Let’s Brew! Ahmad Tea review

ahmad teaI was first introduced to Ahmad Tea in the new year when one of my friends gave me a birthday treat of an Ahmad Tea Fruity Tea selection box with a wooden box tea box.  I’m a big tea drinker and love decaf, fruity and herbal teas the most so this was a wonderful present.


Ahmad Tea is a UK based family business with four generations of experience in quality tea blending.  The company is renowned for it’s stunning gift packs, tins and tea caddies.  The individual teabags are lovingly enclosed in beautiful foiled envelopes to retain the freshness of the tea blend.  The company is recognised internationally and has grown greatly and now exports to over 80 countries.

The website offers a range of:

  •  Teapots, mugs, infusers, teacups.
  • A gorgeous array of caddies containing loose leaf tea and teabags.
  • A great selection of seasonal and English tea gifts.
  • The fine tea collection make wonderful gifts for seasoned tea drinkers with their stunning collectable embossed caddies containing loose leaf tea.
  • The Selection boxes are just brilliant for introducing someone to Ahmad Tea and make ideal presents.  It is a brilliant collection of loose leaf and teabag filled selection boxes.
  • The tea range includes Classic Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea and Fruit Tea in choices of both loose leaf and teabags.

ahmad tea collage

To order from the site please visit the following link:


If you sign up to their newsletter, new subscribers can save 15% on their first order.

From my first selection box my favourite teas were the Blackberry Burst Black tea, Blueberry Green Tea and Raspberry Indulgence Black Tea.

The Blackcurrant Burst Black tea is quite a dark colour but you’d expect this with the blackcurrant leaves and fruit pieces.  I love fruit teas and this black tea was a wonderful alternative.  This is a lovely gently fruity pick you up.  A definite ‘yes’ for my to buy list. The Raspberry Indulgence Black Tea was very similar looking to the Blackcurrant Burst, a lovely rich dark colour.  This had a lovely subtle taste of raspberries and made a pleasing drink.

I’m not a fan of green tea but I love blueberries so was interested to try the Blueberry Green Tea.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The blueberries made this tea a gorgeous fruity treat.  Sometimes I feel there is a bitterness to green tea but none at all from this tea.  A lovely warm, tasty, good for you fruity tea.  A yes from me!  I also enjoyed the Raspberry and Pomegranate Green tea, this was another subtle fruity green tea.


Another of my favourite black teas is the Apple Refresher.  As I had enjoyed the other black teas from ahmad I wanted to expand my tastebuds to more fruity black teas.  As soon as the water hit the bag I could smell the crispness and sweetness of the apples.  A gorgeous warm drink which brings back memories of late summer days walking through open fields … lovely.  I also really enjoyed Apricot Sunrise black tea.  This too had a wonderful fragrance to it and was fruity and summery.


Evening Tea decaffeinated has a lovely subtle fragrance which comes from the bergamot.  The bergamot doesn’t overpower the tea and is very subtle.  This is wonderful in the evening when not wishing to have a high caffeine drink.  I enjoyed it with a drop of milk, warming and comforting.


Citrus Herbal Tea.  This was lovely and refreshing drink with a burst of oranges and lemons.  It was like a liquid ‘starburst’ sweet.

Earl Grey decaffeinated … I’m now a convert to Earl Grey tea!  This is lovely and not overpowering like some Earl Grey teas.  I’ve never tried Earl Grey before as I’ve felt like they’ve got a strong flowery fragrance but this was very subtle and was great with just a splash of milk.

On the website under the Tea Essentials tab there is a section of recipes with some lovely goodies sweet and savoury made with the tea.

Earl Grey, Blueberry and Lemon Cake recipe can be found here.

Earl Grey, Blueberry and Lemon Cake

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed trying all these new tea flavours and finding a new brand of tea.  I have a shopping list ready.

I’d like to thank Ahmad Tea for the additional samples they sent me in return for an honest review.

To find out more about Ahmad Tea London please visit the following links: