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The Lies She Told written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing, is available in ebook, kindleunlimited, hardcover and paperback from 5th July 2021.

Happy Publication Day to Lynda Renham I am pleased to share a promo of your new book.

Book Blurb

Life in the village of Stonesend is pretty uneventful, that is until Detective Tom Miller is transferred there following a personal tragedy. He is not greeted well by local police officer, Beth Harper, who feels he is not up to the job. The day of his arrival, Kate Marshall, a teacher at the local school, is beaten in her own home and left for dead.  The villagers are left in a state of shock.  Was it a random attack, or something more personal?

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About the Author

Lynda Renham is author to many popular romantic comedy and gripping psychological thriller novels. She lives in Oxford, UK. She has appeared on BBC radio discussion programs and is a prolific blogger, Twitter and when not writing can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook.


She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham book excerpt


she saw what he did

She Saw What He Did written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing, is available in ebook format from the 1st February 2019.  The ebook is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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Product Details

Abby Miller thought she had the perfect family; a good looking, loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Her life was complete. The shock discovery that her husband, Jared had been having an affair rocked her world. So when Jared suggested a short break to the Cannard Islands, to heal their fractured marriage, Abby agreed. An idyllic holiday turns into a nightmare when Abby witnesses something terrible. Suddenly her life and the life of her daughter are in serious danger and no one seems able to help them.

Happy Publication Day to Lynda Renham, I am so pleased to be able to share an excerpt of Lynda Renham’s latest novel with you:

He looked down at his phone and smiled. A withheld number meant only one thing.
‘Yeah,’ he said roughly.
‘Sparrow?’ questioned the gravelly voice at the other end of the line.
‘Yeah it’s me.’
‘I’ve got a job for you. It’s a bit different from the usual. These are new clients. It’s a big one. Do you think you can handle it?’
Sparrow’s jaw twitched.
‘Sure. Don’t I always?’
‘This is different. You can’t make any mistakes,’ snapped the voice.
Sparrow bristled.
‘When have I ever made a mistake?’
‘Just as long as you understand. I don’t want any problems. There’s fifty thousand in this for you, but these people aren’t amateurs and they don’t take prisoners. This is a big contract. I don’t want it fucked up.’
Sparrow’s eyes gleamed. He’d misheard, surely.
‘How much?’ he questioned. It had always been a few thousand and he’d been more than happy with that.
‘Fifty thousand,’ repeated the voice.
Sparrow whistled. His insides quivered with excitement. That was a hell of a lot of money.
‘No mistakes. You do a good job, you’ll be well rewarded. You mess it up and you’re fucked. Well and truly.’
‘What do I have to do?’ Sparrow asked breathlessly.
‘The same as usual, get the package in safely, except this time you have to caretake for a while longer. This is highly sensitive. We want the heat off before any collection. There’ll be others wanting this cargo and …’
‘What is it?’ he interrupted, pulling a stale sausage roll from a brown paper bag and biting into it. There were a few seconds of silence.
‘Fifty thousand means you don’t ask questions,’ said the voice. ‘The less you know the better.’
Sparrow wrinkled his nose. He wasn’t so sure he agreed with that, but, fifty thousand …
‘Suits me,’ he said, throwing the remainder of the sausage roll into the sea.
‘There won’t be a collection straight after the drop. It’s up to you to keep the cargo safe for a while. A few days, that’s all. ‘
‘Sure,’ he said casually, although he would have been happier knowing just what he’d be caretaker of. Perhaps it was heroin this time. It was drugs, no doubt about that. It must be a big shipment. Still, what did he care?
‘We have to deliver. I’m making myself clear, aren’t I?’
‘How dangerous is this?’ he asked, combing his fingers through his brown curly hair.
‘Fifty thousand dangerous. Take it or leave it. I can find someone else.’
Sparrow doubted there was anyone else on the island that would be able to get the goods in as well as he did.
‘I’ve just got to keep it safe, right?’
‘That’s it. As soon as things are clear it will be collected.’
‘That’s all I’ve got to do?’ asked Sparrow, suspiciously. It seemed too good to be true.
‘You don’t have to take the job. There are others who …’
‘No, I’ll take it,’ interrupted Sparrow.
‘Think of this cargo as your baby,’ laughed the voice.
Sparrow didn’t laugh with him. The sound of the waves breaking on the rocks roared in his ears. The thought of fifty grand had heightened his senses. He’d be set up for life. He could move to South America, maybe even get his own bar. He could buy one of those open- top convertibles. He’s always fancied himself in one of those.
‘So, you’re in?’ asked the voice.
‘I’m in,’ said Sparrow.
‘I’ll be in touch,’ said the voice. There was a crackle and then the line went dead.

