple of years there, the winds of change came calling again. 

September 11, 2001. In a heartbeat, Z95.3 went from playing Britney Spears to reporting up-to-the-minute information on the local, national and international fallout of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. In that moment, I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to do something that was needed on a good day, and needed even more on a bad day. I wanted to become a full-time journalist. 

So, I packed my bags again (a running theme in my life), and moved to Ottawa, Ontario to do my Masters of Journalism. Another incredible two years culminated in me getting a research internship with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) in London, England. That position helped me land back in Montreal for a second chapter there as local news reporter for the CBC. While I was there, I wore just about every hat you could in CBC’s radio and TV newsrooms. Depending on the day, I was a researcher, producer, reporter, or online writer. I even filled in for the weather reports every once in a while.

Twitter: @cherylrosebush

Instagram: @environmentalkidsbooks

Create Your Own Calm by Meera Lee Patel @meeraleepatel @omarabooks @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #CreateYourOwnCalm

Create Your Own Calm: a journal for quieting anxiety written and illustrated by Meera Lee Patel, publisher Michael O’Mara Books, is available NOW in paperback format.

Book Blurb

From the bestselling author of Start Where You Are comes a beautifully illustrated and integrative journal for easing the everyday anxieties we all carry.

Feeling anxious, uncertain, or overwhelmed? You’re not alone. In this empowering new tool for self-care, popular artist and author Meera Lee Patel presents a fresh approach to feeling better. Designed to help us better understand and dial down the everyday worries getting in our way, these thoughtful and beautifully illustrated journal pages are a safe space for reflection, insight, and the freedom to move forward with more clarity and joy.

Bringing together inspiring quotes from great thinkers and writers throughout history with engaging journal prompts and plenty of room to capture your thoughts, the book is a calming breath of fresh air and a quiet space to reflect and recharge in a hectic and uncertain world.

To buy link:

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Meera Lee Patel’s latest self-help journal Create Your Own Calm.

We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives. Different events can triggers reactions we hadn’t expected. Seven years ago I was having my own battle with my health causing much stress and anxiety and I decided to print out positive quotes and affix them in a notebook. I also wrote down words of wisdom from friends and loved ones. I took this book with me to all my medical appointments and feel like it helped during a difficult period. All these years later and I still suffer with bouts of anxiety. It has been proven that writing down your thoughts, feelings and concerns can help and to have a journal like Meera Lee Patel’s ‘Create Your Own Calm’ is the perfect aid to taking the first steps to taking control of your anxiety.

This is the first time I have encountered Meera Lee Patel’s artwork and I have to admit that I have fallen in love with the soothing tones of muted water coloured quotes and illustrations. If I was browsing the shelves for a journal I would be drawn to this calming cover with it’s simplistic, tonal words.

After spending a good hour exploring this journal for the first time I can see myself already purchasing and gifting many to friends and family. There are many wonderful points that I love about this journal:

  • it’s small (slightly less than A5) and lightweight being a paperback and would easily fit in your bag
  • the quality of the paper used is substantial and as a guess I would say about 120 gsm
  • it is filled with beautiful water coloured quotes and illustrations that are very pleasing to the eye
  • it’s clear and informative
  • has plenty of activities for you to complete in your own time and in any order (I have completed a few already)
  • it is a journal you can treasure and look back on in times of need.

This journal is beautiful with it’s aesthetically pleasing images and fonts but it is also a tool of kindness for yourself. Take some time out, even if it is just 5 minutes, to read a quote or focus on an activity. I am definitely going to continue with this journal and will keep it close to hand at all times for opportune moments to reflect and refocus.

About the author and illustrator

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist and the author of Start Where You Are, Made Out of Stars, and My Friend Fear. She creates work to inspire and encourage others to connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them. She lives in the northern woods of Nashville, Tennessee.

Website: Books & Journals | Stationery & Gifts | The World of Meera Lee Patel


Instagram: meera lee patel (@meeraleepatel) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: @meeraleepatel

A Stranger in Paris by Karen Webb @bookwormpegg @ImpressBooks1 @LoveBooksGroup #bookreview

A Stranger in Paris written by Karen Webb, publisher Impress Books, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Firstly, I’d like to express my apologies to the author, publisher and tour organisers for the delay in posting my review. I hold my hand up and admit I had inadvertently forgotten to write the tour in my diary. However, I do have my review to share with you now. I had reviewed the book last year and I’m delighted to reshare my thoughts.

