Spandex and the City by Jenny T. Colgan book review

spandex and the city

Spandex and the City written by Jenny T. Colgan, publisher Orbit (Little Brown UK) is available in ebook, paperback and audio download format from 18th May 2017.

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Mild-mannered publicist Holly Phillips is unlucky in love. She’s embarrassed beyond belief when the handsome stranger she meets in a bar turns out to be ‘Ultimate Man’ – a superpowered hero whose rescue attempt finds her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day.
But when Holly’s fifteen minutes of fame make her a target for something villainous, she only has one place to turn – and finds the man behind the mask holds a lot more charm than his crime-fighting alter-ego.
Can Holly find love, or is superdating just as complicated as the regular kind?

purple motorbike

I was first drawn to this novel by the author, I love all Jenny Colgan’s stories but I haven’t read any of her sci-fi romances however, the cover it’s purple so that’s a bonus in my eyes and the synopsis drew me in further.

During a night out with her friend Holly get’s caught up in a traumatic event but is rescued in a rather unladylike way by Ultimate Man.  Holly works at the Mayor’s Office in the city in the publicity department and her night out is soon all over the media in full technicolour.  Holly starts to build up a rapport with the masked man and her feelings become very confused.  Holly inadvertently becomes a target and her life becomes in peril again, the only person who can help is Ultimate Man.  Can Ultimate Man reach her in time?

This is unlike any other story I’ve read but I was drawn in by the outstanding wit and humour and the warmth from the characters that Jenny T. Colgan had radiated across the pages.  Also, I was starting to have a crush on a certain man in purple!  The story was like an updated version of Superman and you get to see all sides of the characters; the damsel in distress (aka Holly), the villain (aka Frederick Cecil) and the hero (aka Ultimate Man).  There’s a side to the story that is quite thought-provoking and I could appreciate why certain actions were taken.  My heart at one point was very much divided between good and evil in this story’s sense and I wanted to bang both their heads together to knock some sense into both our leading men.  I loved the action and the crazy, cool gadgets but amongst all this the author had cleverly interspersed these times with some very tender poignant moments leaving me quite emotional.

A fabulous story that was cool, geeky, fun and a little bit sexy.  5/5*

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Queen of Fire: Raven’s Shadow book 3 Anthony Ryan book review

Queen of fire

Queen of Fire by Anthony Ryan is book 3 in the Raven’s Shadow trilogy is available now in ebook format and hardcover.

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Queen Lyrna has survived the bloody siege of Alltor. Now she must rally her troops and take back the capital from the Volarian invaders. But driving her hated enemy out of the Realm will not satisfy her lust for vengeance – she wants to pursue them across the ocean and burn their empire to ashes. To do so, she must place her faith in the Seventh Order: men and women who wield terrible powers, born of the Dark itself.

Vaelin Al Sorna would sacrifice his life for his queen – and may yet have to. Only by unmasking the Volarians’ mysterious Ally can the tide of war be turned. To this end, Vaelin must travel deep into the icebound north, in search of a man who cannot die – and he must do it without the aid of his blood song, which has fallen ominously silent . . .

IMG_1234I’d like to thank the publishers for an arc in return for an honest review.  I’d also like to thank Mr Kraftireader for reading this novel and providing a review.


After fighting back from the brink of death, Queen Lyrna is determined to repel the invading Volarian army and regain the independence of the Unified Realm. Except, to accomplish her goals, she must do more than rally her loyal supporters. She must align herself with forces she once found repugnant—those who possess the strange and varied gifts of the Dark—and take the war to her enemy’s doorstep.

Victory rests on the shoulders of Vaelin Al Sorna, now named Battle Lord of the Realm. However, his path is riddled with difficulties. For the Volarian enemy has a new weapon on their side, one that Vaelin must destroy if the Realm is to prevail—a mysterious Ally with the ability to grant unnaturally long life to her servants. And defeating one who cannot be killed is a nearly impossible feat, especially when Vaelin’s blood-song, the mystical power which has made him the epic fighter he is, has gone ominously silent.

What are the best points of the story, firstly the author goes all out and lays out all the revelations that are related to the Ally and his machinations. He states where exactly he came from, what did he do to gain his powers and what lead to the Volarians being the blood thirsty lot that they are shown to be. Anthony Ryan leaves nothing behind with regards to the magic system, the hinted secrets of the world’s past and plot revelations such as who is Caenis truly and what does he know.

I found it a very gripping and interesting read, even from the very first page when the Queen wakes up in the snow. The only thing that I found difficult was understanding some of the references as I haven’t read any of the previous books. Regardless of that though, I am most definitely purchasing the first two books as it seems an amazing trilogy.

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The Darkling Child: The Defenders of Shannara by Terry Brooks book review

the darkling child

The Darkling Child is the second book in The Defenders of Shannara series by Terry Brooks.  The Darkling Child is available now in ebook format and hardcover.

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New powers are awakening. A legend is born . . .

In a distant corner of the Four Lands, the mysterious magic of the wishsong has been detected. Paxon Leah, sworn protector of the Druid order and heir of the enchanted Sword of Leah, must travel to uncover its source – and ensure that this formidable power is not wielded by the wrong hands.

But danger lies in wait, and in a fearsome clash between mortal might and dark magic, it is up to Paxon, as the High Druid’s Blade, to defend the people of the Four Lands against a terrifying evil.

From the international bestselling Terry Brooks comes a thrilling new adventure – and an unforgettable new hero.

I’d like to thank the publisher for an arc in return for an honest review.  I’d also like to thank Mr Kraftireader for his help in reading this novel and writing this review.

This book is the sequel to Terry Brooks’ The High Druids Blade: The Defender’s of Shannara.  Yet again Terry Brooks has got it right with this story.  There is manipulation, betrayal, love, hatred and the hunter becoming the hunted. We have many of the old characters such as Arcannen and Paxon, but following the death of his druid friend he now has to team up with a new personality, a female druid.  Could there be tension in the air between the two of them? We have new threats from even more powerful people with magic; a boy that could hold the key to life and death just with his voice, and a girl of such beauty she is able to get what she desires.

Paxon and his new druid friend Avelene are my favourite characters the chemistry between them is electrifying.

This book is better than the first instalment of The Defenders of Shannara and I would highly recommend it.  I look forward to reading more from Terry Brooks.

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