About the Author

lynda2Lynda Renham is author to many popular romantic comedy and gripping psychological thriller novels. She lives in Oxford, UK. She has appeared on BBC radio discussion programs and is a prolific blogger, Twitter and when not writing can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook. Lynda lives in Oxfordshire with her second husband and two cats.


Twitter: @lyndarenham

When Archie Met Rosie by Lynda Renham excerpt


When Archie Met Rosie written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing, is available NOW in ebook format.  The ebook is also included in the kindleunlimited scheme.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

*An Unexpected Love Story*
Rosie Foster has two dreams. The first is to get off the Tradmore Estate and the second is to go to Paris. When she wins at the Gala bingo it looks like her dreams may come true. But is money the root of all evil?
Archie wants for nothing. He has his five bedroom house but no one to share it with now his beloved wife Cathy has died.
And then … Holly has a disastrous night out and Archie meets Rosie against all odds.
A funny, sad and poignant tale of how love can be found in the strangest places.

heart balloon clipart

I am so pleased to be able to share with you all today Chapter One to Lynda Renham’s latest romcom, When Archie Met Rosie.  Lynda Renham’s writing style is very witty with great character descriptions, you can’t help but have a smile on your face when you read her romcoms.  If you find yourself enjoying chapter one do check out the ‘to buy’ link above; the story sounds like the perfect summer read.

