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The Calm Kitchen written by Lorna Salmon, publisher National Trust Books (an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Ltd) is available NOW in ebook and hardback format.

Book Blurb

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’

– Hippocrates 

Our lives have never been so hectic, so controlled by technology, so commodified. We find ourselves with less and less time to invest in nourishment – of both our bodies and our minds. Nutrition, exercise, rest – these are the first to fall by the wayside.

The Calm Kitchen is more than just a recipe book. Following the four seasons, it’s a beginners’ guide to reconnecting with nature through food, cookery and ingredient-sourcing as a form of self-care; from the soothing smell of lavender fields to the simple magic of baking your first loaf of bread on a frosty winter’s night. The Calm Kitchen shows how mindful cooking, baking and ingredient sourcing can lead to better peace of mind, and better health and wellbeing. Featuring a blend of vegetarian recipes including duck egg shakshuka with burrata, hazelnut and cranberry brownies and the perfect mushroom stroganoff, this is an informative and insightful guide to ingredients and how they can benefit your physical and mental health.

This book offers a focused, innovative approach to self-care; the foodie approach – the slice of freshly baked bread, toasted, buttered liberally and enjoyed with a cup of tea by the window kind of approach.

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I happened to come across this book on Instagram during it’s pre-publication week promotion and I was instantly drawn to it. I do think the calming green of the cover and the simplistic illustration was a factor in my decision to investigate more. I liked what I saw and when I read the synopsis I wanted to know more so pre-ordered. At this point I hadn’t heard of the author so followed Lorna Salmon on Instagram to learn more about her work.

The Calm Kitchen is a small hardback, just less than a5 in size, with a matt finish. The calming colour with the wonderful illustrations by Naomi Elliott continue inside with the pages continuing with the green theme. Illustrations are interspersed throughout and are just perfect for the whole ethos of the book.

This little book is more than just a recipe collection. It’s a book that is split into seasons celebrating the joy that each one brings and with it seasonal produce that will be in abundance. The author then shares some of her favourite recipes that include seasonal produce for each of the four seasons. Lorna Salmon has also included lovely mindful activities to try for each season and I love her kind, gentle approach to trying something new and experience the joy of what is around us. At the beginning of all the seasons there is a great section on Store Cupboard Essentials which is a great resource.

I wouldn’t normally read a recipe book word for word but as I said previously this is no ordinary recipe book so I found myself running myself a nice bubble bath and enjoying the words and gorgeous illustrations of The Calm Kitchen and soon found that I had read it word for word and page by page. I adored every single page of this delightful book and it would make a wonderful gift for a foodie, a non-foodie, a get well soon gift, a thinking of you gift, a thank you gift, a miss you gift, a welcome to your new home gift or most of all a gift to you.

I have gone through the book again and I have highlighted the recipes I wish to try, colour coding for each season, as you can see there’s a lot I’m keen on making. I’m not a fantastic cook but I like to dabble and learn and I do enjoy the process of chopping, prepping my ingredients and seeing the science of blending different foods to create something delicious. The joy of others saying that tastes good is priceless! Cooking is definitely a mindful experience if you let your mind enjoy each individual process.

I adored this little book so much and just know it will be a constant companion on my shelf.

About the Author

Lorna Salmon is a writer and digital content specialist who has worked in heritage and wildlife conservation for the National Trust and the RSPB. A keen cook, obsessive birdwatcher and dedicated mental health campaigner, she has spent the last few years exploring the ways in which cooking and nutrition can be beneficial for mental health and wellbeing.

Twitter: @thecalmkitchen

Instagram: The Calm Kitchen | Lorna 🐟 (@calm_kitchen) • Instagram photos and videos

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alphabet of life ebook cover

The Alphabet for Life written and illustrated by Fran Norris, publisher Clink Street Publishing, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Book Blurb

An alphabet book with a difference! Who said A is for Apple? Why not A is for Acceptance?! Let’s learn the alphabet using words that will inspire and empower everyone to thrive in life! Packed with fun illustrations and thoughtful quotes and themes, The Alphabet For Life is a unique children’s book the whole family can enjoy and learn from for a lifetime.

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I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Fran Norris’ debut book: The Alphabet for Life.

The Alphabet for Life is a truly special picture book, it says in the write up on amazon that’s it is aimed at children aged 4-7 but after reading and enjoying this little book I would say it is completely suitable for all ages.  I’ve worked in environments with children of all ages and have had the pleasure of reading to my own children so can totally appreciate the gift of learning and enjoying through books.

