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Love and Miss Harris written by Peter Maughan, publisher Farrago, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

Book Blurb

Titus Llewellyn-Gwlynne, actor/manager of the Red Lion Theatre, has lost a backer who was going to fund a theatrical tour – when unexpected salvation appears.

Their home theatre in the East End of London having been bombed during the war, The Red Lion Touring Company embarks on a tour of Britain to take a play written by their new benefactress into the provinces.

As they make their vagabond, singing way, they remain unaware that they leave behind in London a man consumed with thoughts of revenge. Revenge which follows them obsessively from town to town, ending in its final act before the last curtain.

This charming series transports the reader to a lost post-war world of touring rep theatre and once-grand people who have fallen on harder times, smoggy streets, and shared bonhomie over a steaming kettle.

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I am so pleased to be involved in the blogtour celebrating and promoting the latest novel by Peter Maughan: Love and Miss Harris.

I have to be honest and admit it did take me a little time to get into the story BUT once I did I was totally invested in the show, so to speak, that author Peter Maughan has written.

Peter Maughan has created a nostalgic comedy that has it all; drama (lots of it), humour (some a little bit cheeky), romance, danger, inspiring but most of all it was utterly charming.

This is my first introduction to the work of Peter Maughan and from the colourful cover to the descriptive settings and a cornucopia of characters I was all set for a great reading experience.

The story is set in post WWII and Love and Miss Harris is the name of a play that is set to grace the theatres up and down the south of England. It just needs actors and a manager to put the show on the road. In comes Titus Llewellyn-Gwlynne who has a book full of names he can call on for assistance. With the cast set and a double decker bus transformed into a prop/wardrobe/actor transporter the quaint villagers of England won’t know what’s hit them!

Unbeknown to the touring theatre there’s a gangster from London hot on their tale bringing a darkness to the story.

Peter Maughan has crammed so much into this story, each character has their own back story showing multi-layers to their personality with a few hiding a vulnerability to their persona.

I’m delighted to hear that there will be a sequel to Love and Miss Harris when we will see them travelling furtherafield.

A nostalgic caper that will charm and delight.

Author biography
Peter Maughan’s early career covered many trades, working on building sites, in
wholesale markets, on fairground rides and in a circus. He studied at the Actor’s
Workshop in London, and worked as an actor in the UK and Ireland, subsequently
founding a fringe theatre in Barnes, London. He is married and lives currently in Wales.

Twitter: @PeterMaughan5