Book Blurb

A Stranger in Paris is everything you want from a memoir: it’s honest, brave, witty, very funny and ultimately rather wise.’ – Amanda Hodgkinson, author of 22 Britannia Road

Aberystwyth University, 1986 – and another year of torrential rain. Bad hair days and a rugby-fanatic fiancé are part of her drab existence so who can blame Karen for falling into the arms of a handsome Parisian?

Hastening across The Channel with stars in her eyes, she speeds to the city of light only to discover that her lover is nowhere to be found. Nor what he seemed.

Life takes a turn for the better when her old school-friend Jessica makes a dramatic entrance, encouraging Karen on a downward spiral of adventure – including a brush with the Parisian underworld which places both girls in peril.

Karen’s childhood is a constant anguish reminding her that when things go wrong, not everyone has a home to return to, as the dark shadows of the past merge with her troubled French life.

Where to go, when there’s no going home?

Based on a true story, A Stranger in Paris is the first of a three-part series. This honest memoir recounts with humour and poignancy the search for love and family.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

There’s a kind of romanticism about living in Paris walking amongst the chic Parisian women and viewing the city life from the many cafes.  I love books set in France and especially those based in Paris so I jumped at the chance of reading Karen Webb’s novel ‘A Stranger in Paris’, which is book 1 in her trilogy ‘A French Life’.  The trilogy is based on the author’s diary entries written at the time on her own life experiences when as a young graduate from Aberystwyth University Karen went on a ‘wild goose chase’ across the channel in pursuit of the man she fell in love with whilst at university.

Reading this book of the author’s memoirs felt very much like a work of fiction as you are swept away with this young woman’s quest for the romantic idealism of a life cosied up with your lover in an art deco styled apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  What transpired was far from Karen’s dreams …

Once Karen arrived in Paris she realised she needed work, a roof over her head and she then had to find her lover.  This was such a brave move by Karen with her head in the clouds she was soon brought back down to reality.

We follow Karen’s journey in Paris of finding her own feet and learning to become independent.  Life was to throw many obstacles in her way that were so unexpected, a little dangerous and at times you couldn’t help but smile at the chaos around her.

I really enjoyed reading A Stranger in Paris it was an enlightening coming of age story that will have you packing your bags and searching for your passport heading for the city of lights.

I can’t wait for the next instalment in Karen’s memoir as I’m desperate to find what route her life takes next.

About the Author

Karen graduated from Aberystwyth University with a Degree in English Literature. She then moved to Paris, where she worked for 16 years as an English language teacher for business professionals before settling in rural South West France. With few employment opportunities other than stuffing geese or picking melons, she qualified as a licensed real estate agent.
Karen then attended Lancaster University where she graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing in 2015, after which she set up a series of Creative Writing retreats, “A Chapter Away”, inviting world famous authors, literary agents and publishers to teach aspiring novelists. Inspired by the comments of tutors on the memoir writing course, she began “A Stranger in Paris.”
Passionate about theatre, and script-writing, Karen has also written plays, several short stories and a novel – all of which are lurking in the bottom drawer. “A Stranger in Paris” is her first published work, and is the first novel of the trilogy La Vie Française.
Karen now lives in Gascony with her husband and son, and has a grown-up daughter who works in London. Much of her writing is inspired by the North West of England where she grew up, and France which became her country of adoption.


The Village by Philip Duke @LoveBooksGroup @freshly_press #bookblitz #lovebookstours

I am so pleased to be involved in the book blitz celebrating and promoting Philip Duke’s historical novel The Village based around the wartime history on the island of Crete. Here are some more details:

Book Title: The Village: A Novel of Wartime Crete

Author: Philip Duke

Publisher: Top Hat Books

Book Blurb

A Cretan village confronts the Nazi juggernaut sweeping across Europe. A village matriarch tries to hold her family together…Her grieving son finds a new life in the Cretan Resistance…A naive English soldier unwillingly finds the warrior in himself…And a fanatical German paratrooper is forced to question everything he thought he believed in. The lives of four ordinary people are irrevocably entwined and their destinies changed forever as each of them confronts the horrors of war and its echoes down the decades.