Fran Norris has created an alphabet reference book with meaningful words.  For example instead of A is for Apple we have A is for Acceptance.  Alongside each alphabet there are quotes that correspond and relate to the new themes and in the foreground we have delightful drawings.  These quotes would have more emphasis on older children and adults and I found myself thinking how true and relevant the words were.

The drawings in the book need a praise all by themselves as they are clear, colourful, quirky and lots of fun and if you look closely you can spot lovely little scenes being played out by the animal characters, some slightly going off-piste.  The images reminded me a little of the Richard Scarry books with lots going on across the page to keep your little-ones talking about the characters for a good while.  I could easily imagine a child creating their own story just from looking at the pictures in the background.

In a world that is fast-paced we need constant reminders to slow down and pick up a book.  A book that is suitable for all and would be an ideal ‘coffee table’ style book.  Whether you read the whole alphabet in one go or just a few pages you will gain something from this unusual take on the alphabet.  Mindfulness is a process that needs to be in your everyday life and the combination of inspirational quotes and words with delightful drawings I think Fran Norris has created a winning formula.

About the Author

alphabet for life IG profileFran Norris is a mother of two living in Devon. Like most parents, her daily life largely involves coming up with creative approaches to making the good-for-you stuff enjoyable and appealing to children. She believes that education should nurture our natural curiosity and empower each individual to reach their fullest potential. Inspired by the playful way children approach any task, from brushing their teeth to eating toast, Fran is convinced that fun should be at the core of all learning.
As a former scientist, Fran approaches life as a wonderful experiment and loves to question everything. Her children provide a never-ending source of mystery and challenges to be solved. Creating THE ALPHABET OF LIFE reconnected Fran with her love of drawing and painting, encouraging her to work as an illustrator now.


Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson @ShelleyWilson72 @BHCPressBooks #blogtour #bookreview #meditationforchildren #mindfulness @annecater


Meditation For Children Cover

Meditation for Children: A Book of Mindfulness written by Shelley Wilson, illustrated by Phaedra Elson, publisher BHC Press, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Book Blurb

Author and meditation tutor Shelley Wilson takes you on a magical journey to a calm and happy place that you and your child will love.
Children of all ages can learn and enjoy the benefits of meditation.
Designed to help access creative abilities through relaxation and imagination, these stories help develop the necessary tools needed at a young age for lifelong healthy habits of managing stress and anxiety while also improving learning skills.
Meditation for Children is a simple way to introduce children to mindfulness through guided visualization. Includes a handy reference guide and instructions.

FINAL FINAL Meditation for Children BT Poster

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book. All opinions are my own and no content may be copied. However, authors and publishers may use elements of my reviews for quotes.

I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the launch of Shelley Wilson’s latest non-fiction book: Meditation for Children: A Book of Mindfulness.

As a mother of three children, who are now adults, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster of growing up.  I’ve also had experience of working over 4 years with infant age children and over 13 years with secondary age children and I can totally appreciate each growth journey in a child’s life has new battles.

I found this self-help book by Shelley Wilson very easy to understand, I felt like the author was holding the reader’s hand as she took you through the guidance advice at the beginning of the book.  Shelley Wilson has written 10 short stories to be read aloud with your child that can be used for meditation purposes.  The author clearly shows at the beginning of each story how long it will take to read and she has kindly advised on areas to help and enhance the meditation piece.  I do believe that these stories could work for children of all ages as no-one is too old to let their imagination run free and to let themselves be in the moment of the story.

For the first few stories I read aloud to myself and I found that I was feeling a sense of calm as the words from the author were breaking down any stresses and strains from the day.

I thought the concept of the book was brilliant and perfect for all ages.  I totally believe meditation classes should be incorporated in to the school curriculum.  A must buy for parents, all schools and children’s hospitals.

About the Author

Shelley Wilson Author PictureShelley Wilson is an author and award-winning blogger, a meditation tutor, and qualified holistic health practitioner. She divides her writing projects between motivational non-fiction for adults and her young adult/teen fiction. Her non-fiction books combine lifestyle, motivation, and self-help with a healthy dose of humour, and her YA novels combine myth, legend, and fairy tales. Shelley was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire but raised in Solihull, West Midlands, UK, where she lives with her three children and a black cat called Luna. When she’s not focused on her writing you will find her spending time with her family, running, or cooking up a gluten-free meal.

Website: and

Twitter:  @ShelleyWilson72


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