Chapter One

Don’t you just hate those people who win at everything without even trying? A flutter on the horses or a scratch card at the newsagent and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed all the way to the bank. I’ve cried maybe, but that’s usually on the way back from the bank. I once considered robbing our local Barclays. I did seriously. That’s what desperation does to you. I don’t often think about robbing banks, just in case you think I do. It was only the once. Times can be hard sometimes, especially when Frank blows all our money on Millwall. The football club, that is, not the town. Not that anyone in their right mind would spend their money on Millwall, the town or the football club, but then I do sometimes wonder if Frank is in his right mind. Anyway, I digress. There’s a lot of expense involved in robbing a bank, I discovered. I’m telling you this now, just in case you were thinking of robbing a bank yourself. You need a pair of tights for a start. Not just any old pair either. A decent pair costs you a fiver. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can think of better things to spend a fiver on than a pair of nylons, that I’m just going to pull over my face. I did try an old laddered pair, but you could see my features. Not as good as you normally would, admittedly. It resembled a balaclava with one too many holes. Frank said I ought to wear it all the time.
‘It’s a great improvement,’ he’d laughed.
Cheeky bugger.
And then there’s the rucksack. You’ll need one of those. All the best bank robbers have rucksacks. We have one, but the zip is broken. It would be just my kind of luck to have the newly stolen banknotes scattered through the streets of Essex. The expense of a new rucksack was a bit daunting too, especially as Frank only uses it when he trudges down to the off-licence. It nicely holds a six-pack, he’s fond of telling me. It takes a lot of planning, does this bank robbery business. After all, you don’t want to be bursting into Barclays brandishing your P’tit Clown 74560 automatic plastic gun at the wrong time of day, do you? Midday would be a perfect time for me because it’s when I have my lunch break, but have you seen the queues? There’s bound to be one pissed off customer wanting to be a hero, who’d think nothing of wrestling me and my P’tit Clown 74560 plastic gun to the ground, while I’d be yelling, ‘Get your hands off my P’tit, you moron.’
I know what you’re thinking. I have no idea why it’s called P’tit. I imagine, because most of the people who buy it are tits, like me. Let’s be honest, how many bank robbers buy their plastic guns from Amazon? Bank robbers like me, that’s who. Anyway, last but not least, you need a getaway car. If you saw our old Fiesta you’d understand why it wouldn’t have worked. For a start, there’s no door on the driver’s side. Actually, that’s not strictly true. Obviously, there is a door. It would be a touch chilly without one and clearly illegal. It just doesn’t open. No one is sure why. Sam offered to replace it with a spare yellow door he had lying around the garage. Our Fiesta’s black and I didn’t fancy driving around in a lookalike stripy tiger, so I said no and anyway, everyone would have recognised it on the Crimewatch reconstruction. It also takes forever to climb over onto the passenger seat. It’s okay climbing over when you’ve got plenty of time. If your pantyhose got caught on the gearstick, you’ve got time to sort yourself out, haven’t you? But when you’ve got a fleet of police cars after you it’s a whole other ball game. I’m okay getting one leg over the gearstick but it’s my dodgy hip in the other leg that’s the problem. I’ve been known to get stuck in the Lidl car park before now, my crotch nestling nicely on the gears while some kind passer-by hoists my gammy leg over it. Frank says I only do it to pull the blokes. Huh, like I need another one. Although, I have to admit, it is often men who come to my rescue. I guess women are suspicious of a woman sitting on a gearstick. It’s not something you see every day is it? They probably think I’m doing something sordid. I think the men just want a gander up my skirt. They certainly get that. Anyway, the point is, I don’t imagine a kind passer-by is going to give me a leg over after I’ve just robbed Barclays bank, and quite right too.
Anyway, I never did rob the bank. I’m Rose Foster by the way, but everyone calls me Rosie. I like that. It makes me feel young. I live on the Tradmore Estate in Dagenham, Essex. It’s quite well known. Ask anyone where it is, and they’ll be able to tell you. They’ll no doubt look at you with fear in their eyes and advise you to stay away. Tradmore Estate is a regular feature in our local paper. We’re quite famous, although I suppose infamous is the correct word. We’re well known for our raves and raids, usually in that order. We’ve been on Jeremy Kyle too. That is, a few of my neighbours have, not us. I really don’t have the time to go on Jeremy Kyle. I’d love to live somewhere else, but Frank doesn’t believe in mortgages, says they’re a noose around your neck. We can’t afford to rent a house, so I guess I’ll stay on Tradmore Estate until they bring me out feet first. Although, knowing Frank, he’ll bury me on the allotment if it means saving some money. It is expensive dying, isn’t it? More expensive than living if you ask me. Frank works at the greyhound track in Walthamstow and I work three half days at Waitrose and two evenings at Cineworld in Romford. I like that job. They give us free popcorn on Saturdays. It’s rare to get something for nothing these days isn’t it?
