Earl Grey Tea Taste Test

Earl Grey header

Earl Grey Tea is my favourite blend of tea and I much prefer it in loose leaf format.  A few fellow tea drinkers and myself have decided to conduct a taste test and have chosen three very good quality blends from independent tea merchants.

Tea One:  Elegant Earl Grey by Jollybrew Tea, can be purchased online here:


Tea Two:  Earl Grey Blue Flower by Suki Tea, can be purchased online here:


Tea Three: Earl Grey by Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters and Tea Blenders, can be purchased online here:


I used three identical cups and the ball type filter and added similar amounts of loose leaf in each cup.Earl Grey filter

I steeped the tea in freshly boiled water for 2-3 minutes.

Earl Grey tea brewing

This was such a difficult taste test as all three are very pleasant Earl Grey blends and I could quite happily drink them all day.

Earl Grey drunk

But one stood out a little more with a gorgeous aroma and stunning taste.

Earl Grey star

My star in this taste test was … Elegant Earl Grey by Jollybrew.  From the gorgeous aroma to the stunning taste I was won over by this quite simply elegant blend.

This is my honest opinion only and I would highly recommend all three of these teas.

Purchasing tea in the post is so simple and there is nothing more pleasing than receiving a lovely box of quality tea in the post.  Why I choose loose leaf: its simple the taste is more cleaner and flavoursome, you have the added benefit of re-steeping leaves, the leaves are whole and not ground to dust like most conventional teabags, you are supporting organic tea farmers, as the leaves are whole the added health benefits of tea are greater and the leaves can literally open up and flourish in front of your eyes.

I’m hoping to do another taste test soon with the likes of Darjeeling, Breakfast Tea, Green Tea and White Tea.