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finding blossoms in the darkness

Finding Blossoms in the Darkness written by Simin Sarikhani, publisher Cultureshock Media Ltd, is available NOW in paperback format.

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Book Blurb

A deeply moving memoir of a mother’s journey through deepest loss to hope. Beautifully designed and produced, featuring the gorgeous illustrations of Lesley Buckingham. Publication supported by imaginative marketing and publicity campaigns from Cultureshock and Bookseller Rising Stars Bookollective. A refugee from revolutionary Iran, Simin Sarikhani had fled her home, leaving all that she had to make a new life on the other side of the world. Although no stranger to life’s challenges, she would face none so great as the death of her only child, Zhubin, at the age of 21. This heartfelt account describes one mother’s journey through the unbearable pain of a child’s death to find what had seemed forever lost: hope, meaning, love and even joy. Guided by the letters her son wrote to her to be read after his death, and his other insightful writings, Simin was able to find light in the darkness. In this book, she shares not only her own story but also Zhubin’s simple words, with the wish that they may also bring some comfort to other bereaved parents.

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Thank you for joining the blog tour for Finding Blossoms in the Darkness. Today we are sharing the best bits of the tour so far, alongside a giveaway to win a Paperback copy! (UK Only).  To enter the giveaway please comment below with the name of a plant or flower that makes you smile and I will choose a winner on 2nd October 2019.

Tour Reviews:

‘One of the most beautiful {mental health books} I have read in a while. I could never do it justice. You really need to read Finding Blossoms in the Darkness yourself to see just how beautiful and well-articulated the book is.’

‘You won’t leave Finding Blossoms in the Darkness empty-handed. From this amazing book, you will leave with the strength to get through whatever hardship you are currently experiencing. Please do pick up a copy. I promise you won’t regret it.’

‘this book is pretty….pretty emotive and pretty poignant. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that Simin felt when she lost her son, Zhubin, It takes a lot of courage, and a lot of strength to be able to put those emotions into words for other people, especially strangers, to read.’

‘Life isn’t fair at all, but the fact that Simin chose to share her grief alongside feelings of hope, love, and poignancy was incredibly moving. A breath of fresh air if you will. ‘

‘‘Finding Blossoms in the Darkness’ may be a memoir about Simin’s own personal loss, however it is also a book which will no doubt give other bereaved parents, or members of the family, the strength to breathe.’

About the Author

Simin Sarikhani was born in Iran, and now divides her time between London and Montreal. Finding Blossoms in the Darkness is her first book.