Anyway, I’ve seriously digressed. Frank says I can talk the hind legs off a donkey. The reason I began talking about people who easily win things is because, I actually think, any minute now, I’m going to win something. Yes me, Rosie Foster, who never wins anything. I’m desperately wishing I’d had that glass of white wine that Shirl had offered earlier. It would calm my shaking hands. I’m at the Gala Bingo. That’s a joke isn’t it? After I’ve just rabbited on about how I don’t bet. I only come once a fortnight. It’s our girly night out. It’s cheap, cheerful and a bit of a laugh. I’ve never won so much as a quid, until now … right now. All I need is two fat ladies and number one. I can barely breathe. If I win this … Oh God, if I win this, it will be five thousand quid. My head spins at the thought. What would I do with five thousand pounds? Apart from pay the back rent of course.
‘Twenty-two,’ shouts the caller. ‘Two little ducks …’
‘Quackety quack,’ yells Shirl beside me.
I feel sick. This is all I need. It would be just like me to throw up just as I’m about to shout house and win five thousand quid.
‘On its own, number one,’ shouts the caller.
That’s me. Oh bejesus, I’m starting to think robbing the bank might have been easier. I’m likely to have a heart attack if this isn’t over soon. I’ll be carried out feet first from the Gala Bingo Hall instead of our flat. Oh well, at least the funeral directors will be pleased. There’s no stairs at the Gala Bingo. I hold my breath. I just know that someone is going to call ‘house’ any minute, and I feel sure it isn’t going to be me. I’m Rosie Foster, from the Tradmore Estate. I don’t win the bingo. I never win anything, not even a goldfish at the funfair, and everyone wins a goldfish, don’t they?
‘Eighty-eight …’
‘Two fat lad …’ Shirl begins but she doesn’t get to finish because I almost knock her off her stool as I jump up.
‘House,’ I yell. ‘House.’
‘I’ve only gone and won,’ I say turning to Shirl.
‘You haven’t,’ she says, straightening up.
I’m shaking so much, I can barely speak.
‘Let’s see your card darling,’ says the caller.
What if I got a number wrong? I wasn’t concentrating properly at the start. What if …?
‘Congratulations darling, you’ve won five thousand pounds.’
‘I have?’ I stammer.
‘Lucky cow,’ says Shirl, squeezing my arm.
‘Well done,’ says Doris, draining her wine glass and struggling not to look jealous.
‘I can’t believe it,’ I say finally. ‘I never win anything.’
‘Well, you have now.’
‘Shall we quit while we’re ahead,’ suggests Doris.
I nod. I want to go home and tell Frank. Maybe we’ll open that bottle of Prosecco that Waitrose gave me last Christmas. After all, five grand is something to celebrate isn’t it? Not that I have any intention of telling Frank exactly how much I’ve won. I’m soft but I’m not that soft. Money burns a hole in Frank’s trousers quicker than a firelighter. I’d like it to last us a bit longer than twenty-four hours.
‘Shall we go up west on Saturday?’ asks Shirl, ‘Now that you’re flush and all that.’
‘I’m saving it,’ I say.
Shirl and Doris look at me.
‘Saving it for what?’
‘I’d like to go to Paris,’ I say without thinking.
The fact is, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I fancy climbing up the Eiffel Tower. The view from there must be amazing, I imagine.
‘What do ya want to go there for? It stinks by all accounts.’
‘That’s Venice, you dopey mare,’ laughs Doris, zipping up her fake Mulberry. ‘Paris is romantic.’
‘So, you won’t be taking Frank then,’ giggles Shirl.
I try Frank’s mobile, but it goes to voicemail. He’s probably got the tele up loud. You have to in our flat to cover the noise of the neighbour’s shouting. If you like Jeremy Kyle, you should come to ours for the day. You’d love it.
We walk home arm in arm. We feel safer like that. I’ve got my five thousand quid tucked into the corner of my old Top Shop tote. The man at the Gala Bingo was reluctant to give me the cash at first.
‘It’s normally a cheque,’ he’d said.
I didn’t want a cheque. It would go straight into our bank account and straight out again to pay the overdraft. It was Frank’s fault we had that. He’d wanted part ownership in a greyhound. So now, not only do we have an overdraft but also part of a dog. I don’t know which part, the useless part probably, knowing our luck.
‘We’ll get our money back,’ Frank had assured me.
But, of course, we hadn’t and instead had accumulated interest on our overdraft. I’ve had this tote bag for donkey’s years and I keep checking that there are no rips in it. That’s sods law isn’t it? You put five thousand quid in your bag thinking it’s perfectly safe and don’t realise you’re dribbling tenners along Romford High Street. I’m not though. I know that, because I keep checking behind me. We arrive at the Tradmore Estate and I try to ignore the used condoms that litter the grass verge outside our block. A policeman hovers outside the main doors but I don’t think anything of it. There are always police around the estate. It makes me feel safe to tell you the truth.
He straightens as we approach the doors.
‘Mrs Foster?’ he asks.
Doris and Shirl look at me anxiously.
‘I’m Mrs Foster,’ I say.
‘What’s ‘appened?’ asks Doris worriedly.
‘I’ve got bad news I’m afraid,’ he says removing his hat.
It’s got to be bad hasn’t it, if they take off their hat? I must have had a tear in my bag after all. They’ve no doubt been collecting ten-pound notes all over Romford.
‘Oh,’ I say, glancing into my bag.
‘Your husband, Frank Foster, is dead I’m afraid.’
‘Dead?’ I repeat.
I sway, and Shirl supports me by the arm.
‘You could ‘ave waited until she was sitting down,’ says Doris crossly.
How can Frank be dead? He was watching the tele.
‘Sometimes it’s best just to say it,’ says the policeman.
‘Are you sure?’ I ask.
Oh dear, that didn’t sound good, did it? It’s as though I want to be sure he’s well and truly brown bread.
‘He fell into the road I’m afraid. He’d had a bit too much to drink and the Domino’s Pizza van …’
Frank was killed by a Domino’s Pizza van?
‘Domino’s Pizza?’ I repeat.
‘He liked pizza,’ says Doris.
That’s wonderful isn’t it? I win five thousand on the bingo and Frank decides to walk in front of a pizza delivery van. Now I’m most likely going to have to spend my winnings on Frank’s funeral.