To buy link:

About the Author

Philip Duke is a retired professor of anthropology. He and his wife lived on the island of Crete, Greece for five years before returning to the United States in 2015. His first novel, A Terrible Unrest, is currently being turned into a screenplay. Philip now lives in Durango, Colorado, USA.


**Cover Reveal** – A Stranger in Paris by Karen Webb @bookwormpegg @impressBooks1 @LoveBooksGroup #bookcover #AStrangerinParis #lovebookstours


I am so pleased to be involved in the new book cover reveal for A Stranger in Paris written by Karen Webb.

Here are a few important details:

Book Title:  A Stranger in Paris

Author:  Karen Webb

Publisher:  Impress Books

To buy link:

Book Blurb

Aberystwyth University, 1986 – and another year of torrential rain. Bad hair days and a rugby-fanatic fiancé are part of her drab existence so who can blame Karen for falling into the arms of a handsome Parisian?

Hastening across The Channel with stars in her eyes, she speeds to the city of light only to discover that her lover is nowhere to be found. Nor what he seemed.

Life takes a turn for the better when her old school-friend Jessica makes a dramatic entrance, encouraging Karen on a downward spiral of adventure – including a brush with the Parisian underworld which places both girls in peril.

Karen’s childhood is a constant anguish reminding her that when things go wrong, not everyone has a home to return to, as the dark shadows of the past merge with her troubled French life.

Where to go, when there’s no going home?

Based on a true story, A Stranger in Paris is the first of a three-part series. This honest memoir recounts with humour and poignancy the search for love and family.


a stranger in paris new cover

Walking Back to Happiness by Penelope Swithinbank @minstriesbydsgn @malcolmdown @LoveBooksGroup #lovebookstours #bookextract #walkingbacktohappiness

walking back to happiness

Walking Back to Happiness written by Penelope Swithinbank, publisher Sarah Grace Publishing, is available NOW in ebook, kindleunlimited and paperback format.

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Book Blurb

Two vicars, their marriage in tatters with wounds reaching far back into the past, set out on a journey to find healing and restoration. Their route will take them from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, but will it help them find their way home? Along the 320-mile route across rural France, burdened by backpacks and blisters, Kim and Penelope stumble across fresh truths, some ordinary, others extraordinary. But will they be defeated by the road ahead or triumph over the pain of the past? Is there a chance they’ll find themselves in France and walk back to happiness? In this simple but enchanting book, part travelogue and part pilgrimage, Penelope invites you to walk with her and her husband on their epic journey as they encounter new faces and new experiences, and reconnect with each other and with God. Every step of the way, you’ll discover more about yourself and what’s really important to you.

walking-back-happiness tour poster

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Walking Back to Happiness by Penelope Swithinbank.  I have the pleasure of sharing an extract with you:

Preamble A Great Walk
‘Portugal? Portugal? You want to go to Portugal by taxi?’
The taxi driver outside the airport at Béziers in south-west France is incredulous. He summons his fellow drivers around him to repeat our destination and they howl with laughter at our mispronunciation of Portiragnes. My husband, Kim, repeats it authoritatively in French:
‘Non, non, Portiragnes. Portiragnes-plage, s’il vous plaît,’ he says again. ‘We want to go to Portiragnes Beach, please.’
It is the start of our Big Adventure: to walk from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic across France, from the Languedoc through Midi-Pyrenees and then Aquitaine. It is a mere 530 km, more or less. 330 miles. 20,908,800 inches. We will feel every single one. But it will change us in ways we could never have imagined.
The Great Walk – la Grande Randonnée – has been on my bucket list for nearly thirty years after reading Miles Moreland’s book recounting his own grand marathon across the south-west of France. And I love walking, especially with a dog.
It began with dog walks when I was a ten-year-old, getting up early on summer mornings to sneak out of the house with our family Springer Spaniel and walk her with a friend in the woods near our homes. And as a teenager, when we had moved to live near the sea, there was nothing better than tramping across the fields to the beach, black Labrador in tow, and usually by myself. The freedom and the fresh air were life-giving to a rather solitary teenager. Later, with a clergy husband and a home and family of my own, I walked the streets of Norwich pushing my ‘stately pram of England’, a baby asleep in the pram, a toddler on the seat on top and an older toddler on the shopping tray underneath, my own dog, a golden Cocker Spaniel, trotting along beside me. We walked to the shops and the shopping was stowed all around the children; we walked to the park and the children played on the swings; we walked to nursery school.
Then, after another move close to my parents-in-law, we walked to prep school near Bath. We moved to Stamford, for twelve happy years in