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Phoebe Smith’s Private blog by Lynda Renham book review


Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is available NOW in ebook format.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

Fashion conscious Phoebe Smith wants only one thing: a date for the works party in six weeks’ time. She embarks on a journey to find her man and keeps a private blog of all her disastrous encounters. But when her four-year-old nephew gets into her account, Phoebe’s problems only just begin. With Tinder calamities, a male escort and a pork pie addiction, Phoebe tackles her biggest problem: the just too irritating Harry Bloom. Come with Phoebe on her search for the perfect man and see who will accompany her to the party in this hilarious romantic comedy novel.


I read and reviewed this book a few weeks ago but hadn’t had the chance to publish a blogpost promoting it BUT now the ebook has a brand new cover the time feels right to share my review to you all.

Lynda Renham has done it again!

Lynda always manages to write a really good, fun story. A story with likeable characters and as a blogger myself, albeit ramblings on books, I felt an affinity to Phoebe. Phoebe was just using the blogging platform to write down her thoughts on her love life and lack of it. Her blog was set as private so Phoebe was feeling quiet cathartic writing down her thoughts on work, life, men, dating etc. but unbeknown to her the blog accidentally became public.

Phoebe’s life changes drastically following this public outing of her blog. A huge following grows and support for the group SHAG (Sexual Harassment Activist Group) take matters into their own hands and encroach into Phoebe’s workplace.

Can Phoebe take back control of her life after all the revelations discovered on the blog.

This was full of Lynda Renham’s usual frank honest humour. It was thoroughly entertaining with dating disasters in abundance and heart-warming moments to leave a smile on your face for a long time.

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A Summer Romance: The Little Perran Romances book 3 by Lynda Renham book review

a summer romance

A Summer Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 3) written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is available NOW in ebook format.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

Milly settles into her new job but does her boss, Ashley Wilmot-Fox, have secrets that he is hiding in Briar Lodge? Will he be able to help Milly fight the ghosts from her past? Will Billy’s blundering romance last, and will Rafe’s secret affair be exposed? As the villagers prepare for their summer fete they have no idea what will be revealed on that day.

veg display clipart

I’d like to thank the author, Lynda Renham, for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the third book in The Little Perran Romances and I would advise you to read book 2 as this story continues from then.  However, to appreciate all the characters and the setting I would encourage you to read the whole series, which in order is:

  1. A Christmas Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 1)
  2. A Village Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 2)
  3. A Summer Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 3)

Total price to purchase all 3 ebooks at time of print (2/7/16) is £3.98 … great price for a wonderful, fun, flirty series of stories set in an idyllic village in the Cotswolds.

We left the villagers in book 2 getting use to the two new inhabitants of Little Perran.  Billy Baxter, aged rocker, was just getting to grips with country life with the much needed help of Cynthia.  His celebrity status brought the press and media to the village and chaos erupted with hilarious consequences.  However, behind this frivolity danger was lurking concealed to one of our much loved villagers.

Milly was now working for the author Ashley Wilmot-Fox and she makes a startling discovery and immediately confronts Ash about it.  She is shocked and angry with this new found information but surprisingly Ash feels quite enlightened that Milly has been frank with her words.  Romances starts slowly blossoming for Milly and Ash but can they stop the horrors from her past spoiling their future?

Birdie also has to quarrel with her heart and she struggles with her conscious for the right direction.

This was another book full of humour and warmth from Lynda Renham.  I was so pleased to rejoin the characters I had grown to love in Little Perran.  I love Lynda’s frankness with her writing it makes the characters so much more real and easily imaginable in your head.  This story also had a little darkness and drama it also had episodes of lust but the changes in direction fitted in well with the storyline.  I hope this isn’t the last we’ll hear of our friends in Little Perran.  5/5*

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A Village Romance: The Little Perran Romances book 2 by Lynda Renham book review

a village romance

A Village Romance: The Little Perran Romances book 2 written by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is available NOW in ebook format.

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Product Details (as per amazon page)

As a heatwave rolls into Little Perran, so does love. Billy Baxter, the has-been rock star, and Rafe Wylde, the hunky farm worker arrive, both destined to cause havoc as they touch the lives of the villagers. Milly finds a new job and things start to look up for her, but she is unaware that a ghost from her past is looking for her.

Funny, Compassionate and Sizzling Sexy, a Village Romance is a page-turning summer read. A Village Romance is the second book in The Little Perran Romance series by Lynda Renham writing as Amy Perfect.

welcome village sign clipart

I’d like to thank the author, Lynda Renham, for an arc in return for an honest review.

This is the second book in The Little Perran Romances series.  A series of novellas set in a beautiful, idyllic village in the Cotswolds where love finds a way of blossoming in the villagers lives …

A Christmas Romance is book 1 in The Little Perran Romances and you can find my review here.  The novellas can be read as standalone but to appreciate and gain the most enjoyment out of the stories I would encourage you to read them all.

Billy Baxter is a has-been rocker, his recent album is not doing great sales wise, probably mimicking his life at the moment.  His manager thinks it’ll be a great idea to clean up his act by moving out of London and into the country.  Billy reluctantly agrees, packs his bags and guitar and zooms off to Little Perran.  His arrival doesn’t go smoothly and people see the loud, rocker side of Billy immediately.

Another newcomer to the village, trying to escape his past, is author Ashley Wilmot-Fox.  Following a terrible accident Ashley is suffering with his injuries.  With a bashed up arm and a limp his melancholy towards his life with his disability is clearly visible until he spots shop worker Milly.  Milly’s kindness and chatter charm him but he refuses to let his heart be broken again. However, when he places an advert for a Housekeeper/Domestic Helper and Milly applies for the job he can’t help himself and gives her the job.

Milly is relatively new to the village, has settled in really well, she works in the local village shop and also enjoys pottery in her spare time.  The locals have warmed to Milly and it feels like she has been part of the village for years.  Sadly, Milly has a secret past in the city and the village has been a welcome distraction for her.

We meet again the lovely villagers we fell in love with in book 1: A Christmas Romance; Frankie and Roux, Birdie and Ben.  It was lovely to catch up with them.