The Rectory, and the children walked by themselves to school and I took the yellow Labrador Ollie on long rambles across the fields or by the river. And when the children grew up and left home, my husband and I began walking together on weeklong holidays in Italy – Casteluccia to Spoleto, Todi to Assisi, the Amalfi Coast; together we led pilgrimages on the Via Francigena, from San Gimignano to Siena oron to Montalcino. I organised pilgrimages on the Cotswold Way for groups of women, doing the 100 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath in six days and discovering the difference it makes physically, spiritually, emotionally, to walk for days on end, leaving the stress of normal everyday life for a while, concentrating on the countryside and the peace and the sheer rhythm of
placing one foot in front of another.
And how the silence and the solitude leave more space for the still small voice of God.
One day, my husband Kim and I promised ourselves, one day we will walk together across France from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.
And here we are. Sitting in a taxi on our way from the airport to the Mediterranean, excited, scared – and, if we are honest, a little lost in our marriage and our lives.

‘For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s always ourself we find in the sea.’ (e.e. cummings) 

Will we really walk from sea to sea? And will we find ourselves and each other again in France?

About the Author

Penelope is an avid walker and spends a lot of her time stomping in the hills and valleys near her home outside Bath. She is a chaplain at Bath Abbey and a spiritual therapist and counsellor for clergy (and some normal people too). Since becoming a vicar nearly 20 years ago, she has worked in churches in the UK and the USA, and has led pilgrimages in the UK and in Europe. She and her husband Kim have been married for more than 40 years and have three children and six grandchildren. Penelope rarely sits down, loathes gardening and relaxes by reading, going to the theatre or playing the piano. She is the author of two books, Women by Design and Walking Back to Happiness and is currently working on her third, due out in 2020: Scent of Water, a devotional for times of spiritual bewilderment and grief.

Leo and the Lightning Dragons by Gill White, illustrator Gilli B blogtour book review @leolightdragons ‏@FledglingPress @_GilliB #Lovebooksgrouptours

I previously read and reviewed Leo and the Lightning Dragons back in February and when Kelly from Love Books Group approached me to help promote the book again I jumped at the chance to be able to shout about with fondness how much I loved this book.  Christmas is a time for reflection for those less fortunate and for those with health concerns and to be able to give the gift of a book like Leo and the Lightning Dragons you are giving a gift three-fold as the reader will enjoy the story and illustrations, secondly you are raising awareness for a rare form of epilepsy and thirdly royalties from the sale of this book will go to CHAS (Children’s Hospices across Scotland).  So, lets get Leo at the top of the children’s book charts by the end of the year! 🙂

Leo and the Lightning Dragons cover

Leo and the Lightning Dragons written by Gill White, illustrated by Gilli B, publisher Fledgling Press, is available NOW in paperback format.

The paperback is available to purchase from Waterstones, Foyles and amazon

To buy link (amazon UK):

Book Blurb
Everybody in the kingdom is supporting the brave knight Leo in his battle against his fearsome dragons. They try lots of different things to help him defeat them but eventually Leo realises that the most important thing to do is to believe in himself. This beautifully illustrated book with a poignant and uplifting rhyming story encourages children to persevere and find strength in the face of adversity, even when it seems that nothing is working. Written by Gill White for her son Leo who suffers from Ohtahara Syndrome, an extremely rare form of epilepsy, and beautifully illustrated by Fife artist Gilli B, this story has been positively received by parents of children with complex needs, by care workers and medical staff and by parents of healthy young children who love the book simply as an adventure story. All royalties from the sale of this book will go to CHAS (Children’s Hospices across Scotland).



I am so pleased and honoured to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting this wonderful book by Gill White: Leo and the Lightning Dragons.

As soon as I read about this book I knew I had to buy a copy of the book as I have my own personal experience of a child living with epilepsy.

I adore children’s picture books, even though my children are now adults you can still gain so much joy in reading a picture book. Oh my goodness this story brought back so many emotions and memories of a time my own boy fought his own ‘crackles’ and lightning bolts. My son started having seizures at the age of two, they stopped for a while but started again during his teen years. Epilepsy is a frightening condition for the sufferer as well as for the loved ones witnessing it.