How will aged rocker Billy Baxter cope with the more slower life in the country and will the villagers take to this forthright, brash man?

Will author Ashley Wilmot-Fox find the strength and the words to write again?

Will the past for our villagers old and new destroy their hopes and dreams for the future?

I loved this second book in the series, lots of new characters to welcome into the village.  I love Lynda Renham’s writing style, she is very honest and frank and true to the characters. Lynda has great whit and humour and you can imagine the characters that Lynda has created on the pages. I was just getting into this charming village story with all it’s possibilities for lots of twists and turns in the villagers lives and I came to the end BUT I’m so excited that Lynda has book 3: A Summer Romance due to be published on the 1st July.

This story is fun, fruity and fabulous and has left me wanting more … 5/5*

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A Christmas Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 1) by Lynda Renham book review

A Christmas Romance

A Christmas Romance (The Little Perran Romances book 1) by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing, is available NOW in ebook format.

To buy link:

Product Details (as per amazon page)

Romance is the last thing on Frankie Bell’s mind as she gets ready for Christmas in the English village of Little Perran. It’s going to be a quiet affair once the annual Great Little Perran Christmas Bake Off cake competition is over, with Frankie, and her little dog Buster, tucked up warmly in Primrose Cottage. Fate, however, has other plans and Little Perran is thrown into turmoil when the film star, Roux Lockhart, comes to stay.

The spirit of the season weaves its magic and a freak snow storm that blows in a surprise visitor. Frankie discovers love from an unexpected quarter, but can she trust it? And is someone cheating with their Christmas cake?

A delightful Christmas love story to be enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate and a roaring log fire.

snowy cottage clipart

I purchased and read this delightful novella back in March and realised I hadn’t shared my love for it.  I enjoyed this fun, romantic, winter warmer of a read. At just less than 200 pages I soon devoured this story and was a great read to brighten up any grey day.

It is set in a sleepy village in the Cotswolds on the run up to Christmas. The latest blockbuster is being filmed on location close to the village and one of the main actors, Roux Lockhart, decides to rent a cottage in the village. He’s hoping for peace and quiet especially after breaking up from his media loving American girlfriend.

When Frankie, the local librarian bumps into Roux a friendship of sorts soon develops between them. Frankie is still upset over her broken relationship from Paul last Christmas so she is hoping for a happier time this year.

The weather has turned pretty nasty and the roads and villages are soon blocked with snow. Frankie and Roux both find themselves stranded in the snow and leave their abandoned cars and set out to find shelter.

This story follows Frankie and Roux and the rest of the villagers coping with the weather and events to the run up to Christmas.

It was a charming read set in an idyllic location with characters you soon fall in love with.  It was filled with some wonderful fun, warm moments.  Lynda has created a lovely setting for The Little Perran series and has introduced us to some charming sub characters in this novella that I can’t wait to hear more about in future stories.  Lynda is currently working on her next Little Perran story … A Summer Romance … and will be available to download soon.  4/5*

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Perfect Weddings by Lynda Renham book review

Perfect Weddings

Perfect Weddings by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is available in ebook format from TUESDAY 12th April and also in paperback format on the 30th April 2016.

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Every bride wants a perfect wedding and that includes Georgina Winters. Amy Perfect is the crème de la crème of wedding planners so who best to plan Georgina s wedding… except the man Georgina plans to marry is the same man who jilted Amy three years ago. Will her plan to give Georgina the most imperfect wedding backfire on her? Is this the chance for Amy to win back the love of her life, or will insufferable Ben Garret put a spanner in the works? Arab princes, spoilt brides and wedding catastrophes make Perfect Weddings a page-turning romantic comedy that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

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I’d like to thank the author, Lynda Renham, for an arc in return for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this novel by Lynda, I believe it’s her best yet.  Perfect Weddings is just perfect.  It’s raucously funny, has great characters, a fabulous storyline that keeps you wanting to turn the pages … and it has a book boyfriend to fall in love with (sigh)!

Amy Fisher has just been unceremoniously dumped on her wedding day.  Greg Martin doesn’t turn up and doesn’t give an explanation why he doesn’t want to get married.  Amy believes the reason she’s been dumped is because she’s a little overweight.  She’s heartbroken and feeling sorry for herself, after a few weeks of sobbing and eating Amy decides to join a slimming club and gym.

A few weeks later Amy has a vision; if she can’t have her own perfect wedding she’ll become a wedding planner, so Perfect Weddings is born.

Three years later and Amy Perfect (as she is now known) is a new woman, she’s fit, slim and successful.  Her wedding planning business is going from strength to strength however, when her next prospective client calls, her world starts tumbling around her.  Georgina Winters would like Amy Perfect to arrange her wedding to Greg Martin.  The same Greg Martin that dumped Amy a few years ago.  Amy thinks this is a ‘perfect’ opportunity to win back the love of her life, Greg.  She agrees to arrange Georgie’s perfect wedding but secretly wants to make it non-perfect!

We follow Amy on her journey to win back Greg.  We come across an amorous Arab Prince; bridezillas a sausage loving vegan; an annoying but handsome bestman; mishaps after mishaps.  A laugh out loud story that will keep you entertained to the end and beyond.  5/5*

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Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham book review

50 shades of roxie brown

Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham, publisher Raucous Publishing is out now in ebook.

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Roxie Brown loves erotica and her friend, Sylvie, loves crime … novels of course. On a girls’ night out they meet The Great Zehilda, the tea leaf reader, and suddenly Roxie’s Fifty Shades fantasies about her millionaire boss, Ark Morgan, look about to become a reality. But then she looks through the telescope and her life is turned upside down. Roxie and Sylvie, with help from Sylvie’s flatmate, Felix, set out to crack the case. Can Ark Morgan save her or is he the man she should be running from? Then enter Sam Lockwood and her heart is shot with another arrow. Come with Roxie Brown on her hilarious crime-busting romantic adventure and discover if the love of her life is the man of her dreams or if the man she loves is her worst nightmare.


I’d like to thank the author, Lynda Renham, for an arc in return for an honest review.

Firstly, when you see the covers of any of Lynda’s romantic comedy novels they instantly make you smile as they are quirky, bright, fun covers.  This is exactly what you get in Lynda’s stories.  I was so excited to hear from Lynda that she had a new novel due out, the title of the book amused me and the synopsis sounded like such fun.

Roxie Brown is a chambermaid for a big hotel chain owned by Ark Morgan.  Roxie has a bit of a fatuation with a certain erotica book and also her boss, Ark.  Her daydreams sometimes get confused with fantasy and reality with very funny consequences.  Roxie is unlucky in love and one day by chance she witnesses a murder.  She panics and decides that the best thing to do is tell her best friends; Sylvie a crime novelist fan and Felix who can’t resist a bit of drama.  The calamitous trio decide to investigate the murder with some very wonderful, amusing, mad cap moments.

During all the detective shenanigans Roxie catches the eye from two sexy men, what timing!  The man of her dreams, Ark Morgan, and a rather, handsome, cheeky stranger Sam Lockwood who so happens to be a business rival of Arks.

I adored Roxie’s character, she was fun, ditsy, optimistic, a dreamer.  I so wanted the Cinderella moment for her, but you’ll have to read the novel to find out who or if she had a knight in shining armour.  Sylvie and Felix made a fantastic duo, brilliant character creating with these two.

This was such a fun filled novel.  It was a little crazy and far fetched but I loved it like this, it was true escapism.  I love how Lynda took us on a journey which we could laugh out loud with Roxie and her friends.  The journey had many bumps and emergency stops, it was full of catastrophes and drama.  It was full of fabulous humour with some truly great one liners.  Had delightful and gorgeous characters and also some despicable ones.  A laugh out loud 5/5* romantic comedy that will leave you recalling funny lines in days/weeks to come.

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