Leo and the Lightning Dragons is a truly wonderful picture book. It’s a visual delight, the illustrations are clear and bright in a simplistic manner but are very appealing to the eye. I loved the use of different fonts to describe the adjectives in the storytelling, they worked perfectly for both the reader who could then ‘act’ out the adjective or for a small child to visibly see the change in font and could then imagine the intensity of the word.

The story is very poignant and it could be relatable to any number of situations were a child is experiencing something different to his peers. It felt so uplifting, positive and encouraging and I wanted to ‘fist pump’ the air with ‘Yes, Leo, you can do it’!

This is a perfect picture book for any child as the storyline would appeal to them describing a young knight fighting dragons. It showed courage and bravery and a will to keep on going.

I’d highly recommend this book to be on the shelves of every primary school library and in every children’s hospital ward. It’s colourful and filled full of positivity. I hope the book sells out and raises loads of much needed funds for CHAS (Children’s Hospices across Scotland).

Social Media Links:

To find out more about CHAS:

Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb blogtour excerpt

Cover for GILC as produced by Create Space for Kindle

Girl in the Castle written by Lizzie Lamb, publisher New Romantics Press, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.  The ebook is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.  The ebook is currently in a special Kindle Countdown Price of 99p for the next few days only.

To buy link:

Product Details (as per amazon page)

Her academic career in tatters, Dr Henriette Bruar needs somewhere to lay low, plan her comeback and restore her tarnished reputation. Fate takes her to a remote Scottish castle to auction the contents of an ancient library to pay the laird’s mounting debts. The family are in deep mourning over a tragedy which happened years before, resulting in a toxic relationship between the laird and his son, Keir MacKenzie. Cue a phantom piper, a lost Jacobite treasure, and a cast of characters who – with Henri’s help, encourage the MacKenzies to confront the past and move on. However – will the Girl in the Castle be able to return to university once her task is completed, and leave gorgeous, sexy Keir MacKenzie behind?

Book trailer for Girl in the Castle (YouTube):


I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the Girl in the Castle.  The author Lizzie Lamb  has kindly offered to share an excerpt with you today.

Keir, wearing full Highland dress with unconscious grace and style was every inch the laird she’d dreamed about in the library. She stepped out of the shadows and into the hall. Seemingly sensing her presence, Keir slowly turned towards her. Had this been a scene in a movie, they would have been the only two in focus, the rest of the guests drifting past like smoky-grey shadows. Their matching MacKenzie plaids providing the only colour and Henri’s rapid breathing, underscored by the lilting tune played on the clarsach, the only sound. Keir said Henri’s name under his breath and looked at her wonderingly, as if unable to comprehend how quickly their relationship was moving forward; how time had seemed to speed up since that kiss on the boat. Henri whispered his name, too, mirroring his actions, and that released Keir from being held in a freeze-frame shot, as though this really was a movie. After the moment of stillness, his purposeful stride towards Henri alerted guests that something unusual and dramatic was unfolding in front of their eyes. The electricity between Keir and Henri was palpable and when he reached Henri, Keir took both her hands in his and twined their fingers. Then he pulled her close and kissed her on both cheeks, the embrace seemed no more than the polite double-kiss one might exchange with a relative, or close friend. However, as Keir kissed first her right cheek and then her left, his lips brushed across her mouth, tantalisingly. Henri’s gasp was audible, the other guests heard it and were transfixed.

About the Author

After teaching her 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, Lizzie decided to pursue her first love: writing. She joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted (2012), quickly followed by Boot Camp Bride. Although much of her time is taken up publicising her novels she published Scotch on the Rocks, which achieved Best Seller status within two weeks of appearing on Amazon. Her next novel, Girl in the Castle, reached #3 in the Amazon charts. Lizzie is a founder member of indie publishing group – New Romantics Press – and has co-hosted author events at Aspinall, St Pancras and Waterstones, Kensington, talking about writing and the research which underpins her novels. Lizzie hopes to publish her next romance Sweet Little Lies Summer 2018, and has more Scottish-themed romances planned. As for the years she spent as a teacher, they haven’t quite gone to waste as she is building up a reputation as a go-to speaker on indie publishing, and how to plan, write, and publish a debut novel. Lizzie lives in Leicestershire (UK) with her husband and a naughty parrot called Jasper.